Shared office space in Dubai

Two or more companies that share the same commercially leased space take advantage of many benefits. And while the term is also used to a serviced office or a coworking office; it is when the tenant of a leased office rents their space to another company. With a shared office in Dubai, both parties can benefit from sharing the office space with bills, overheads, and rent.

In this section, you will find important information about shared offices in Dubai and how you can take advantage of them. Similarly, you will understand all the must-haves for shared office space in Dubai. In addition, we will provide all the necessary information so you can start working in the best shared offices. Let’s observe:

shared office space dubai
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What are shared office space dubai?

With flexible work arrangements and alternative work options becoming so popular; new and different ideas keep on rising and taking hold. That is to say, workspaces are a very good alternative which continues to grow in popularity.

Likewise, these modern collaboration areas, called shared office space dubai, are taking new shapes and are being used in many different areas. However, some of them are digitally used; meanwhile, others are actual real spaces. Certainly, in some cases, if you use a shared office in Dubai, you will have more than one worker at a time.

On the other hand, another alternative is a space shared by several individuals at different times.

Things to have in mind to find a good shared office space for rent in Dubai

In Connect Business Center we understand that sometimes business owners want to get started right away. But choosing any shared office is not a cost-effective or efficient decision for your company. Therefore, how you can choose the best shared office space that is suitable for your company?

shared office space dubai
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shared office space dubai

What comes with our shared office spaces in Dubai?

  • You reduce expenditure: if you opt for permanent office space, you obtain the burden of any additional expenses. Similarly, you would need upfront capital to buy or lease the property or space. After that, you must take care of extra expenses like buying furniture, routers, LAN phones, office equipment, etc.
  • Manageable IT Infrastructure: companies need to hire several employees for operational purposes. In addition, small- and medium-sized businesses rarely have dedicated IT staff. Similarly, in order to have in-house IT staff, you must pay their salaries and need to have extra equipment and room for them.
  • Safety Measures: it is essential to have a secure and safe environment for your workers. Similarly, the security of your Shared Office Dubai will grant the peace of mind your workers need. Our shared office space has the best security features and massively developed infrastructure. Your workspace will have 24/7 desk security, a CCTV system, cloud-based storage for security footage, and keycard access.
  • Chances for Networking: with coworking shared office space in Dubai, you will share the space with business owners, freelancers, and other corporations. In the same vein, these individuals may be from the same industry or a totally unrelated one. However, you find these different tenants in our offices in Dubai.
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Type of shared office space dubai

  • Physical and Collaborative: they are also known as coworking and shared office spaces, these are created in an office space that allows individuals to work side-by-side. On the other hand, this shared workplace is also a good option for startups allowing them to have an office space without the burden of setting up their own for the ground.
  • Physical and Shared: this type of office space refers to shared spaces, but is used on an individual basis by multiple individuals. Further, it almost is a time-shared for office space and could be vacation rentals. However, workers use this at different times, and for different purposes. Therefore, this is a good option for remote workers wanting to get out of their homes.
  • Virtual and Collaborative: virtually interactive are shared workspaces; environments and resources that workers use to communicate in real-time together. In the same vein, this type of space may include whiteboards, videos, virtual meetings, and other interactive collaborative spaces in real-time. sometimes small shared office space for rent in Dubai makes a lot of difference..
  • Virtual and Shared: collaborative shared office workspace is an environment where you are able to share information with your colleagues. However, the room is interactive, but it is not used in a collective way but rather handled, shared, used as individuals. For instance, shared spreadsheets.
shared office space dubai
shared office space dubai

Advantages of shared office space dubai

There are several advantages when you get when you use a shared office Dubai. Let’s observe:

The work meaningful

Individuals working in these spaces tend to have more power over what they decide to focus on; the tasks they handle, the type of clients they encounter, etc. Similarly, we see more interest in the activities when they have this type of flexibility, and they are more accomplished when they want the task done, rather than doing it because their manager told them to.

More control of your environment

This space has a certain type of structure that establishes the routine of workers and allows them to do what they want. And because you are actually paying for that spot, it is expected that you go back to the space, and actually work to obtain the benefit of your paid money.

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Additional services and perks in shared office space dubai

In our modern shared office space in Abu dhabi, dubai at an entry-level option, you will have access to WIFI, a clean desk, as well as small perks like coffee and snacks. In addition, we offer you additional services and other supplies such as access to conference/meeting rooms, printing, and copying. On the other hand, shared office spaces are ideal for freelancers, small business owners, and remote workers.

Here, you get what you actually need. There is no need to pay for space or services you will not use frequently.

Certainly, when your company is growing and you need to meet with more partners and clients, you may want to choose an option for a private office. While our shared spaces have private offices, having a full service shared office will allow you to provide a more professional and direct connection with your clients.

shared office space dubai
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Why Connect Business Center?

We are the best option if you need to need shared office space Dubai. In the same vein, when you use any of our Shared Office space in Dubai you will take advantage of several befits; allowing your business to grow and expand into Dubai and the UAE. Similarly, when you work with us, there is no need to make a huge investment and you will save effort and time.

Similarly, obtaining our service means that you can access our shared office spaces near me in the city for several hours. Likewise, you can also take advantage of our reception services if you need them. Certainly, we will ensure you settle comfortably and start working right away.

Similarly, we will provide you with a P.O. Box number, mail handling, and other services and amenities.

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FAQ's About Shared Office in Dubai

Dubai has a wide and flexible range of business structures for foreign investors, making a new venture or expansion easier than ever thanks to less administration, lower costs and a speedier service. For starting up your Business in Dubai you can Contact Leading Business Center in Dubai.


In order to start, you just need to bring your working device and the respective power chord. In addition, feel free to bring whatever you want and may need. Have in mind that we provide you with a shared office space Dubai, so you will have other members working together; we do not allow inconvenient conduct.

There are several reasons why we think shared office space Dubai, Abu dhabi is better such as it is hassle-free and scalability.

Yes, you can have visitors. However, you can inform the office manager in advance. On the other hand, if you are planning to have visitors for more than 1 hour; you must book a meeting room or buy a day pass for the visitors.

Yes, you must sign a license agreement. In addition, all our members must accept the Terms and Conditions; this establishes the obligations and responsibilities from both sides.

In a matter of hours, you just need to sign the license agreement.


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