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Professional business centers: What features should you look for?

In recent years, business centers have become an excellent solution for businesses that are constantly growing and changing. Business centers in the UAE are designed for all types of businesses, both for startups looking to expand and for large businesses that want a professional space to work.

In this article, we will talk about the definition of a business center/serviced office, the advantages they offer, as well as the main features that you should look for in the best business center. Let us look at the content in more detail:

  1. What is a serviced office/business center?
  2. What are the advantages of a business center over a regular office?
  3. Which features should you look for to find the best business center in Dubai?
  4. How can our company help your reach your goals?

1. What is a serviced office/business center?

A business center in Dubai is a professional space where entrepreneurs, freelancers, or key heads of companies can work and also enjoy extra services.

Unlike regular office space, a business center is not a fixed space but rather a building where you can enjoy many different spaces. Nor should you worry about long-term rent. Business centers rent in Dubai are short-term or per use, and you can change the space whenever you need.

Business centers emerged as a solution to a real business problem. Getting an office, taking care of equipping it yourself, repairing and maintaining it, as well as keeping yourself tied to a long-term rent, represents a waste of money and time for entrepreneurs.

Business centers offer fully-equipped spaces, where the building staff is responsible for the repair and maintenance of the equipment. Each of the spaces of a professional business center meets the needs of the business by offering varied, flexible, and quality services. In this way, a business center saves time and money for the professionals who work in their offices.

The term business center has many synonyms, one of them being serviced office. Business centers are also known as managed offices or executive centers. They are usually located in large cities, where there is more business movement.

This is the case in Dubai, the city with the highest commercial and business activity in the world. Dubai has a variety of business centers, including Connect Business Center, our business center located in downtown Dubai.

In summary, Dubai business centers are a fundamental component of the flexible workspace industry. A business center is flexible both in rent, space, and services. This flexibility allows professionals to concentrate on their commercial activity, increasing the productivity and growth of the company.

2. What are the advantages of a business center over a regular office?

Business centers are very different from conventional offices and are becoming a flexible and alternative solution. There are several advantages of business centers over conventional offices. One of the ones we mentioned earlier is flexibility. To begin with, business center rent in Dubai is short-term. You have more flexibility to choose the time you want to spend in the space.

For this same reason, a business center is better suited to the growth of your company. If you rent a space and then your business grows and you need a larger space, you can request it immediately and it will be ready in a few days. In the same way, you can request a smaller space or withdraw services that you no longer need if your business suffers a downside.

This is a great advantage over conventional offices. Since conventional offices impose a long-term rent, you must stay in the same space for the months or years that the contract lasts. While your business must accommodate to the conventional office, Dubai business centers accommodate your business growth.

We are going to list some of the other benefits that you can only get in a business center:

2.1 Possibilities for networking

A business center in the UAE contains different spaces in which there are entrepreneurs from different businesses. This represents an opportunity to meet other people in the business world and network. In this way, you can consider projects with new people. You can even meet entrepreneurs at the coffee machines and network over a hot cup of coffee.

This is an important difference between a business center and a conventional office. Unlike the busy and social environment that you can get in a professional business center, conventional offices are spaces in which only the workers of the same business are present.

If you are interested in networking, one of the best spaces you can request in a business center is a co-working space, where you share services and knowledge with other entrepreneurs. At Connect Business Center, we also offer private offices, in case you want a space just for you and networking is not essential for your business.

2.2 You can save time

A business center in Dubai also saves you a lot of time. When you work in a conventional office, you spend a lot of time on paperwork and setting up furniture and other equipment. A business center, on the other hand, is a space that is equipped from day one. As soon as you arrive, you can concentrate on working without worrying about paperwork or setting up equipment.

The only paperwork you need to worry about is the contract for the business center rent in Dubai, which is quite simple. In addition, all costs associated with equipment, services, and amenities, are included with the rent, unlike a conventional office where all payments are made separately. You do not have to make separate payments for each thing, everything is included in the package you choose, saving you time and money.

2.3 Gives your business a professional image

Business centers are located in central and strategic areas for business. They usually have parking nearby, as well as transportation, cafes, and complementary businesses. The architecture of the building and the decoration of the spaces is modern and professional.

The best business center not only cares about having modern spaces but also comfortable spaces. Ensuring the comfort of your clients and employees is part of what makes your business a professional business.

At Connect Business Center we care about both the comfort and the appearance of our spaces so that your clients get a professional impression of you and your business.

2.4 Services and amenities

A business center in Dubai goes beyond a conventional office because it not only offers the rental of space, but also all the services you need for the daily operation of your business, hence the name of serviced office.

Depending on the package you choose, you can enjoy a variety of amenities in a business center. From a coffee machine or fast Internet to a gym and secretaries. Any amenity you request will be available in your office from the first day you arrive. This is a great advantage and difference over conventional offices, in which the services and amenities must be obtained on your own.

3. Which features should you look for to find the best business center in Dubai?

All business centers have certain advantages over conventional offices. However, if you want to get the best business center for your business, there are some features that you should be aware of. We are going to talk about the six most important features to take into account when looking for a business center.

3.1 Conference rooms

One of the most important features that a business center in the UAE must have is access to conference rooms. Conference rooms are spaces where an entrepreneur can meet other people, hold talks and conferences, or hold celebrations.

A professional conference room should have comfortable chairs and tables, as well as projectors, screens, and coffee machines. Since it is very common for businesses to give conferences, a professional business center needs to offer access to these spaces.

3.2 Meeting and training rooms

A space that every Dubai business center must have is a fully serviced and equipped meeting room. These are spaces where entrepreneurs meet privately with clients or can conduct interviews with future employees.

Another fundamental space within a business center is the training rooms. These are spaces where new hires are trained to learn the basics of the job.

Every business, whether small or large, goes through the process of hiring and training employees. For this reason, a business center must have meeting and training rooms fully equipped with the necessary technological devices.

3.3 Executive offices

Every business center in Dubai must also have executive offices. These are spaces for the company’s head keys. Executive Offices have larger and more sophisticated spaces, as well as other amenities.

For example, they can count on a team of administrators, accountants, and lawyers, among other professionals, to accompany them in each decision of the company. They can also request break rooms and even kitchens.

The flexible business center rent in Dubai also applies to this type of space. Companies can choose between different packages and accommodate the space to their convenience and needs.

3.4 High-Tech equipment

In the same way that the business world evolves more and more each year, technology also advances exponentially each year. To keep up with market trends and the competition, you and your employees must have high-tech communication equipment.

It is the task of every business center in the UAE to ensure that its members are up to date with the demands of the market. To do this, they must offer access to the most outstanding laptops, cell phones, and tablets on the market.

It is also essential that the members of a company have the best tools to give conferences and communicate what they need effectively. To do this, the business center must provide them with the best quality video conferencing systems.

3.5 High-speed Wi-Fi

Almost no business can carry out its activities without the Internet. It is needed, first of all, for online communications. For example, to answer or send emails or attend video conferences. It is also needed for business research.

Reliable Wi-Fi and Internet connection are essential business services. For this reason, a professional business center must provide an Internet connection that is fast and secure.

3.6 CCTV monitoring

Security within a Dubai business center is essential for any business. An advanced and sophisticated security system shows business center members that you care about them, their safety, and well-being.

One of the most sophisticated security systems on the market is CCTV monitoring, whose acronym stands for closed-circuit television monitoring. With this security system, both the business center and its members can monitor both people entering and leaving each space within the building. The CCTV system also warns of any unusual activity.

Remember that the best business center is the one that best suits your business and makes you feel more comfortable. Your comfort, that of your clients, and yours is the priority. Make sure that the business center you choose has these features and fits the concept of your business and its work culture.

4. How can our company help your reach your goals?

Business centers have emerged in recent years as innovative solutions within the flexible workspace market. They go beyond conventional offices, offering quality services and flexible rents. Certain features, such as meeting rooms, sophisticated security systems, and high-level technology, are essential for any business center in Dubai.

Connect Business Center is a professional business center in the UAE. We have all the essential features you expect from a quality business center. We offer multiple spaces, such as virtual offices, executive offices, and shared office spaces.

Would you like any more information about our business center and its services? Contact us. If you have more questions about our services and how they can help your business, you can call us at +971 43 316 688. You can also send all your questions to our email

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