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Do you want to expand your horizons into new places? If so, the freelance visa UAE is the perfect alternative for you. The way people work has been changing lately, and, as a result, the local government has been providing new options to protect workers. Consequently, one of these opportunities is the freelance visa in Dubai and it is one of the most common now.

With a freelance visa, individuals can legally work on a project-by-project basis with the most renowned companies in the UAE. Therefore, allowing them to be a part of exciting projects without having to bind by a long-term contract. Working as a freelance in the UAE will give you the freedom and flexibility you are looking for.

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Eligibility Criteria for Freelance Visa in Dubai

According to the authorities, citizens and foreigners are eligible to apply for this freelance visa in the UAE. Also, applicants must have a self-employment income of AED 360,000 that covers the last two years. In addition, they must provide educational qualifications (specialized diploma or bachelor’s degree). Moreover, they must obtain a freelance permit from the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization.

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How to become a Freelancer?

To become a freelancer in the UAE, firstly, you must select a proper location according to your area of expertise. Then, you must obtain the necessary approvals, to do so you must provide the application along with a reference letter, a business plan, and valid passport copy. Subsequently, you will receive the authorization letter from the authority.

Later, you must make the payment of the necessary fees and then wait for the permit. Once you have the necessary permit, you can start freelancing in the area and obtain the residence visa and other documents in the UAE.

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What are the benefits of a Freelance visa in Dubai

There are several benefits when obtaining a freelance visa in the UAE. Consequently, here are some of them:

  • Flexibility in choosing clients and projects: Have the freedom to choose the projects you want. 
  • Ability to work from anywhere: Work from anywhere you want, without needing offices.
  • Opportunity to build a diverse portfolio: Create a portfolio that makes you proud.
  • Freedom to set your own work schedule: Work at your own pace, at any time.
  • Access to networking events: Meet the most exciting people in your industry.

How much Freelance visa cost in Dubai

The visa cost will depend on the applicant. However, the freelance license costs around AED 7,500 for issuance and renewal. It is important that you remember that you must renew your freelance visa annually. The visa process can be difficult for newcomers, however, with the support of a visa services provider it can get much easier. Therefore, if you are looking to obtain your freelance visa Dubai, make sure to hire our services in the UAE!

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Why Connect Business Center is best option for Visas

We understand that in order to successfully establish in the country, you need the best visa services in UAE, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah & all over the Middle East. Similarly, with Connect Business Center working side-by-side, you can access rapid and hassle-free visa procedures so you can start living and working in Dubai.

We have several years assisting all-sized corporations and individuals to start working or relocate to the UAE. Our team of experts will ensure you obtain all the benefits when you move to the city of the UAE. On the other hand, we will take care of every stage of the relocation process.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Freelance Visa in Dubai

The freelance visa process usually takes from 5 to 10 working days. Depending on the applicant and if every required document is correct and in place at the time of the application.

Yes, thanks to the freelance visa you will have the opportunity to work with a wide variety of clients in the UAE. Consequently, you will be able to build a wide portfolio and be a part of the most exciting projects in the area.

With a UAE freelance visa, you can sponsor your family members without any issues. All you need is our assistance and we will make sure to provide a seamless sponsorship process for your relatives to the region.

The freelance visa is valid for a year. As a result, after that period you need to go through the renewal process; which is the same as the issuance process.

Freelancers in the UAE who earn a yearly income of over AED 375,000 are subject to corporate tax in the UAE.

Yes, full-time employees in the UAE cam also apply for a freelance permit and obtain a side income. However, you must present an NOC from your employer when applying for your freelancing visa.


In case the individuals find an error after finishing the payment process, they can ask the authority to amend the mailbox and phone number only. On the other hand, only through offices and service centers in case, the individuals receive a text message asking them to adjust the data or include a specific document before printing the card.

In the same vein, if the card is printed and you receive it; you must consult us and we will take the received card and the official documents proving the accuracy of the modified data and submit a request in order to change the card.

In short, yes. You must replace your card if you get married; as it would lead to modifications in the surname of the wife for some countries. However, if there is no such change, you can visit one of the customer services; or if you prefer we can take care of this process to update the right data in the identification card and in the system.

Yes, if you overstay your visa, then, you must pay a fine of AED 50 per day in the UAE.

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