What is Family visa in UAE, Dubai, Abu Dhabi?

Family Visa UAE allows Foreign nationals living in the country on a residence visa can bring their family and dependents with them through a Family Visa UAE. However, not all foreign individuals are able to bring their family here as long as they meet some of the requirements. Thus, if you decided to move your family to the UAE; we can assist you in that tedious process.

In this section, you will find all the important information about Best Family Visa UAE and their role as foreign workers. In the same vein, we will guide you throughout this process and make sure you understand why it is so important. Similarly, you will understand the eligibility and who you are able to sponsor by Family Visa UAE, Dubai, Abu Dhabi and also find out more about Family Visa Renewal Dubai, Abu Dhabi.

Family Visa Uae
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Family Visa Uae

What are the requirements to sponsor someone for a Family Visa Uae, Dubai, Abu Dhabi?

Foreign UAE residents, both workers, and employers are able to sponsor their relatives and family in the country through a valid residency permit. However, male workers who are legally employed in the country are able to sponsor their family relatives such as children and wives and are subject to conditions including a minimum monthly salary of AED 4,000 or 3,000 and the additional accommodation.

In the same vein, since march of 2019, types of the profession are no longer a requirement for expat workers to sponsor their residence family visas. Likewise, the government of the country modified the regulation that listed professions that we’re able to apply for a family sponsorship visa. Therefore, now foreign employees are able to bring their family to the country and sponsor their residence visas; it does no matter their profession.

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Medical fitness requirement for Family Visa UAE, Abu Dhabi, Dubai

In order for the immigration department to grant or renew a residence visa for accompanies; males and females who have completed the age of 18 must pass a medical screening test at the facilities approved by the government of the UAE.

For instance, foreign expat workers are granted a residency visa for 1 or 2 years depending on their labor contract; while foreign workers are issued for 3 years.

Sponsored individuals except sponsored parents and adult males continuing their academic education can enjoy the same visa duration as their sponsors. For example, the immigration department grants this visa on a yearly period; regardless of the visa duration of their sponsor.

Family Visa Uae
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Family Visa Uae

Family Visa UAE, Dubai, Abu dhabi - Sponsoring your wife and children

Foreign individuals can sponsor the residence visa for their spouse or children if they fulfill the requirements, we mentioned earlier established by the GDRFA (General Directorate of Residency and Foreign Affairs).

However, in order to sponsor his wife, the foreign individual must successfully prove an existing marriage relationship by submitting an attested marriage certificate in Arabic or translated it into Arabic by a certified translator. Thus, in Connect Business Center we offer you translation services included in the fee.

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Family Visa UAE, Dubai, Abu dhabi - Sponsoring stepchildren

Expat residents can sponsor their step children according to GDRFA’s terms which include a deposit for each child and a No-Objection Certificate (NOC) from the biological parent. That is to say, their residency visas are valid for 1 year and are renewable on a yearly basis.

However, here is a list of documents you need in order to sponsor wife and children in Family Visa UAE, Dubai, Abu Dhabi:

  • Application through any of the registered typing offices of the UAE or online.
  • Passport copies of the involved parties.
  • Passport-sized photos of the children and wife.
  • Medical screening certificate for the children and wife above 18.
  • Registered tenancy contract
  • A valid employment contract or company contract.
  • Salary certificate from the business showing the worker’s monthly salary.
  • Legalized and attested marriage certificate.
  • Latest utility bill.
Family Visa Uae
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Family Visa Uae

Woman sponsoring her family for Family Visa UAE, Dubai, Abu dhabi

A woman can sponsor her children and husband if she is a holder of a residence permit showing proof that she is:

  • Teacher.
  • Engineer.
  • Doctor.
  • Nurse.
  • Or any other profession related to the health sector.

In addition, she can sponsor if her monthly salary is more than 10,000 AED or 8,000 plus accommodation. Therefore, she must provide additional documents established by the respective immigration authority.

On the other hand, if the female is not employed under the previously stated groups, she can still get approval to sponsor her family if her wages are more than 10,000 AED and with a special permit from the DNRD.

However, a single mother is able to sponsor her children. Therefore, the immigration entities can ask for documents similar to those required to sponsor stepchildren.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Family Visa Uae

If you are arriving in Dubai as a worker; you can only obtain a visa through the application of your employer. You will need to have an idea about uae family visa rules, However, if you do not currently have a job and you want to join on your parent’s or spouse’s visa who are residing in the UAE; they are able to sponsor you and apply for your visa.

As a foreign citizen residing in the UAE with your respective visa, you can bring your family members to the UAE. In this regard, you can do so through a family visa in the UAE. However, not everyone is eligible to bring their dependents.

In a growing city like Dubai, changes are the order of the day. Processes and the way a procedure is carried out can change suddenly.

Therefore, you need to be aware of the number of restrictions or requirements that may arise when you apply for a procedure. In this regard, you should keep up to date with any changes that may occur.

Being a foreign national living in the UAE on a residence visa has many benefits. In this regard, one of the most important benefits has to do with the possibility of bringing your family members with you.

When you are a resident foreigner one of the things you want most is to have your family with you. Therefore, if the government allows you to do it legally, you will be able to fulfill your wish.

Also, you should keep in mind that if you do the process legally you will avoid future complications. In this sense, you will be able to access the benefits that the government places within your reach.

Therefore, it is important to ask yourself if as a legal resident citizen you can enjoy this and other benefits that you have by law.

Just as there are eligibility criteria for approving a permit or visa, there are also eligibility criteria for approving or not approving sponsorship of family members.

What are the requirements to sponsor someone for a family visa in the UAE?

For any legal proceeding, it is always necessary to meet certain eligibility criteria. Firstly, you must be able to cover the family visa UAE price which usually goes from AED 4,000 to AED 5,000. However, the family visa price in the UAE can decrease or increase, depending on the agency that you are working with.

Therefore, you must be up to date and be aware of the family visa UAE requirements and family visa cost in the UAE. In short, the family sponsorship process is a benefit that you have, after meeting certain criteria.

All governments in the world have indispensable requirements for access to the sponsorship of a family member. In this regard, the no one is exempt from any of the family visa UAE requirements for this process. It is very important that the sponsor can meet the family visa UAE price to bring their relatives to the region safely.

What should male expatriates do to sponsor their families?

Have a minimum salary of AED 4000 (monthly). They can also have AED 3000 but must comply with the accommodation (AED 3000 plus accommodation). It is very important to meet the UAE family visa minimum salary requirement to obtain this document quickly.

As you can notice, the accommodation included is important. Thus if you manage to have accommodation and add it to your monthly salary as one less expense, then you can apply for sponsorship with less amount of money.

In this way, the Emirati government gives facilities to those who have the accommodation and can include it. Therefore, many more people can access this family visa if they meet the necessary UAE family visa minimum salary.

What should female expatriates do to sponsor their families?

Have a minimum monthly salary of AED 10,000. They can also qualify if their salary is AED 8,000 and they meet all the family visa requirements in the UAE.

As for the salary of the woman, notably, it must be higher than that of the man. In this sense, although the restrictions are greater and the income must be higher, the government ensures that the family members can be supported financially without any inconvenience.

Likewise, with higher salaries, women sponsors usually find themselves in better jobs than men. Thus, the lifestyle and quality of life they can offer their sponsors meet high standards.

Are there any physical requirements and skills needed to sponsor someone for a family visa in the UAE?

Yes, any family member who is over 18 years of age must undergo medical examinations. This is important because, through medical testing, the government ensures that high standards of health are maintained in its population. To qualify for your family visa, HIV medical tests are performed. Likewise, the UAE government performs tests to rule out the presence of Tuberculosis.

Having the test results and demonstrating that you are in good health will guarantee your entry into the country. You will also be able to collaborate with the high statistical indexes that place the country as one of the places with the best health of its citizens in the world.

It is important to note that the UAE government does not recognize same-sex marriage. Therefore, it is not possible to sponsor same-sex spouses. If required, the government may also request a PCR test upon arrival.

In the emirates, many legal issues are related to and governed by many religious aspects. Therefore, it is necessary to keep in mind that many of their laws represent cultural and religious aspects and therefore must also be complied with.

If you have good knowledge about the above-mentioned aspects, you will have no problems. Besides, the good use of your common sense will be able to dictate your guidelines regarding the related aspects of applying for a family visa.

Is a specific profession required for a family visa in the UAE?

The UAE government has increased its economic growth policies. In this sense, the overall goal is the general prosperity of the country and to this end, it has implemented policies of inclusion in the economic field, from a wide variety of labor sectors.

Dubai and the Emirates in general have been able to achieve a very high level of economic growth thanks to the extensive work done in favor of economic growth. In this way, it is always about creating innovative economic policies to maintain and expand the progress of the nation.

Moreover, becoming the leading nation in technology and progress is not something that can be achieved in a single day. It is, therefore, necessary to be consistent in developing plans to grow the economy.

If the Emirati government wishes to broaden the economic field in which people work, then it makes the most sense to ease visa restrictions. If you are a foreign worker who wishes to sponsor your family, do not let the area in which you pursue your profession be an impediment. Therefore, the best thing to do is to take advantage of the benefit granted by the Emirate nation.

In this sense, leaving open the field of professions that may be eligible for family visas is an incentive for more people to want to work in the UAE. Moreover, any foreign worker can do so, as long as he meets the relevant requirements.

There are important features to note in the case of who you can sponsor. Thus, it is worth noting that, although it is not impossible, it is much easier for a male expatriate to sponsor his family in the UAE than for a woman.

If you are a man and wish to sponsor your family members through a family visa:

In the case of a man who has a family residence visa in the UAE, he can bring his sponsored family members with a family visa by fulfilling the following requirements:

Sponsoring his wife: in the case of a Muslim resident, you can sponsor two wives. In this regard, you must meet certain requirements of the GDRFA.

Sponsoring your children: Sponsorship of children is only available if they are 18 years of age or younger. Also, if they are students and have not reached the age of 21, you can still sponsor them.

Daughters: Daughters, under Emirati law, can be sponsored only if you are not married and meet the same requirements related to sons.

Parents: In the case of sponsorship of your parents, the Emirati government requires the following conditions:

  • Both parents can be sponsored unless unfortunately one of them is deceased.
  • A security deposit must be paid for each parent.
  • A medical insurance policy is required for each parent.
  • A salary of AED 20000 is required. AED 19000 plus accommodation (2 rooms) is also acceptable.
  • Stepchild sponsorship: With a certificate of No Objection from your biological father of your stepchild, you can sponsor your stepchild. It is also important to note that this stepchild visa is valid for one year, and is fully renewable.

If you are a woman and wish to sponsor your family members through a family visa:

In the case of a woman who has a residence visa and is in the UAE, she can bring his sponsored family members with a family visa by fulfilling the following requirements:

The only members the woman can sponsor are her husband and children.

Her monthly salary must exceed AED 10000 per month. Alternatively, she can have a salary of 8000 if she includes accommodation.

She must be practicing as an engineer, teacher, or in any case, have a profession related to the medical profession (nurse, doctor, etc.).

With the demonstration of a sufficient monthly salary, a woman can also qualify for sponsorship.

What documents are required for a family visa in the UAE?

As in any legal process, the UAE family visa documents required to apply are:

  • You must consign the Proof of monthly salary, representing what is earned by the sponsor. This way the sponsor is expected to have enough money to financially support their sponsored person.
  • Using the online form (or typed by a registered typist), you will be able to access the official UAE visa application document.
  • A copy of the passport (of the sponsored family member) will prove the veracity of the sponsored family name and identity of the sponsored family member.
  • You must provide 2 passport size photos of the sponsored family member.
  • Submit a copy of the employment contract of the sponsor. Also, if required, a copy of the contract of the company where the sponsor works.
  • Medical discharge certificate, to determine health conditions.
  • Using the most recent utility bill, you will be able to prove to the authorities that you are up to date.
  • Additionally, another one of the UAE family visa documents required is: housing contract or proof of housing; to confirm that you have a place where your sponsored children can settle down and live. Also, if required, a copy of the rental contract in its entirety.
  • If necessary, if you are sponsoring your spouse, you must present the Marriage Certificate (legalized).

If you wish to apply for your family visa for the UAE, you can do so whether you are an expatriate or an entrepreneur. After receipt of your UAE residency visa, you can apply for your family visa. In this regard, 60 days must have elapsed after receipt of the visa.

The UAE government promotes these economic policies for the growth of the nation. Therefore, for the UAE if you are an expatriate or an entrepreneur, you still represent a labor force.

Therefore, one way to support and encourage the development of the workforce is by providing adequate opportunities to apply for family sponsorship visas. Knowing how to get a family visa in the UAE is essential to start your visa process.

What is an entry permit and what is the application process?

The most important thing for your family members to enter the country is the entry permit. In this regard, the entry permit allows your family members to enter the country. In addition, they must apply the entry permit before family members travel.

For your family members to join you in the UAE, they must apply for the entry permit at:

  • The application can be made online or also in person in The General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners (GDRFA).

In the case of making the application in person, you must do so through the typing centers that have been authorized by the GDRFA. You can also do it through one of the Amer Centers in Dubai.

  • Mobile apps for Android and Apple.

Through the use of technology, you can do your business without inconveniences. Consequently, with the implementation of new digital technologies, the progress of the nation is coupled with the ease that is presented to the general population to access all different procedures.

  • The Federal Identity and Citizenship Authority.

It is important to process the entry permit so that the General Directorate of Residency and Aliens can give them legal access to the country.  This way you can avoid inconveniences with your relatives and you will be in line with the requirements of the law.

The application process for a family visa is very simple. Therefore, it should not take you long to complete. Similarly, if you need related guidance you can search the web for information regarding the family visa application process.

If you are wondering how to apply for family visa in the UAE, you must know that family members must first be in the country with an entry permit. It is important to have completed the entry permit process to complete the subsequent formalities. In such a way that you do not have inconveniences in the development of the process.

How long will the UAE family visa be valid?

The UAE government has been working hard to improve visa conditions to make them more attractive to people. In this sense, the more people circulating within the territory, and living legally, will strengthen the economy.

A country that has its doors open to the entry of foreigners increases its gross domestic product. In this sense, the family visa is convenient because it contributes to the economic flow.

The UAE family visa is renewable, and its duration varies according to several factors. Thus, consider the duration of the family visa for the UAE is contemplated:

  • Who the sponsor is and what the sponsor does.
  • The expiration date of the visa of the sponsor.
  • Then, according to these characteristics and a detailed study of each particular case, the decision on the duration of the family visa is taken:
  • 1 year.
  • 2 years.
  • 3 years. Additionally, all visas are renewable at least 30 days before expiration.

The better the characteristics of the sponsor, the longer the visa may last. Therefore, you should keep your bills and payments up to date. Above all, try to be solvent and with enough money that can demonstrate, together with your income, that you can financially support your sponsors.

Is Dubai an excellent option to work and sponsor my relatives?

Definitely yes, Dubai is a great option to work and sponsor family members thanks to its high development and excellent economy. In addition, the city offers the possibility of being a pleasant tourist destination and a cozy place to live.

If you join the growing family of citizens who has settled to work in Dubai, you will enjoy several benefits. In this way, you will be able to reunite with loved ones and enjoy your stay as much as possible.

The fact of being able to sponsor a family member has a lot of weight on the development and psychological stability of the people. Therefore, it is always positive to carry out the desire to have a united family. Besides, having your loved ones by your side is priceless.

If I want to visit first before deciding to work and sponsor a family member with my visa, is it advisable to have a guide to visit Dubai?

In this way, you will be able to get a direct impression and get to know the city superficially. This will allow you to make your work and family sponsorship decisions from a more objective point of view.

It is always good to have the guidance and orientation of a professional. In this sense, you will feel much more confident, and you will have confidence in each of the decisions you are making because there someone is offering their knowledge related to the subject for your benefit.

The service of a guide can help you cover every detail and doubt regarding the city and its processes. It will also help you avoid making mistakes and omissions. Try to use a guide or an advisory company that will give you excellent and warm attention to get the most out of your decisions.

You must feed your curiosity and seek information by taking every opportunity to learn more about the land you envision in your future. In this regard, it is up to you to manage to carry out your task with the best possible disposition. In addition, you should tailor your process to your particular needs and do everything possible to make the process fast and smooth.

Notwithstanding all the above, if you get some guidance in the process the road will be much more bearable. Also, if you already have some prior knowledge and have the help of a specialist, you will not have to worry about complex and contradictory UAE family visa rules in 2021, price, and legal regulations that may discourage you from trying.

Are there companies in Dubai with which I can get my visa?

Yes, there are tour companies that can provide excellent help in the procedures and advice for obtaining a visa in Dubai. Likewise, you can also apply for your visa through tourist agencies in your country. they can let you know about all the UAE family visa rules in 2021, price, and more.

There are a wide variety of visas so it is necessary to be very clear about your needs to determine what your visa will be. In this sense, and because of how difficult it can be to know which the most suitable visa is for you and your family, it is better to put yourself in the hands of lawyers or companies that collaborate with their knowledge.

In such a way, the expert team will be able to help you understand your visa options. Additionally, you will be able to use their guidance and help with the family visa process in the UAE.

How do I know if the forms I am filling out are complete?

Immigration policy in the UAE has undergone many changes in recent years. In this regard, applications based on family sponsorship can take quite a long time. Additionally, they can become a complicated process if you do not have the right advice.

If you have a good advisor for the family-sponsored visa application, you will avoid the process becoming difficult and confusing. In addition, he or she will naturally be able to guide you in filling out the necessary forms and documentation that you need to gather to identify what is missing and help you fill them all out on your behalf.

An experienced team of lawyers is vital to ensure that you submit the documents required for a family visa in the UAE. Ultimately, with the right help, you can achieve your family sponsorship goal without complications.

Generally speaking, anyone can legally sponsor a family member, but this sponsorship has certain details. In this regard, the sponsor must demonstrate that he or she can accept financial responsibility for the immigrant.

In such a way that when expenses related to the relative you are sponsoring arise, you must cover them.

You as the sponsor must assure immigration officials that the sponsored person will not need the assistance of means-tested programs. Additionally, after you demonstrate this, you must fully comply.

If the sponsored person incurs high medical bills and is unable to pay them, it is not the responsibility of the sponsor. Likewise, if the sponsored person accumulates debt collection accounts or declares bankruptcy, it will not affect your credit nor will it have any negative effect on your credit profile.

Am I obligated as a sponsor to provide financial advice to my sponsored party?

You may provide financial advice to your sponsored individual, but it is not your obligation to do so.

Several programs sponsored individuals can attend to qualify for social assistance programs:

  • Student assistance.
  • Forms of foster care assistance
  • Emergency medical assistance.
  • Immunizations and treatment of illnesses.
  • School and child feeding services as well as child feeding services.

When the sponsored person receives any of these benefits or programs, he does so at his own expense. Likewise, this does not affect or impact you as the sponsor.

Therefore, it is clear that as a sponsor you must fulfill several duties to your sponsor that by law you are committed to carrying out. However, the sponsored party also has duties to fulfill that will not affect your image as a family sponsor.

Thus, the sponsored person can enjoy many benefits offered by the law. And you, as the sponsor will be exempt from complications as you will be legally covered.


In some scenarios, the government of the country allows females who are currently sponsored by their parents or husbands to work without issuing a new type of visa. In the same vein, students’ visas allow individuals studying in one of Dubai’s colleges or universities to work as an intern part of the academic requirements. So find out the best family visa uae cost

Basically, the immigration authorities of Dubai issue 2 main types of visas; Visa for visitors and Visas for residents. However, there are several subtypes of each of the main types.

On the other hand, it all depends on your nationality, how long you are wishing to stay, and what you are going to do in Dubai (business, tourism, etc.); you are able to decide what type of visa you want to apply for.

In this case, your business or local partner becomes your sponsor. And if your business is located in any of Dubai’s free zones, then the authority becomes your sponsor.

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