Private office space for rent in Dubai

Sharing desk, office space, or working side by side with other people may not suit your specific work needs. Similarly, enjoying a modern office and collaborative amenities does not mean giving up the advantages of a dedicated space. That is why in Connect Business Center we offer a private office in Dubai so you can start working.

In this section, we will make sure you learn all the benefits our private office space in Dubai provides your business. In the same vein, you will understand what makes a good private office for your business. Likewise, you will learn why modern businesses are shifting towards small Private office space for rent in Dubai.

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private office dubai

Advantages of having a private office space for rent in Dubai

Reduces expenses: setting your own private office can seem like a practical way to start working; however, there are many associated costs. Similarly, acquiring the right kind of infrastructure, furniture, technology, security, and services is quite expensive. Further, another expense is upgrading this equipment and maintaining it.

Safety: businesses in the city are running 24/7. Thus, when you are running around the clock in Dubai, you must have the necessary security protocols. Especially at nights, when natural visibility is low. In Connect Business Center we provide you with the latest software and hardware when it comes to security equipment.

Manageable IT Infrastructure: micro-businesses, small businesses, and start-ups do not have infinite capital to work with when getting started. In addition, they have a difficult time maintaining and employing a throughout IT infrastructure. However, instead of spending a huge portion of their budget on the IT support team and IT setup; they can take advantage of a small private office. Thus, they will receive access to the services and tools they need.

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What are the types of private offices in Dubai?

There are four types of private offices available in Dubai: leased, serviced, managed, and subleased.

Leased offices

These types of offices are provided in “Grade A” condition, meaning that the occupier is responsible for installing their own internet connection and cabling, furnishing the area, partitioning the breakout areas, meeting rooms, etc. This is a great option for businesses who want to control their costs and customize their private office space in Dubai.

Serviced offices

Serviced offices are already established and ready to go from the day you want to move in. That is to say, this space comes fully furnished, with everything you need from reception services and broadband. So, all you need to do is take your laptop or your office gear and move in. Moreover, this is the perfect solution for organizations and teams requiring a flexible but temporary space.

Private Office
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Private Office

The services we offer you

In Connect Business Center we offer the best small private office space for rent in Dubai with a dedicated staff who will take care of all your needs. Thus, if you want to start your business in the UAE, we will cover you. In addition, we also assist you to take care of the different problems that can come up after setting up your business.

Here are some areas we can help you with:

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What do our private offices provide you?

Our private offices come in all shapes and sizes. On the other hand, while some are fully fitted, others may come in “Grade A” condition. Thus, our private office in Dubai will allow you to access the following utilities:

  • Cleaning services.
  • Security staff.
  • Wi-Fi.
  • Internet.
  • Reception staff.
  • Kitchen facilities.
  • Mail services.
Private Office
Private Office

We are more than a private office service provider

Our private offices are in some way a traditional workspace but have several things to consider; employees have more privacy but, on the other hand, have fewer interactions with other individuals, quiet concentration but no collaboration with others, great status, and image but limited flexibility and functionality.

Certainly, some businesses house their highest-paid workers, and how these workers are supported in private spaces is another thing to have in mind.

On the other hand, research shows that planning, leveraging technology, and supporting the several ways people work today; make the Private office space in Dubai more effective, not only for the people working in the office but for the company as well.

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How do I get started?

Step 1: Explore

You can find out your ideal workplace by taking a tour or booking a visit with us at one of our centers. In the same vein, we offer Private office space for rent in Dubai available for you in locations across the city.

Step 2: Reserve

In order to do this, you can reach us online, in-person, or on the phone so we can reserve private office space for you.

Step 3: Move in

You just need to take your laptop and move into your fully-service office space; optimized for your business need; fast, simple, and hassle-free.

Private Office
Private office in dubai

Why Connect Business Center?

In Connect Business Center we understand that not all companies can afford the most over-the-top and luxurious offices. Similarly, most SMEs need or can afford a physical space. On the other hand, almost all types of businesses need a professional business address. Similarly, professional business addresses are attractive to clients, investors, and other business associates than the address of your basement or your home’s garage.

We offer you the most affordable options when it comes to private office in Dubai. That is to say, private offices are popular right now, they are costly and allow you to maintain professional standards crucial for all types of businesses.

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FAQ's on private offices in Dubai

Dubai has a wide and flexible range of business structures for foreign investors, making a new venture or expansion easier than ever thanks to less administration, lower costs and a speedier service. For starting up your Business in Dubai you can Contact Leading Business Center in Dubai.


As we mentioned earlier, this type of office is fully furnished; acting as a turn-key workplace solution for you. Similarly, most of our spaces offer flexible professional and rental office services. Thus, making them a straightforward office solution for companies looking for real estate in the best areas in Dubai without long-term fixed leases. Likewise, these types of offices are usually managed by an operations team that has all-inclusive, monthly, and great pricing.

Private office Dubai is exclusive to you and your business, so it comes in at a slightly higher fee. However, we will ensure you find a cost-effective option that suits your business.

Certainly, the minimum contract period totally depends on the space. However, some spaces require a minimum of a year; while other spaces are as little as one month, it depends on the type of office you choose for your business.

We have several private offices of different sizes to meet the roster and workplace needs of various business sizes and specific requirements. Similarly, our offices are available for 1 to 30 people. In addition, for businesses exceeding this, we can customize and arrange a suitable solution or multiple private offices in order to meet your requirements.

In short, yes. In Connect Business Center we are here to assist all our members in every step of the process by providing agile, mobile, and highly-flexible workspace solutions for the future of your business. You can contact our account manager or engagement team to discuss your requirements and options.

Yes, all our private members can access our meeting rooms and co-working space. In addition, before you visit our business center you can contact us to book your space in advance. On the other hand, you can also book any of our meeting rooms in all our locations through our online booking at a competitive rate.


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