What are PRO Services?

PRO Services Dubai- Sometimes setting up a business in Dubai is overwhelming, especially if you are not accustomed to the local practices. Similarly, there are several government documents, legal procedures, and tons of paperwork. However, with our PRO Service Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, UAE you can eliminate the ongoing stress and focus on more important areas.

In this section, you will find important information about the best pro services in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and why they may suit you and your business. On the other hand, you will not need to worry about legal formalities since we will take care of the Public Relations activities. Similarly, we will assist you in every step of the different processes.

Pro Services
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Pro Services

How we can help you with our list of pro services in dubai?

We understand that time is the most valuable because it can delay you on important activities; but it can be used on more important tasks, than standing in a row in government agencies for PRO Services Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah. Thus, you will have peace of mind applying for your visas or applying for your business license; getting approvals, collecting your workers’ visas.

In addition to taking your stamping and signatures of the visa, or if you need any other confirmation about your organization. On the other hand, our corporate PRO services in UAE will provide you with the advantage of spending your time in productive work.

Further, it is a good key point to mention at this stage; because every business owner will want to spend their time in productive areas. And leave the legal PRO services in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah for an entity like us to properly handle. Similarly, we understand that you can spend your time as you want; with your friends, on a vacation, or with your family. Or you can spend it on other social business activities.

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Get the best expertise of our PRO services in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, UAE

Our different top list of pro services in dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah city include support for all government and semi-government necessities. In the same vein, our team of experts will grant you quick services when it comes to government departments, ministries, and other agencies. Certainly, we will submit and process all requirements and documents on your behalf.

Similarly, our different services will allow you to:

  • Accelerate with calm the requirements and obtain the licenses as well as the basic permits sooner.
  • Lessen delays and avoid any type of errors. Therefore, you will save some time and costs.
  • Only focus on important areas of your business and your objectives.
Pro Services
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Pro Services

In what areas of PRO Services in dubai, Abu dhabi, Sharjah, UAE we can assist you?

In Connect Business Center we provide you with a comprehensive set of PRO visa services Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, UAE to our customers. Whether your business is located in any of the free trade zones or in the mainland area; we offer you a customized and tailored package that will take care of your business requirements as quickly as possible.

Certainly, our different services include the following:

  • Business registration.
  • Visa processing (renewals, cancellation, as well as applications).
  • Health insurance processing.
  • Spouse visa / Family visa processing.
  • Facilitating government work and requirements.
  • Labor cards and/or employee visas.
  • Document attestation.
  • Registration of trade name.
  • Official documents translation to Arabic.
  • Attestation of documents from the Foreign Affairs Ministry and the Chamber of Commerce.
  • Trade license processing (renewals and applications).
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Benefits of taking advantage of our PRO services

Saves time:

It is helpful to compare building your company to building a house. Thus, if you decided to build your own home, you may want to get a project manager involved; or you can do it yourself. However, if do it yourself version; you must deal with schedules, budgets, prioritizing jobs, and multiple tradespeople.

If it is the situation that you are a professional and you are used to dealing with this type of thing; you must have in mind there is a difference between getting this done and doing it compliantly and legally. However, beneath the possibilities there is another level of administration when it comes to, consultation periods, planning permission, and liaising with government inspectors.

It is the same with a company, and that is when we come in to allow you to save time.

Pro Services
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No worries about fines or delays we will provide best PRO Services

It is fine if you are not an expert when responding to issues about the constantly changing laws and business regulations in the UAE. However, this lack of role not only harms the organization, but also leaves it in useless fines and delays. Therefore, with our dedicated PRO services in UAE; we will structure the workflow of your business in the right way and respond well to issues.

However, this benefit is one of many that we will provide you if you decide to outsource your PRO services Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, UAE Certainly, we will deal with the government departments in order to get visa approvals; and license renewals and approvals.

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Corporate PRO Services in dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, UAE which will relieve you from Stress

It does not matter if you need one-time processing for a single requirement for your company in the UAE or a long-term partnership your future requirements. Moreover, that is why we offer you cheap, and reliable PRO services in Dubai for your organization.

On the other hand, both company and employee regulations can vary in each Emirate. Thus, we have a team of experts who are experienced and will keep you up-to-date with info about each and their local regulations. This way we will assist you in your everyday activities with the different government agencies and departments.

Pro Services
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Connect Business Center

Why Connect Business Center for your PRO Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, UAE

We are the right blend between knowledge and experience. Assisting, consulting, and formatting businesses in Dubai and the UAE for more than 2 decades; in Connect Business Center we have a good relationship with the government agencies. We have assisted several companies in the mainland and free zone areas.

In the same vein, we offer reliable and cost-effective PRO Dubai, Abu Dhabi, sharjah, UAE emphasizing the legalities and activities involved. We offer you a personalized service to small, medium, and large businesses. In addition, we understand that the PRO requirements of all businesses tend to vary. Thus, that is why we offer a tailored methodology to meet your requirements.

We are well-versed in Arabic. Certainly, it is an additional advantage since you will not need translation services. Similarly, foreign and first-time investors can have a difficult time running or even understanding the legal aspects of setting up a business in Dubai and the UAE. Likewise, our team of experts will allow you to successfully solve any difficulties when it comes to company formation.

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Frequently Asked Questions about PRO services

Dubai has a wide and flexible range of business structures for foreign investors, making a new venture or expansion easier than ever thanks to less administration, lower costs and a speedier service. For starting up your Business in Dubai you can Contact Connect Business center for Business Center in dubai .


The DED (Department of Economic Development) is the government body in charge of issuing mainland licenses in the country. That is to say, a mainland license, allows you to operate inside and outside the country without limitations. On the other hand, each free zone has specific activities you can only operate within the free zone area. However, there are different limitations for free zone companies but it varies from free zone to free zone.

Similarly, an offshore business is a legal entity focused on operating and conducting businesses outside the country. Therefore, they are allowed to open bank accounts in the UAE but they cannot have a physical office space or issue visas.

Yes, you can. Similarly, expatriate shareholders can own 100% of a mainland company. However, you must have in mind it is subject to the business activity under your type of license. In Connect Business Center our team of experts will guide you through the best suitable option for your business based on your unique requirements.

In short, no, you do not need a local sponsor for setting up a business in any of Dubai’s free zone. Similarly, expatriate shareholders can own 100% of a free zone company.

This type of permit is ideal for individuals looking to work as freelancers without leasing office space or hiring employees. That is to say, the permit is issued to individuals and it facilitates opening a bank account. In the same vein, freelancers are restricted to a singular area of operation. for a Freelance visa in Dubai apply here:- https://connectfreelance.ae/

When establishing a business in Dubai, such as a commercial or any other entity, the process involves government agencies and judicial authorities. This is due to the rapid expansion of the city, which leads to regular changes in the respective legislation. Therefore, you should seek to hire a PRO in Dubai, who will provide you with the legal services you will need.

The best PRO in Dubai will guide you in meeting the needs of these authorities. The activities of a PRO include assistance in the Department of Economic Development (DED), and the Economic Chambers. In addition, there is also the Dubai Chamber of Commerce, different ministries, Dubai Visa and Immigration agencies, among others.

Also, thanks to the PROs in Dubai, you can better understand the rules and regulations of the emirate and the UAE. Other services involve currency exchanges, translation of documents into Arabic, and other aspects that might make your job difficult. Therefore, it is beneficial for you to have the help of a Public Relations Officer.

A PRO in Dubai is also known as a government liaison officer. Likewise, this officer is in charge of carrying out activities related to the processing of government and legal documents. It also performs all the protocol work associated with setting up companies in the UAE.

PROs in Dubai provide a host of services. They can be both those related to employees, as well as those related to the formation and operation of the company. This is because these processes involve various legal proceedings with Dubai Economic Development.

To speed up these formalities, you must have high-level PRO services in Dubai. This officer helps you set up and manage all the paperwork your company needs to establish in the emirate. Likewise, commercial service providers provide excellent services in Dubai and throughout the UAE.

They guide you with various public relations services, business and visa procedures, and other government tasks. Also, you can count on these services through every stage of starting your business to achieve success.

In addition, these professionals work in collaboration with government officials and ministries in Dubai.

Below you can see a series of reasons why your company needs PRO services in Dubai. This process must be carried out before choosing employees for your company.

3.1 Process a residence visa for your employees

As an employer, in many cases, you will need to provide the employees of your business with the necessary residence visa. This visa consists of the respective passport and the personal data of the worker. Likewise, you must define the position you hold, and the residence number, in addition to the expiration date of the visa.

This is because the residence visa is mandatory, both for you and your employees. In addition, Dubai’s PRO firms know every procedure and requirement to obtain this type of visa. This way, you will not have to deal with such processes, and you will not have to deal with the immigration department either.

3.2 It is essential that your employees have the identity document of the United Arab Emirates?

Within the Emirates, your employee must have proof of identification that contains a magnetic chip. This contains the date of birth, the passport number, and the residence number. A PRO in Dubai allows you to facilitate the process to obtain said identification.

The primary reason is that you must comply with this legal requirement, both you and each of your employees. When you entrust this process to a PRO in Dubai, you will be able to focus on other aspects of your business.

3.3 It is important to obtain health insurance for your employees

To obtain a visa, a person must pass a medical test indicating that they are not prone to any contagious disease. This is the way the UAE guarantees safety and health in the country, and a PRO in Dubai can help you as it is mandatory by law to purchase health insurance for your employees.

For this reason, many companies that offer PRO Dubai services help you and your employees get health insurance. In this way, you will obtain the appropriate insurance provisions for your needs at an affordable price.

3.4 Employment contract

PRO services in Dubai are aware of every relevant aspect of the law; so they can help you with this process. The contract between the interested parties defines the procedures for contracting the work governed by said laws. Therefore, it can be a complicated document to obtain and the security of both parties (employer and employee) must be ensured.

One of the points to consider when hiring the services of a PRO in Dubai is the translation of the document. This is essential, considering that the contract must be drawn up in both English and Arabic. Another important reason is that, although the document has been done online since 2014, it is still a complex procedure.

PROs in Dubai write the employment contract, making things easier for you as an employer. Therefore, this type of company helps you to be well-informed about all the current hiring requirements. Thus, it is recommended that you consult with a PRO firm before hiring employees.

PRO services in Abu Dhabi are offered by organizations in charge of carrying out any registration of your company in the said emirate. This allows you to save time and costs in processing applications and forms at each of these stages. Note that his task can be overwhelming and it is ideal to designate an organization to do it for you.

Choose the best company that offers the best PRO services in Abu Dhabi, to get the flexibility to outsource all these procedures. In this way, you will be able to obtain business licenses, visas, legal documents, and much more, without the complications that this represents. Some of these organizations even work on a personal and corporate level.

Similarly, a PRO prepares the applications, carries out the shipments, the follow-up, and the finalization processes. Thus, you will be sure that you will comply with all legal requirements when establishing your company in Abu Dhabi.

Therefore, if you want to get proper passport clearances, licenses, and other legal needs, hire these professionals. In this way, you will have the benefits of the market in Abu Dhabi, which is excellent for your company to succeed. Among the PRO services Abu Dhabi you can count on are:

  • Services related to the authorization of visas and passports.
  • Labor and immigration.
  • Corporate support.
  • Audit services.
  • Retention and registration of trademarks.
  • Corporate licenses, among others.

Below, you can see in detail some of the roles and responsibilities that PRO services in Abu Dhabi take care of.

5.1 A link between the government and businesses

The organizations that offer these services are the link between your company and government organizations. PRO services in Abu Dhabi are certified by the UAE government. Therefore, these professionals provide an effective means for your company to communicate with the authorities.

5.2 Manage legal aspects

Thanks to the previous aspect, they are ideal to take care of legal procedures and documentation of a company. In addition, you will be able to obtain business approvals, visa services, comply with legal mandates, and renew your license when it expires.

5.3 Prevent problems with the law

Thanks to their experience in providing PRO services in Abu Dhabi, these organizations help you determine possible problems. For example, when you hire one, you ensure that it complies with all legalities and legal requirements. In this way, your company avoids penalties and delays that will prevent it from being able to operate effectively.

5.4 Document clearing

For your business to legally operate in the UAE, it is important to obtain authorization documents. Thanks to PRO services in Abu Dhabi, you will get the necessary document clearing in the UAE. These documents are related to the Ministry of the Interior, the Ministry of Labour, Government Departments, and the Chamber of Commerce.

5.5 Immigration service

Each department and ministry within the UAE have different procedures and different documents that they must provide. One of these departments is the immigration office, in which the laws are constantly updated. When you rely on PRO services in Abu Dhabi, you can rest assured that your business will be in line with every regulation.

5.6 Document authentication

Other processes carried out by PRO services in Abu Dhabi are those related to document authentication. This process is necessary to prove that each one you have submitted is authentic. This applies both to the documents of the company, and those of each of its employees.

PRO services in Abu Dhabi are critical for an organization or business to comply with everything required to establish in this emirate. These include obtaining agreements from the Ministries of Immigration, labor, licenses, registration, etc. Also, your employees must possess:

  • Identity of the United Arab Emirates.
  • Residence visas.
  • Work contract.
  • Compulsory medical insurance.

All of these documents must be provided by employers. The importance of using these services is that they will take care of all the proper documents. In this way, you will be able to take care of the other aspects related to establishing your company in Abu Dhabi.

Also, PRO services in Abu Dhabi are crucial when you need a passport clearance, immigration business licenses, and certification. These professionals are responsible for providing comprehensive help for setting up your business.

6.1 Benefits

You might think that some specialist within your company could do this job and save you money. However, having PRO services in Abu Dhabi will bring you benefits to affirm your need to hire him.

6.1.1. You will save money and time

By hiring PRO services, you will not need to have an in-house PRO team. These services include affordable rates that will not cost you too much money. Also, you will have constant communication with the service provider to ensure that your time is used efficiently.

6.1.2 Legal experience

Another benefit of hiring PRO services in Abu Dhabi is to ease the task of collecting, managing, and organizing the necessary documents. In addition, these specialists will verify your legal documentation, to ensure that you follow and comply with all the government’s rules and regulations.

6.1.3 Clarity

The strengths of the providers of these services include precision in all these procedures. For example, they prepare each government receipt and their respective copies to maintain transparency in each process.

6.1.4 Your business will grow

Choosing the best PRO services in Abu Dhabi will allow you to expand your business. This is because, with the time and cost savings, you will be able to focus on other aspects of the business. For example, you can create your brand image, as well as expand it in the UAE.

6.1.5 It offers peace of mind

It is common knowledge that the task of running and maintaining a business can be overwhelming. However, when you hire a PRO, you can delegate this very important part of a company. In this way, you can rest assured that a trained professional will handle the legal part of your business.

6.1.6 Customer relationship management

PRO services Abu Dhabi also manage your company’s documentation. Likewise, they provide indications so that you know what the expiration terms of the same are.

6.1.7 Continuous alignment with new laws and regulations

The government may make changes to the law from time to time. The PRO will inform you if new rules are created or if any of the existing ones change. Similarly, there may be changes in business regulations at the local or international level.

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