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Shared office space in Dubai

Two or more companies that share the same commercially leased space take advantage of many benefits. And while the term is also used to a serviced office or a coworking office; it is when the tenant of a leased office rents their space to another company. With a shared office in Dubai, both parties can benefit from sharing the office space with bills, overheads, and rent.

In this section, you will find important information about shared offices in Dubai and how you can take advantage of them. Similarly, you will understand all the must-haves for shared office space in Dubai. In addition, we will provide all the necessary information so you can start working in the best shared offices. Let’s observe:

What are shared office space dubai?

With flexible work arrangements and alternative work options in sharing office space in uae becoming so popular; new and different ideas keep on rising and taking hold. That is to say, workspaces are a very good alternative which continues to grow in popularity.

Likewise, these modern collaboration areas, called shared office space dubai, are taking new shapes and are being used in many different areas. However, some of them are digitally used; meanwhile, others are actual real spaces. Certainly, in some cases, if you use a shared office in Dubai, you will have more than one worker at a time.

On the other hand, another alternative is a space shared by several individuals at different times.

CoWorking Space

Access to Coworking space in Dubai, shared offices ideal for early startups, on-the-go clients, and businesses travelers

Meeting Room

Meeting Rooms in Dubai or Professional space for business meetings, interviews, lectures, and training provided with Wi-Fi, whiteboard, and Smart TV projector on an hourly or daily basis

Virtual Office

Do you want to establish a business presence in the UAE without actually having a physical office? If so, hire our virtual office services now!

Private Office

Sharing desk, office space, or working side by side with other people may not suit your specific work needs. Similarly, enjoying a modern office and collaborative amenities does not mean giving up the advantages of a dedicated space

Executive Office

Modern Executive Office Space in Dubai is One of the key elements that all investors need for setting up their companies in Dubai is the office space

Combine Virtual office space

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What comes with our shared office spaces in Dubai?

  • You reduce expenditure: if you opt for permanent shared office in Dubai, you obtain the burden of any additional expenses. Similarly, you would need upfront capital to buy or lease the property or space. After that, you must take care of extra expenses like buying furniture, routers, LAN phones, office equipment, etc.
  • Manageable IT Infrastructure: companies need to hire several employees for operational purposes. In addition, small- and medium-sized businesses rarely have dedicated IT staff. Similarly, in order to have in-house IT staff, you must pay their salaries and need to have extra equipment and room for them.
  • Safety Measures: it is essential to have a secure and safe environment for your workers in sharing office space in dubai. Similarly, the security of your Shared Office Dubai will grant the peace of mind your workers need. Our shared office space has the best security features and massively developed infrastructure. Your workspace will have 24/7 desk security, a CCTV system, cloud-based storage for security footage, and keycard access.
  • Chances for Networking: with coworking shared office space in Dubai, you will share the space with business owners, freelancers, and other corporations. In the same vein, these individuals may be from the same industry or a totally unrelated one. However, you find these different tenants in our sharing office for rent in dubai.
How Virtual Office Works

Dynamic Business Environment

If you want to gain experience and expand as a company, it is essential to find and collaborate with people who share the same outlook. That is why establishing an office in Dubai with shared spaces can be a great way to go.

Amenities and Benefits

By taking advantage of a shared office space in Dubai, your business can benefit from an array of services and amenities. Working in a pre-established space allows you to enjoy stunning city views, and a communal dining area.

Professional Business Address

To ensure success, it is essential to have a physical office space with a quality address, as this builds trust with customers. Connect Business Centers in Dubai will help you find a high-end office with a great address.

Different Work Setups

When searching for co-working spaces in Dubai, there are a range of options to choose from. You could opt for an open-plan office, team space, or even a private office.

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Shared Office Space in Dubai

“For my virtual business setup, I was looking for an office space that would be available for rent in Dubai. It had me anxious all over. Thankfully, then I found Connect Business Centre and I am very satisfied with their services.”
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“Our business needed a meeting space in Dubai for our first annual conference event and we had been stressing over a office space for rent. We are so glad that Connect Business Centre was recommended to us and that turned out to be the best decision ever.”
Ayoob Hanbal
Business Startup
“An executive office space was what I needed for my startup in Dubai. I was stressed beyond words because I could not exhaust all my resources finding a perfect office space for rent when launching my startup business. I stumbled upon Connect Business Centre when searching and the rest is history.”
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Small Business Owner
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