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Top reasons why business location is important

There are several factors to consider when starting a business that is crucial to its success. One of them is the business location. Although at first glance it may not seem so important, the location of your business will affect your customers’ vision of it, the productivity of your employees, and business activity.

In this article, we are going to expose the reasons why business location is so important, as well as the factors that you should take into account before choosing a location for your business. We will also talk about the types of locations and spaces for your business. Let us see the content in more detail:

  1. What is a business location?
  2. Why is business location important?
  3. What factors should you consider as you look for a business location?
  4. How can this agency help you choose the best business location for you?

1. What is a business location?

A business location in Dubai is the physical space of your business in which you meet with your clients or carry out commercial activities. An example of a business space is clothing stores. The store represents the physical space where the business, in this case, a clothing manufacturing and sales business, sells its merchandise.

The space where a business takes place is particularly important for physical businesses, whose operation depends on contact with customers. For home or virtual businesses, business location can also be important. Even if the business is virtual or if you are just a freelancer working at home, you may require a physical space where you can meet clients or have internal meetings.

2. Why is business location important?

Business location plays a very important role in the success of your business. You need the best business location to ensure maximum productivity for your business. Employees take the location of the business into account to ensure they can balance work and personal life.

For example, a business far from the city will not be practical for your employees and you can lose human resources. Business space is also important for your commercial activity. Depending on the area where you are located, you will be more attractive to potential customers.

An illustrative example is a restaurant. If you are looking to set up a fast food place, it will not be a good option to locate yourself in the most sophisticated area of ​​the city because the public that is in that area is probably not looking to eat fast food.

In the same way that it applies to restaurants, it also applies to businesses with other types of activities. You must look for a professional business location that fits what your business offers. Also, look for a location that is surrounded by complementary businesses, and not by the competition.

Let us see in more detail a list of why business location in the UAE is important:

2.1 Accessibility

With accessibility, we mean the ease with which your employees and customers can get to the location. If you want to choose the best business setting for your clients and employees, you need to take into account the accessibility of the location.

For example, identify if your desired location is close to public transportation. It is also important that it has parking, for your clients or employees with a car. Also, look for a business location that is professional but central, so that customers and employees do not have to travel a long way.

If you locate your business in a very remote area of ​​the city, your clients will likely prefer to look for a similar business that is closer to them. Likewise, your employees will likely decide not to work in your business anymore. They may not be comfortable traveling long distances, either for the time or money that it takes. 

2.2 Proximity to other businesses

Business location is also important because the success of your business will depend on the type of businesses you have around. For example, if your business setting has several businesses that offer the same as you, you will be very close to the competition. You could lose clients if your competition has cheaper prices than you.

The ideal thing for a Dubai business location is that you choose a location that has complementary businesses to yours. This type of business does not offer the same as you, but that attracts the same type of customers. For example, if you are a skincare specialty store, you could locate yourself near businesses that sell makeup products. Or, if you are a store that sells cookies, you can locate yourself near another place that sells ice cream.

2.3 Talent attraction and retention

Another reason business location is important is because it can help you attract the best employees for your business. Before deciding on your business space in Dubai, it is good that you inform yourself about the most common professions in that area. For example, you can investigate if the location usually employs people in the profession you are looking for. You can also investigate if that area is attractive to your employees.

Business location is one of the essential factors that employees take into account when applying for a job. Their comfort and productivity will depend on whether they like the space they are in. For more information on whether your UAE business location is ideal for what you are looking for, contact Connect Business Center.

2.4 Business expenses

When it comes to deciding on a business location in the UAE, sales must outweight the cost of space renting. This is another reason why knowing about your business setting is of vital importance to your business.

Usually, the center of the city tends to have more expensive rents and utilities. It is preferable to locate in a less expensive area, despite that there may be less flow of clients.

2.5 Location perception

When searching for a UAE business location, it is crucial to educate yourself on the perception that other businesses and workers have of the location. You can also find out from people who live in the area about their opinion.

In particular, make sure the area is secure. It is also advisable that your business space is not in an area known for being noisy or with a lot of traffic.

2.6 Taxes and regulations

The costs of taxes and regulations will depend on the location area. Therefore, you must inform yourself about your business location.  This is also important if you plan to open other locations for your business outside of the UAE. Even if you are outside the country, the taxes and regulations you pay are those of the UAE.

2.7 Growth

When looking for the best business location, you should take into account the growth you expect for it. In this sense, it is a good option to consult with a professional.

A business center offers a variety of spaces, where each one can be adapted to the needs of your business. For example, if you do not expect your business to grow in the next year, you can request a shared office space, which is ideal for a fixed flow of employees.

If, on the other hand, you expect your business to grow in the coming year, you can go for a co-working space. Co-working spaces have the advantage that the rent is for a short term. You can also consider renting a different, but cost-effective option like virtual offices.

This is another example of why it is important to learn about business locations in the UAE. If you make an uninformed decision, the space you choose may not fit your growth. The consequence of this is that you may have more employees than your space can support. You can also lose money by leasing a larger space than you need.

2.8 Home business

If you are a freelancer or have a small business, a home business is also another type of business location in Dubai that you can benefit from. Not all businesses have to be located in an office or in a retail space to be successful. It all depends on your business concept.

Home businesses are cheaper than retail or department businesses. You save the cost of travel and also the cost of the rent. Also, home businesses are tax-deductible. If you do not inform yourself properly before deciding on your business setting, you can spend unnecessary money renting a space when you could work from home.

2.9 Foot traffic

Foot traffic is a term used in business to refer to the flow of pedestrians and other people that circulate the area in which a business is located. In general, many businesses take into account statistical information on the flow of pedestrians in the area.

A UAE business location is ideal when it is located in an area with more foot traffic. Greater foot traffic means a greater chance that people will see your business and take an interest, whether they walk in or not.

3. What factors should you consider as you look for a business location?

By analyzing the options available for your business, your budget, and the needs that your business presents now and in the near future, you can make the best decision regarding your Dubai business location.

In summary, we will present some questions that you can ask yourself before deciding on your business location:

3.1 Does your business receive deliveries?

If you own an industrial business or if you have a business that constantly receives shipments, you should consider this for your business space. In that case, your Dubai business location has to be accessible not only to your customers and employees but also to those who deliver the shipments.

A business that constantly receives shipments also needs to secure some extra amenities. For example, your business setting must have a warehouse storage space.

3.2 Will you conduct meetings at your business location?

This is one of the most important points to take into account for the success of your business. If you are going to have meetings with your clients, you need to have an accessible space. In addition, it must be comfortable and have all the necessary services to provide your clients with a professional experience.

Look for a professional business location that has reception services and waiting rooms. At Connect Business Center, we offer the best business locations, including meeting rooms to meet with your clients and employees.

3.3 What is the opinion of your clients and employees about your business location?

Finally, the most important point when deciding on your business space in Dubai is the opinion of your clients and employees. These opinions will affect your UAE business setting in almost all aspects.

Whether your business location is accessible will depend not only on whether it is accessible to you. It also depends on whether it is accessible to your clients and employees. The decision of whether your Dubai business location requires parking will depend on whether your employees and clients need it.

4. How can this agency help you choose the best business location for you?

When it comes to analyzing the factors that will lead your business to success, location is one of the most important. A business location controls factors such as the growth of your business, the flow of clients, and productivity.

Connect Business Center offers the greatest professional business locations you will find in the UAE. Among the spaces we provide you with, are executive offices for the heads of companies, co-working spaces for start-ups, and meeting rooms for you and your clients.

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