Executive Office Space in dubai

Executive Office Space in Dubai is One of the key elements that all investors need for setting up their companies in Dubai is the office space. In fact, it is mandatory to acquire a suitable office space during the company formation process in most cases. Therefore, you should obtain your executive offices in Dubai if you’re looking forward to establishing your business in this city.

And in this section, you will learn about our executive office package that we offer for new investors like you. For example, you will discover the benefits of getting our package and the elements that it includes for your company. And we will provide you with more relevant information about this type of office space that you’ll most likely need. Let’s observe:

Executive Office Space in dubai

  1. What are executive offices and what are their functions in a company?
  2. Why should you get proper Executive Office Space in Dubai for your company?
  3. Learn about office space for rent in this emirate and our services.
  4. Available office spaces for rent in the emirate of Dubai.
  5. What you need to know about executive office space for rent in Sheikh Zayed Road.
  6. Advantages of having Executive Offices in a business location like Dubai.
  7. What services does Connect Business Center offer to investors like you?

DED compliant fully-serviced 200 square feet, brand new offices for startups, SME’s, established companies and representative offices for 12 months or short-term basis, Here we are the Leading Business Center in Dubai , We can Provide you best business center in Dubai. You Find Your Office Solution With Regus And Discover Your New Office Today.

Inclusive of:

  • Furniture up to 4 persons
  • Privacy with your own key
  • Reception services
  • Multiple hours meeting room access
  • Pantry amenities
  • Unlimited high-speed internet
  • Electricity and water bills inclusive of fees
  • Optional covered parking
  • Optional P.O. Box facilities

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What are Executive Office Space in dubai and what are their functions in a company?

An Executive Office Space in dubai has the main function of serving as a center of operation of a company. In other words, it’s usually the base of operations in which key executives of the company carry out their activities. But business people also know this place by other names, such as the company headquarters, the main office, among others.

Another important function of an executive office in a company is being an efficient central hub of coordination. To put it another way, it coordinates the function of all of the associated facilities of a business. Besides, it’s also important to mention that executive offices in Dubai or any other location do not house other facilities.

For example, executive offices were not built to house the manufacturing or production facilities of a company. Nonetheless, other campuses of the company can be useful to carry out these types of operations without involving the executive office. Although it’s possible to find these other campuses near the main executive office in most companies.

In most cases, this type of office space is set aside and reserved for key officers of the company. And besides, executive offices are also multifunctional and provide space for other areas, such as sitting areas, and private restrooms. And in other cases, it’s possible to find room to store extra clothing and extra space for shower facilities.

Executive offices can also be referred to as executive suites, and these places are perfect for working in a quiet setting. As a matter of fact, they are ideal spaces for hosting small meetings with other executives at the company. Also, executive offices can be useful for entertaining other important people, such as visiting or prospective clients. To summarize, executive suites provide an ideal atmosphere for working and conducting important meetings.

What other functions and features can executive offices have in a company?

As we mentioned before, executive offices in Dubai or in any other city can have different uses in a company. And on many occasions, they can be used as a reception area to receive special guests. And with this type of reception area, it’s possible to make your guests feel comfortable while they wait for their appointments.

In those cases, there should be an executive assistant or a simple receptionist who is in charge of this area. And this person must act as a barrier between the executive members of the company and expected or unexpected visitors. And there could be many other different cases in which this space can be useful for everyone in the company.

Now, an important feature of an executive office is that it must demonstrate how profitable and healthy the company is. Therefore, it should be decorated with the necessary furnishings of high quality, as well as plush carpeting and aesthetic artwork. But besides these details, it is important to ensure that the space is suitable for work purposes too.

A fully furnished executive office must include all required tools and resources for operating a business properly and easily. For example, there should be telephones, computers, computer connections, filing cabinets, internet access, and other essential factors that all companies need. However, it’s also vital to place these elements in strategic locations, so they can avoid becoming obstacles in the office.

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Why should you get proper executive offices for your company in Dubai?

It is essential to count on a suitable office space that covers all your business necessities and requirements. Otherwise, it will be a complicated task to operate a business without counting on the needed facilities and services. Besides, having your own executive office will provide you with the flexibility you require to work properly.

And in a city like Dubai, you can get a business address that will boost your business exponentially. Besides, it also gives you the chance to expand your business once you have set it up. On the other hand, there will be a wide range of available packages and services to choose from when renting an office.

Meeting Rooms in Dubai

Learn about office space for rent in this emirate and our services.

Providing executive offices in Dubai is a service that you should request if you want a company with comfortable working space. As a matter of fact, many business owners who desire to reach success in this city must obtain this service. Most importantly, many of them desire to get executive offices with reputable addresses.

Besides, the option to start with would be a 200 square feet office space for rent in Dubai with Ejari. This is a modern system in which you must register to rent an office in this city. Also, registering in this online system will allow you to get your license for operating your business as well.

Getting your desired executive offices with Connect Business Center will guarantee that you use state-of-the-art office space. Furthermore, your offices will be of a size of 200 square feet, and they will also be fully furnished. Here are some of the features that our executive offices package can offer to your company:

  • 200 square feet offices for rent in Dubai and Sheikh Zayed Road. Both locations are favorable places and they are full of business opportunities for all local and foreign investors. Therefore, getting your office space in any of these locations will benefit your business image significantly and boost your business too.
  • You can choose between having a physical executive office or a virtual one, which is more affordable and provide other benefits. Besides, you will still receive the business address that you desire in the UAE but at a cheaper price.
  • The offices that we offer include a local office number and a fax service if you require it.
  • Once you select your desired executive office, our team will set it up in few minutes. Furthermore, you can request business setup consultation and advice if you need it.

Available office spaces for rent in the emirate of Dubai.

The most popular and requested options are 200 square feet executive offices in Dubai and with Ejari. And options like these will allow you to start your business in this city with guaranteed success. Besides, you will have the advantage of start using your desired office within just a few minutes after requesting it.

And there is another alternative in case you do not want to lease an entire office to furnish and maintain. You can request furnished offices in Dubai or Sheikh Zayed Road and use them for only particular hours. In addition, this option is cheaper and it will also allow you to work without any possible distractions.

However, this option is only valid for investors who are operating inside the country. Otherwise, it will not be possible to acquire a physical office space for their businesses. Nonetheless, if you are not present in the UAE, you can still opt for another favorable option. If you want to have your business address in Dubai, you can request a suitable virtual office.

What you need to know about executive office space for rent in Sheikh Zayed Road.

If you are looking for executive office space for rent in Sheikh Zayed Road, you can find it with us. Depending on your business needs, we will provide you with fully furnished office spaces in this location at affordable prices. And you must also know that there are several packages when it comes to executive offices in this location.

Many of them will include several benefits that you can enjoy when using your office, such as the following ones:

  • You will have access to state-of-the-art meeting rooms, which will include advanced facilities and other useful elements.
  • The service package will include maintenance services for your requested executive office space.
  • In addition, there will be built-in, high-speed internet and Wi-Fi connection to facilitate the performance of your operations.
  • And you can also get the access you need to use the latest quality office equipment to carry out your business activities.
  • There will be robotic car parking for both office space owners and employees as well.
  • Also, your desired facility will be fully furnished and it will also be well-designed with an aesthetic environment.
  • Furthermore, you will be able to obtain well-trained administrative staff that can take care of any operational requirements.
Advantages of having Executive Offices in a business location like Dubai.

The main advantage that all investors and entrepreneurs can get is accessing customized executive offices in Dubai. Besides, the business center can offer services to make investors feel comfortable enough to work efficiently in a favorable environment. For example, these are some of the most common services that you can get as an investor:

  • Comfortable and fully furnished private rooms.
  • Modern and aesthetic interiors.
  • Full maintenance of your office space.
  • High-quality internet connection as well as Wi-Fi services.
  • Also access to industry-leading IT infrastructure.
  • Services for meeting rooms.
  • The necessary Ejari services.
  • Access to automated car parking.
  • Access to highly qualified administrative staff.
  • Food and beverage services.
  • Guaranteed privacy and security.
  • And also efficient support and assistance services.

There are many other advantages that you can get by renting executive offices in a successful location like Dubai. Therefore, make sure to contact our professional team and request your desired office space to start operating your business.

What services does Connect Business Center offer to investors like you?

Connect Business Center can offer you the best executive office space for your company in Dubai. And you can customize your office space and get several services and facilities to make it fit all your requirements. Besides, our 200 square feet offices are available for SMEs, startups, representative firms, and established companies.

And all of our packages will include many elements, such as multiple hours meeting room access and optional P.O. Box facilities. In addition, offices include furniture for up to four people, reception services, optional covered parking, and more. Besides, there will also be pantry amenities, privacy with your own key, and unlimited high-speed internet.

Some other details that our executive offices include are electricity and water bills inclusive of fees. To summarize, we can offer you the best office solutions for setting up your company in Dubai. Additionally, you will be able to receive all the necessary services to make you feel more comfortable in your office space.

Would you like to contact Connect Business Center to obtain more information about the process for obtaining Executive Offices in Dubai? If you have any questions, call us on +97143799111. You can email us at info@connectbusinesscenter.com, and you will talk to one of our representatives who will answer your questions.

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Amazing staff! I like the ambiance in the center.... its a community. not your typical business center. Best office location. very accessible via metro!

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The most cozy business center along Shekh Zayed road. Best Shared offices in Dubai

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We had a great experience with Connect Business Centers while we were running our office from their floor. Very friendly business environment and the staff is awesome.

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