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Golden Visa in UAE

In 2019, the government of the country effectuated a new type of scheme for long-term residence visas. In the same vein, the best golden visa UAE service gave foreigners the opportunity to work, study, or reside in the UAE eliminating the need for a sponsor and with 100% ownership of their business. On the other hand, the measurement was implemented to attract and retain new foreign residents.

In this section, you will find all the important information on the golden visa in UAE and why it is a revolution for the immigration system worldwide. In other words, you will understand why this new visa is so important and the impact it will have the immigration for this decade. Similarly, we will show you how you can obtain it and its eligibility.

Inclusive of

  • What are the requirements for the Golden Visa UAE?
  • Requirements to obtain the visa for Foreign Investors
  • Requirements to obtain the Golden Visa for students in UAE
  • How can you legally live in the UAE with this visa?
  • Eligibility for a 10-year visa
  • Eligibility for a 5-year visa
  • Why Connect Business Center for Golden visa UAE Services?

What are the requirements for the Golden Visa UAE?

Certainly, there is a different set of categories of individuals who are able to apply for Golden visa UAE. In the same vein, this visa has a 5-year and a 10-year period of eligibility. However, the requirements for the type of 5 years are half of the requirements for the 10-year visa.

For instance, investors must invest AED 10 million in the country for the 10-year Golden visa UAE and AED 5 million for the 5-years Golden Visa UAE one.

Requirements to obtain the uae golden visa for Foreign Investors

As we mentioned earlier, foreign investors must have invested at least 10 million in the way of public investment in the UAE. In addition, the individuals must invest either in an investment fund or in a business. However, a minimum of 60% of the investment is forbidden to be in the form of land or property.

Likewise, the sum invested cannot be borrowed or loaned in any way. Therefore, you must provide adequate proof of the investment involved when it comes to ownership of the asset. On the other hand, you must invest in a retainable asset for at least 3 years.

However, when you are an investor and you are establishing in the UAE, you and your family relatives must have valid health insurance and valid health insurance documents. Moreover, if you are part of a company that has several partners as investors; then all involved partners must have a minimum investment of 10 million AED as well for Golden Visa UAE.

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Requirements to obtain the Golden visa for students in uae

Golden visa for students in uae

Certainly, students and highly skilled individuals are also able to apply if they have a certificate of an award in the area of expertise.

Most importantly, all scientists who have made an important contribution in their area of study can obtain this type of visa.

In addition, any medical or health professional with at least 2 decades of experience in their specific field is able to apply for the license. For instance, high school students with a successful minimum grade of 95% are able to apply for a visa. Further, university and college students with a minimum of 3.70 GPA or higher are also able to apply for the golden visa UAE

How can you legally live in the UAE with this Golden visa UAE?

It does not matter if it is for the purpose of studying, working, living, or academic or scientific development; expats from different nationalities and countries are able to apply for a residence visa if they fall into any of the following categories:

  • Those workers are currently employed in the government sector. In addition, under these circumstances, the specific government entity must and will help the worker to acquire a residency visa under its sponsorship.
  • A company in the private sector with an existing and approved license in the country can assist its workers in order to apply for residence visas; if they sponsor them.
  • Investors and entrepreneurs seeking to invest and establish their businesses in the UAE are able to apply for a residence visa under the sponsorship of the registered business.
  • On the other hand, it is subject to different conditions, but purchasing real estate in the country allows individuals to acquire a golden visa UAE for the property owner.
  • And as we established earlier, individuals with special talents and researchers in the different fields of science, technology, and knowledge.
  • Academically outstanding students with important scientific capabilities.

Conditions for Obtaining a Residency Visa: there are different requirements when applying for a residence visa. That is to say, individuals applying for the first time or for the renewal of a visa; must successfully complete a medical fitness test if they are aged 18 or over. Likewise, they must also complete a check test when they are trying to acquire an ID card.

However, this identification card is a form of identification provided by the government of the UAE to its residents.

Eligibility for a 10-year visa (golden visa UAE)

As we established earlier, the following categories are able to apply for a 10-year residence visa in the country.

  • Investors in public invest of minimum of AED 10 million.
  • The investment can take different forms such as:
  • Starting a business in the UAE with a capital of 10 million AED or more.
  • A deposit of 10 million AED or more in an investment fund within the country.
  • Partnering in a new or existing business with a share value of more than 10 million AED.
  • Having a full investment of more than 10 million in the mentioned areas; with the condition that the investment in areas other than the real state is no less than 60% of the total investment sum.

However, there are certain conditions:

  • You cannot invest a loaned sum.
  • A retainable asset for at least 3 years.
  • You must be financially solvent up to 10 million AED.

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This one-trip entry visa is available for 48 hours. On the other hand, the ports directorate provides this service in order to issue this type of visa for a period of 2 days. Certainly, this visa allows the holder to enter the country through its official authorized areas (sea and air). It is valid for 48 hours and is not available for extensions.

A golden visa UAE is a document introduced in 2020 that allows certain individuals to live, study, and work in the United Arab Emirates. To do so, they will not need a local sponsor and investor will have 100% of the ownership of their business on the Mainland.

Who is eligible to apply for a golden visa?

Entrepreneurs, investors, researchers in different fields of science and knowledge, people with specialized talents, and outstanding students with promising scientific capabilities can apply for a Dubai golden visa. Sometimes, people can be nominated for golden visa UAE by a government body or a senior Emirati.

What are the UAE golden visa categories?

This type of visa is divided into different categories according to the person’s specialty:

  • Investor: investors and real estate investors.
  • Students with favorable scientific aptitudes: high school students and university graduates.
  • Special talents: scientists, doctors, creatives in the fields of art or culture, executive directors, innovators, educators in priority fields, sports, engineers, and Ph.D. holders.

How do the authorities decide who is qualified for a UAE golden visa?

According to the Government of the UAE, people that invest at least AED 5 million can obtain a short-term UAE golden visa. On the other hand, people that invest AED 10 million or more can opt for a long-term UAE golden visa. These investments can be:

  • A deposit in an investment fund in the United Arab Emirates.
  • By establishing an organization with the aforementioned amount of capital.
  • Or, partnering with an existing or new business with a share value of at least AED 5 million.

Additionally, other individuals with special talents in the fields of science, culture, or the arts can apply for this type of visa.

The Dubai golden visa requirements vary depending on the category of the visa. Subsequently, let us observe:


Investors in Dubai can apply for a long-term golden visa if they fulfill at least one of the following requirements:

  • At least AED 5 million capital deposit in a bank account or investment fund in the United Arab Emirates.
  • Have an established company of a minimum of AED 5 million or a partner in a pre existent or new organization with a monetary contribution of AED 5 million or more.
  • Lastly, be a partner in a business organization that pays federal taxes, with a monetary contribution of AED 250.000 minimum in taxes yearly.
  • In the same way, it is important to note that investments must stay in place for two years minimum after the golden visa in Dubai has been issued. Subsequently, investors should provide the following documents:
  • Official bank statements of at least 6 months prior.
  • Tax clearance certificate and trade license.
  • On the other hand, real estate investors can apply for a short-term golden visa Abu Dhabi if they:
  • Invest in a property of a full value of a minimum of AED 5 million.
  • Make a down payment of at least AED 5 million of the value for a property or portfolio of properties that are mortgaged.

Consequently, it is important to state that the investment must be in place for a minimum of two years after they fill out a golden visa UAE application. As a result, real estate investors need to provide:

  • A certificate of their AED 5 million investment.
  • Proof of their mortgage status in the UAE.


Entrepreneurs can be eligible for a short-term golden visa if they complete the following criteria:

  • A previous project with a capital of AED 500.000 minimum.
  • Approval of a qualified business incubator in the United Arab Emirates.

With a UAE golden visa, entrepreneurs can become sponsors for their staff members in other countries so they can work in their UAE company. Subsequently, they need to provide:

  • Proof of their enterprise status and trade license.


The region offers a UAE golden visa for high school students with promising scientific abilities. Students that want to obtain this type of visa must fulfill the following requirements:

  • High grades and a recommendation letter from the UAE Ministry of Education.

Likewise, the UAE provides a long-term golden visa UAE for students in the university that are extremely qualified. Graduates need to follow these UAE golden visa requirements:

  • Must be a graduate from a UAE accredited university and have a cumulative GPA of 3.8 or higher.

Special talent

  • Scientists

To opt for this type of visa, these scientists must have a recommendation letter from the Emirates Scientists Council. Also, if they do not have the recommendation, they can send a golden visa UAE application if they have a Mohammed Bin Rashid Medal for Scientific Distinguishment.

  • Doctors

To apply for a golden visa UAE for doctors, individuals must be licensed to work in the medical field. Doctors need to obtain this license from the local Department of Health.

  • Creatives

On the other hand, creatives seeking a UAE golden visa need to have a recommendation letter from one of the governmental cultural agencies in the region.

  • Innovators

Innovators must have a recommendation letter from the Ministry of Economy and own a patent that can increase the economy.

  • Executive directors

Accordingly, these individuals must have at least five years of work experience, a bachelor’s degree, a salary of AED 50.000 or more per month, and a valid employment contract in the UAE.

Educators in priority fields

Similarly, educators that want to obtain a UAE golden visa must have a specialization in one of the priority fields for the region.

  • Sports

People in the world of sports opting for a UAE golden visa must have a recommendation from the General Sports Authority of the UAE. In addition, they need to be in one of these categories: be an outstanding sports talent; hold a leadership position in an international sports committee, federation, or organization; achieve athletic excellence, or have a specialization in sports medicine.

  • D. holders

To be eligible, individuals must have a Ph.D. in one of the priority fields and be accredited by the UAE Ministry of Education.

  • Engineers

Likewise, they must have a bachelor’s or master’s degree and also work in a central field in the UAE.

How to apply for a golden visa in the UAE?

Knowing how to apply for a golden visa UAE is vital. To fill a golden visa UAE application, most individuals decide to hire the services of an agency. With their support, they can easily navigate through this overwhelming process. Most agencies take care of the whole process, therefore, applicants only need to provide the requirements.

Additionally, these agencies can help you beyond the golden visa UAE process and be your allies in the UAE. If you are looking to start a company, they can offer you unparalleled advice and business services to put your company in place. These agencies can offer you HR outsourcing services, visa services for your employees, remote worker recruitment, and more.

How is the application process for the UAE golden visa?

Most people do not know how to get a golden visa UAE. Therefore, it is important that if you are going to start this process you get in touch with experts in the process. With professional support, you will be able to complete your UAE golden visa application quickly.

A visa service agency will help you go through the process with the respective authorities. Subsequently, they will wait for the 30-day review of your application and let you know the outcome of it. Therefore, if the response is positive, you can allow the agency to submit the documents and requirements for you. Finally, after submitting the necessary information, the Federal Authority of Identity and Citizenship will verify your application and issue the UAE golden visa.

How much does the golden visa cost in the UAE?

Individuals must know the golden visa UAE cost before they apply. As a result, they can make a budget and know how much they are going to spend in the process. The cost of the UAE golden visa varies depending on the validity of the visa:

These are the fees of this process:

  • For the long and short-term golden visas, the golden visa UAE price is AED 4.850. Moreover, you must add AED 150 for the application costs and AED 1.000 for insurance. In total, you would have to pay AED 6.000.

How much does the medical assessment cost for the golden visa in Dubai?

To apply for the golden visa UAE, individuals must go through a medical examination to know if they do not have any serious contagious illness before they go into the region. Thus, the medical assessment fees range between AED 150 and AED 500, depending on the type of service. Individuals have to present this examination at a government-approved medical center in the UAE.

What is the purpose of the UAE golden visa?

The main purpose of issuing a golden visa UAE is so that the Government of the UAE can retain the most talented and influential individuals in the region. In this way, they can have a reciprocal relationship where the individuals invest in the local economy and they can receive incentives at the same time.

The government is actively encouraging foreigners to move and invest in the United Arab Emirates. They often offer investors and entrepreneurs the capital to develop their businesses and expand to other locations within the Middle East. In the last few years, they have created programs to support foreigners by creating new laws and regulations that work in their favor. Ultimately, offering a perfect stay in the region.

Does the UAE golden visa provide permanent residency?

No, having a UAE golden visa does not mean that the receiver has permanent residency in the United Arab Emirates. After you apply for the golden visa UAE and it is granted, you will have 5 or 10 years before it expires, depending on the category of the visa.

Foreign investors, individuals with specialized talents, scientists, creative individuals, and executive directors can opt for a 10-year residency if they meet all the golden visa UAE requirements. On the other hand, entrepreneurs, real estate investors, students, and doctors can opt for a 5 year golden visa.

There are many golden visa UAE benefits for those that want to acquire one. Some of the advantages of obtaining a golden visa in the United Arab Emirates are:

  • One of the main UAE golden visa benefits is that visa holders can obtain discounts and offers on properties, cars, healthcare, health insurance, banking services, and hospitality.
  • Certain United Arab Emirates’ banks offer real estate golden visa financiers reduced mortgage fixed-interest rates. On the other hand, they offer other investors the opportunity to have attractive rates on their saving accounts.
  • Moreover, visa holders will have the chance to obtain premium annual health insurance plans for families and individuals for a reduced price. Additionally, they guarantee special payment alternatives, licensing services, and maintenance offers.
  • Another one of the benefits of golden visa UAE is that they will receive a special offer for gyms, dining, spa treatments, and select hotels and resorts in the UAE.
  • Foreigners with a golden visa that reside in the UAE that have a driving license from their country of precedence, can take a driver’s test at a local office without needing extra lessons.

In addition, if the license holder is from one of the 32 approved countries, including the US, UK, Australia, South Africa, and Spain, they will be automatically eligible for a driver’s license in the UAE.

The golden visa UAE benefits are endless, do not hesitate anymore and get in contact with an immigration agency now. If you want to know more about the UAE golden visa benefits, select an agency and start planning your immigration to the region.

Can I apply for a golden visa UAE from outside?

Yes, it is possible with the support of an immigration agency. If an individual is currently residing outside of the United Arab Emirates, they will be granted a six-month visa to enter the region, explore the opportunities they may have, and settle.

With an immigration agency working by your side, you can easily apply for this temporary visa. Subsequently, once you are in the UAE, they will help you with the process of turning it into a residency visa and later a UAE golden visa. They are experts on how to get golden visa uae.

How long does this process take?

The process of obtaining a golden visa in United Arab Emirates(UAE) takes less than a month if you are working with an immigration agency. They will be able to accelerate this process for you once you submit the requirements. Ultimately, you will be enjoying the golden visa benefits in a short time.

Yes, golden visa holders can sponsor their family to the United Arab Emirates with no problem. Golden visa sponsorship can be extended to parents, spouses, children, and dependent siblings. However, it will all depend on the category of the visa.

In the same way, there are no limits on the number of children that can be sponsored by the golden visa owner. Nevertheless, there is an age limit, male children can be sponsored until they are 18 years old; on the other hand, female children can be sponsored until they are married.

Additionally, UAE golden visa holders can sponsor domestic help and other kinds of employee support if they want to. Of course, it will depend on the category of their visa.

When can I start sponsoring my family with a golden visa in Dubai?

You can start sponsoring your family and employees as soon as you receive your golden visa. To start this process, you will need the help of an immigration agency. They will be the perfect bridge between you and the authorities. Consequently, allowing your dependents to have a smooth process without having to worry about anything except providing the necessary documents and information.

What happens to the sponsored individuals if the golden visa holder dies?

If the holder of the golden visa in Dubai dies, their family and other dependents can stay in the United Arab Emirates until the visa expires. Subsequently, they can decide if they want to start their visa process or go back to their home countries.

How long does a golden visa last?

Depending on the type of golden visa, they can last from five up to ten years. Subsequently, visa holders can renew them as much as they desire before the visa expires and if they still meet the aforementioned requirements.

Will I need to renew my golden visa in the future?

Yes, before your United Arab Emirates golden visa expires, you should think if you want to renew it or not. The renewal process is pretty easy when you have an immigration agency by your side. Therefore, you will just have to submit the requirements and go through the process again.

Additionally, holders of a Dubai golden visa can stay outside of the United Arab Emirates for as long as they want without worrying about having their visa canceled. It is a new regulation, as they were only able to spend up to six months outside of the Emirates before losing their visa benefits.

Do I need a sponsor to renew my golden visa?

No, having a sponsor is not a requirement to renew your UAE golden visa. You can go through this challenging process with the support of an immigration agency if you are not sure of every step. These agencies can help you deal with any inconvenience you may have. And also, they can work with you to sponsor your employees or family members in the UAE.

Will I need to renew my Emirates ID alongside my golden visa?

Yes, your Emirates identification card will be renewed alongside your UAE golden visa. It is an easy process if you meet every single one of the requirements. The validity of your Emirates ID and your golden visa will go hand to hand. If you own a ten-year visa, your Emirates identification card will also be valid for ten years; similarly, if you own a five-year visa, your Emirates ID card will have a five-year validity period.

In the case that an investor golden visa owner company fails, how will their visa status in the UAE be affected?

In this case, the circumstances of each individual holding a golden visa UAE will be studied by the UAE authorities on a case-by-case basis. Nonetheless, golden visa holders can change their visa status depending on their eligibility and other conditions.

Do I have to cancel other visas when the government approves my golden visa application?

Yes, you or your sponsor must cancel any other visa you have before the government grants you a UAE golden visa. Subsequently, you have to make sure that your prior visa is canceled before sending your Dubai golden visa application.

If an individual wants to work in the UAE, they must have a work permit, valid employment contract, or a work license. Nonetheless, the UAE’s Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization is currently issuing work permits for golden visa holders.

In consequence, these permits are necessary for those that were unemployed when they received their golden visa in Dubai and now want to work for a particular employee. Also, it is essential for those that plan to start a new job with a new manager.

How can I deal with all the golden visa requirements in the UAE?

The easiest way to obtain a golden visa in the UAE is through a company formation agency. These companies will help you with any challenge that you may experience while obtaining a golden visa in the region.

With their support, you can make your initial investment by registering a company in Dubai. In this way, you will get one of the main requirements out of the way. Registering a company with the necessary authorities will be easy with the support of your preferred agency. Also, they can help you get settled, find the perfect office space, fulfill your workforce, and more.

Acquiring the services of an immigration agency is not difficult. You just have to follow their specifications correctly to obtain positive results.

Is it possible to give a residency permit to senior employees of an investor owning a golden visa?

Yes, an investor that is in the process of incorporating a company in the United Arab Emirates can apply for a residency permit for one of the organization’s senior employees. In this case, the senior employees must have held the position of advisor or executive director. Additionally, they are also able to sponsor their family members if they want to.

What is the difference between a golden visa and an investor visa?

Most people do not know the main requirement of a golden visa in the UAE. For those that want to know how to apply for Golden Visa UAE, they need to invest at least AED 5 million. Similarly, they can also buy shares of a company or have the same amount of capital in a regional bank account.

On the other hand, the main requirement to obtain an investor visa in the United Arab Emirates is to make a real estate investment of AED 1 million minimum or make investments in a local company of no less than AED 70.000. In short, to obtain a golden visa in Dubai, individuals must make a bigger investment and have more capital than those that just want to have an investor visa in the UAE.

Can a UAE golden visa be canceled or annulled?

Yes, golden visas can be annulled. Visas are not considered legal if:

  • The individual is not complying with the UAE migration laws and regulations
  • Or if they are breaking any other local law.

Do I need legal support to obtain a golden visa in Dubai?

Yes. It is advisable to have an immigration lawyer by your side when requesting a golden visa UAE. This is because only an attorney can give you the most recent information to make your golden visa application in the UAE.

You can find the most experienced and professional lawyers in Dubai with the support of an immigration agency. They will make sure that your process is going smoothly and that you obtain your visa as soon as possible. Agencies can give you the necessary advice if you are looking to start a company or invest in our economy.

How do exceptional students and graduates apply for a golden visa in Dubai?

A golden visa UAE can be provided to those students that have outstanding achievements in their careers. This means, that they need to have an average rate of 95% or more in their high school certificate; from a private or public school.

Likewise, university students must come from one of the top 500 greatest universities in the world and have a GPA of at least 3.75. If they meet the requirements, they will be able to apply for this type of visa. And also, sponsor their relatives as well.

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