Professional license in Dubai

The UAE has been widely known as a place that welcomes entrepreneurs and investors from around the world. Moreover, foreign individuals can also set up their operations in the country thanks to the easy company incorporation and licensing process.

As a business leader, you can start your corporation to offer services in Dubai or anywhere in the UAE. However, first, you need to apply for a professional license in Dubai. Here at Connect Business Centers, we want to ensure you receive assistance through each stage of the process.

Professional License in Dubai
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What is the Professional License?

Dubai is one of the top locations in the UAE to conduct business. Although it is known as a commercial hub, individuals that offer professional services can take advantage of this thriving sector.

By obtaining your professional license in Dubai you will be able to get involved in the professional world that is gaining more popularity among UAE residents. Individuals that are looking for a consulting firm, IT support, auditors, and any other professional, can find you and request your services with the complete trust that you are legally authorized by the UAE Government to carry out your activities with your professional license in Dubai.

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Benefits of the Professional License in Dubai

The professional license in Dubai provides many benefits to companies that decide to apply for it. As a business, you can take advantage of the many initiatives and benefits established by the UAE Government to encourage foreign investment.

Here we have the benefits of the professional license by the DED:

  • The professional license in Dubai allows you to incorporate a company with 100% ownership
  • The process to incorporate a professional company is cost-effective and simple
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How to get a professional license in Dubai?

Applying for a professional license in Dubai is a very simple process. The UAE Government, intending to attract business owners to boost the economy, has established a few steps so investors can establish their companies easily.

Nevertheless, even if the application process for the UAE professional license is straightforward, you still need all the help you can get. Here at Connect Business Centers, we can be your local service agent to carry out the legal formalities on your behalf. You just have to let us know the business activity you want to carry out and we will handle the rest.

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Business Activities under the Professional License in Dubai

Companies with a professional license in Dubai can engage in a series of activities depending on the nature of their business. To obtain a professional trade license in Dubai, you need to have the knowledge, talent, analytical ability, and experience in the industry you would like to be part of.

Moreover, you should be able to carry out your tasks with excellence and high quality. This will ensure you get more clients. In addition, you have to adhere to the law and the requirements established by the UAE Government.

This is because the Government agencies in Dubai ensure that each company complies with the industry standards of the corresponding sector. Furthermore, only registered professionals are allowed to carry out these activities with a professional license in Dubai.

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Documents to obtain the Professional License

The process to obtain a professional license in Dubai requires you to collect, notarize, and attest very important documents to submit them along with the application. Dealing with tons of paperwork and legal formalities can be challenging for many businesses. This is why here at Connect Business Centers we can take care of this task on your behalf.

By making sure you have all the required documents to apply for the professional license in Sharjah, we ensure you have an error-free application. We will submit your application to the relevant authority. For the professional trade license in Dubai, it should be submitted to the DED.

professional license dubai
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Who should apply for the professional license?

Entrepreneurs and individuals that are interested in running a professional business activity should apply for this type of license. Since the DED has established an administrative process that divides the sectors into categories belonging to a specific type of license, many businesses may feel confused about whether they should apply for a professional license in Dubai or any other type.

For this reason, it is important to check the list of permissible activities under the professional license. If the activity that your business is going to perform is on the list, then you have to apply for the license at the DED or the relevant authority of your chosen jurisdiction.

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