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5 key factors to Look at When Selecting an office space in Dubai

The UAE is one of the most business-friendly countries in the world, establishing your company in the country has several advantages. However, renting and choosing an office space in Dubai is mandatory for all Mainland Companies in order to acquire a business trade license. Similarly, aside from being a mandatory regulation, choosing the right office space will benefit your company in various ways.

In this article, you will learn everything you must know about the process of choosing an office space in Dubai. Therefore, with this article, you will comprehend the advantages and everything you need to know about these offices. Most importantly, make sure to understand why it is such an important step when you are establishing a business in the UAE. Let’s observe:

Office spaces in Dubai

One of the first things investors and entrepreneurs must have in mind when looking to establish in the UAE is location. Unfortunately, people usually ignore how important choosing the right office space is in Dubai and immediately settle in substandard offices.

The main foundation of a business’s culture begins with having a good and healthy work environment. Individuals looking to establish their office in Dubai can easily commit mistakes; in addition, choosing the wrong location can damage how your business operates. That is to say, choosing a business partner that helps you in this process is sometimes the best option.

Every businessperson has the dilemma of whether rent or buys their company’s office space. However, you must consider all the available costs and options related to renting or buying these spaces. In other words, the UAE government wants the whole country to be the best commercial and financial destination worldwide.

The DED (Department of Economic Development) has announced that companies must have an office space to be legitimate. Likewise, choosing an office space in Dubai can be a simple process if you have good guidance for this process.

Renting is the best option for some companies, we have an article on all you need to know before renting an office in Dubai.

Advantages of having an office space

Important geographical location

Being in a central and convenient geographic location is good for all businesses for various reasons. If you establish your company in Dubai, the fast-growing central markets of South Asia along with the emerging markets of China and India will play an important part in its growth.


Another important benefit of choosing an office space in Dubai is the availability of the best infrastructural facilities with telephone, easy access to the internet, and fully furnished spaces. All these advantages offer several benefits and are cost-effective, at the same time they offer you cheap office spaces in Dubai­.

Legal formalities

The UAE government is always trying to make it easy for investors and entrepreneurs to settle easily in Dubai. This is one of the main reasons why Dubai is the first Emirate to open a market for foreign owners.

Cost consideration

Sometimes is good to rent commercial offices because you are free from the everyday expenses and maintenance services of running an office. However, renting an office space is better than owning due to all facilities available and the cost of renting is low. Therefore, you can start with your business from day one.

Diversity in the economic system          

Dubai has political stability and is a pro-business environment, in other words, its business-friendly policies make the city one of the most liberal economies. However, different business zones and jurisdictions are especially focused on the needs of all businesses. Likewise, choosing an office space in Dubai in the right location is a plus.


The practice of renting an office in Dubai allows businesses the flexibility of focusing on your company and making it grow without additional pressure.

Things to consider when choosing an office space

We are not exaggerating when we say the physical location of your office is one of the most important things to have in mind. However, when it comes to choosing your office location, you must think about what works best for you and your employees. Likewise, we made a list of 5 things to consider when choosing an office space.

  1. Employee Demographics: if you are planning to move your business to another location, you must investigate the demographics information of your workforce. If the majority of it lives in ‘Place A’, try to investigate available offices in a nearby area. That is to say, a well-placed office will help your employees to be motivated.
  2. Accessibility: you must consider if your office has parking spaces in a nearby location available, if it is easily accessible. Similarly, if accessing office space is difficult, your workforce will be drained even before they show up to work. A good location will become your interactions into optimal outputs.
  3. Proper design and spacing: it is easy to let yourself go by the looks of potential offices. However, it does not matter if your office is made of diamonds, you must choose a well-maximized space.
  4. Pick a budget and stick to it: when you are in the process of choosing an office space that suits your company; you must take into consideration the supplies you need and the size of your you. If you are negotiating, consider your actual situation and imagine a realistic future for your business.
  5. Nearby areas: is the office space surrounded by establishments? Are they safe? A well-chosen location may attract others to your business. Something as simple as restaurants near your office may attract potential employees to think when applying to your business.

Compliance with local laws

Investors and entrepreneurs must know the producers and legal requirements. They must ensure that all the provided documents are good to go. In order to avoid potential issues, thorough research of your office space’s legal authority is required. Avoidable delays may occur due to not understanding legal procedures.

In that scenario, an expert like Connect Business Center is the best solution for you and your company. In other words, finding an impeccable office with all the designs characteristics in the best location may be hard. You may not want a big office due to your tight budget. Moreover, your office space must match your current business vision in addition to your expansion plans.

You can delegate certain tasks in the process of choosing the right office space. This partner will examine your business goals, needs, and upcoming requirements. This partner can assist you when you are establishing in Dubai or the UAE due to their vast knowledge in these matters.  

Importance of office spaces in dubai for businesses

The type of office space you choose has a lot to do with the type of company you operate. However, if you do not want to decorate and fit into your adjacent surroundings (or be overloaded with the duties of setting up), a serviced office is probably your best choice.

Certainly, it is important that your office properly reflects the values of your business and sends the right message. passers-by alike. Both appearance and office location will make a huge difference in the type of clients and staff you can attract.

Above all, your office space has the same level of importance as your logo, marketing material, or branding. First impressions count, suppliers, clients, and customers will think in a certain way about you and your company merely on the premises you decide to inhabit.

Office space requirements

Renting an office in Dubai or the UAE is mandatory to receive a business license. Similarly, some types of business activities need office spaces of an exact size. However, local LLCs in Dubai or the UAE do not have the option to rent a Flexi-desk facility.

Since LLCs can have office spaces in anywhere in the Dubai mainland area, individuals can select a wide range of office spaces in the market. This is not the same for Free zone companies; these are restricted to rent in the specific free zone area they are registered in. That is to say, their choice space is much more limited.

The cost of offices may range widely depending on its size, location, furnishing, and other factors. For example, if you lease in one of Dubai’s business centers for 2 or 3 workers, average expenses will be 40,000 to 75,000 AED annually. This is 11,000 to 20,600 USD.

What documents are required to rent an office space in Dubai?

Individuals applying to rent an office spaces in dubai must also have other important documents such as:

  • Approval of your license authority.
  • Passport of the manager whose name was stated on the trade license.
  • Signing authority letter.

However, this is not mandatory but applicants should know the main differences between operating an onshore and a free-zone business.

Foreign investors or entrepreneurs operating in Dubai Mainland are under the regulatory control of the Dubai Economic Department (DED). These businesses are required to have local partners that hold 51% of the shares of your business. Similarly, entrepreneurs must pay an aggregate of 5% if they import goods for sale.

How to find the right location for renting an office in Dubai?

When you are in the process of choosing an office space in Dubai, there are various key factors you must take into consideration.

find office space In the case of the licenses, you may need to identify which locations are befitting for renting, for instance, if you work with a Tecom license, you should establish your company in that specific region. However, you can also recognize the viability of the company and the selection of the location.

Certainly, if it is a market for prospective buyers, you may check if the place is accessible to walking crowds. Likewise, you must fit all your staff in your selected area and evaluate the potential parking conditions of your workforce.

You must take the time to evaluate and investigate when it comes to choosing an office space in the UAE. This will have a huge impact on the viability of your own business.

How can Connect Business Center provide you with the best office spaces in Dubai?

We are glad you have learned everything regarding the things you must consider before renting an office space in Dubai. In case you made up your mind and decided to establish here, you should find a business partner that suits your organization. In Connect Business Center we will ensure to find a good office for you in the UAE.

We work closely with local authorities and government departments; we have several years of experience and we have obtained huge market knowledge that help`s all types of businesses in the UAE to grow.

Our aim is to offer professional services focused to improve companies and allow them to scale up and grow efficiently. We are part of ConnectGroups; some of our professional services include PRO services, bank account opening, and many others.

Since 1998 we have been one the most innovative business consultants in the United Arab Emirates. Similarly, we provide the best business setup that will help your new business.

Getting help in your company’s crucial tasks is important, learn about the benefits of business consultants.

However, with our business consultancy features, you can establish your company in any of the UAE-free zones.

After you establish your office space, you can request our services to improve your business. For example, you can request hiring services and find the employees you need using our innovative methods. However, we have other methods that will increase your HR department, you can ask for HR consultancy and payroll services.

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