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Choosing the right shared office space for your business

When it comes to maintaining a business there are a lot of aspects that need to be taken into consideration. For instance, it is certain that a business cannot be running from a basement or kitchen floor. The investment it requires to have a private office space for your business is so very often big. In these cases is when the shared office space option comes in handy.

In this article, you will learn everything you need to know about how to choose the right shared office space for your business and which are the different types of shared office spaces. This will give you a tremendous advantage when it comes to deciding the right place. Give your business a space to continue growing, let us take a look:

  1. Why is sharing office space so commonly used?
  2. Which are the different types of shared office spaces?
  3. What things should be considered to find the perfect space?
  4. Where are the best places for a shared office?
  5. How can we help you to have the best coworking experience?

1. Why is sharing office space so commonly used?

As we mentioned earlier, there are different aspects to take into consideration, but the most relevant is the budget. The maintenance of office space for your business requires a huge amount of investment. Small businesses should preserve it, for any sort of eventuality that could come along the way.

On the other hand, shared office spaces help reduce the startup costs significantly, going as far as 95% less than what it would cost. Adding more convenience to this method, it is safe to say that the contracts tend to be modular and flexible. Giving chances to try the shared office space for business monthly, weekly, or even just daily.

Of course, the budget is not the only thing that makes this such a popular option. There are a few other things that have an important impact on you and your business. As is the case for employee motivation. This particular aspect is heightening when the employees share a coworking space. Being able to gather, instead of operating individually from a distance, is beneficial.

Finally, it could be very beneficial to share office space with a company that shares some of your interests. Working in the same area of expertise is a plus because this means creativity and inspiration are likely to be flowing between the two. This helps for learning from each other various techniques to apply and grow.

2. Which are the different types of shared office spaces?

When it comes to categorizing the different types of shared offices, we come across too many variants. It depends on what sort of characteristics we would like to take into consideration and set apart from one other. However, these next environments are a few examples of what coworking spaces could look like.

2.1 Conventional or open

This is the most common form of shared office space, probably what comes to mind when we hear about co-working places for businesses. This is mostly focused on a collaborative working environment. This does not very often offer the privacy some businesses require.

However, these are usually very energetic workplaces. For those who need an innovative and cooperative environment, it is definitely a go-to opportunity to expand themselves.

2.2 Full-service or high-end

When you think about a workplace that has it all, including kitchens, beverages, luxury, and a sense of distinguishing, this is the one.

They tend to provide additional membership benefits to those who share this type of workplace. Of course, the price points are higher than in most of the other office spaces for businesses.

We are talking about spaces that could include tennis courts, swimming pools, gyms, and any other high-level experience.

2.3 Professional or corporate

In this case, the atmosphere falls more into the quiet category. They tend to be more private than the previous ones, and less energetic.

Some experts would not recommend this type of coworking place for small businesses that are thriving on collaboration. But it is highly recommended for those who are perfectly grounded. 

It is just a space to calmly work their daily schedules.

2.4 Private workspaces

This category orientates towards those companies and teams that are highly concerned about complete privacy. In this case, there are lockable doors that keep the business completely private in one office.

In some cases, depending on the offer, it could also mean that there is a private floor for each corporate branding. This could include their conference rooms and essentials, which are unique to each one of them.

2.5 Bare bones or minimal

As its name suggested, this category has a particular aesthetic within itself. Centering in large and open spaces, with less furniture and décor than what we typically encounter. Its renting is typically for a single-person workstation.

Atmosphere-wise, these tend to be quiet and casual spaces. They provide Wi-Fi, a bathroom, and in some cases free coffee. However, that is about everything one could expect from this type of coworking environment.

2.6 Lifestyle

Can you imagine working in someone’s apartment or house? That is exactly the feeling that you get working in these co-working places. Depending, of course, on the nature of the business, it could vary from budget-friendly to total luxury.

We can find these in coffee shops, restaurants, apartment complexes, condos, and even a gym. The atmosphere tends to be very casual, energetic, and lifestyle-oriented. It is perfect for those who are not expecting to be in a quiet and private place, but rather a friendly conversational space.

2.7 Meeting space

Setting itself apart from what we have been learning so far, we now came across a different form of renting a coworking space. Some freelancers and companies do not need to go to office space for business every single day.

In this case, there is an option to rent meeting rooms hourly, daily, or weekly. These are perfect to have a client meeting, an employee’s session, a planning meeting, and a lot more.

It is the perfect option for those businesses that are being run entirely from the internet. Taking away the cost of maintaining a workplace.

2.8 Virtual office

With this little twist, the office does not need to be a physical space. Technological advances allowed us to carry out different meetings through virtual management tools. If you find this interesting, we can provide you with more information about virtual offices.

3. What things should be considered to find the perfect space?

With so many different categories that there are, it could seem almost impossible to choose the perfect one for our company. However, we must remember that there is always a coworking space for every need.

The key is to learn how to recognize what are the needs the company or business has. That way, we can pay attention to the most important characteristics, following our criteria for each possible option.

When we talk about small businesses that are starting and have few workers, it is important to make them a part of the conversation. Gather information about which would be a greater place to work, considering the level of accessibility for all of them.

It is true that renting can be for a short period, and that if it does not suit your needs, you can always pick a different place next time. However, you should focus on finding the best one on the first try. We do not want to become that company that is always moving and people find it hard to find reliable.

3.1 Location

It is important to make sure the location is convenient for the majority of the workers involved. This includes not only the distance, for time proposes, but also the security and comfortability that surrounds it.

Finding office space for business in Dubai is one of the best options to contemplate. Given the quality and accessibility, one could easily find the perfect option with the best prices on the market.

3.2 Amenities

Having a list of things that are negotiable and non-negotiable is important. For example, some businesses do not care about privacy, while others are looking for locking cabinets, and dedicated desks.

In this section, we also take into consideration the membership benefits, snacks, coffee bar, and any other element. Those offers could be set as a must in the list of needs.

3.3 Co-effectiveness

One of the most important aspects of this sharing experience is to know who you would be working next to. Figure out if that could affect in a negative or positive way your overall efficiency.

In the case of open spaces, it is a must to have mutual interests with the people you will be working with. This so the experience becomes inspiring and nourishing for everyone.

3.4 Inhabitants

Before signing any contract, you have to take a look at your surroundings. What type of companies is around you? What is the environment in which you are going to be unfolding? A bit of time spent on a simple web search will come in handy.

3.5 Security

Last but not least, it is important to have a workplace that feels, and actually is, safe. This also includes secure Wi-Fi, to navigate on the network. Locks for anything that is yours on the workspace, lockets, cabinets, etc. This is essential to get a sense of control, and it shows that the company values security.

Sharing a workplace does not mean that everything is meant to be shared. We can still count on privacy and individuality while working in the same respectful place.

4. Where are the best places for a shared office?

It is known that office space is highly popular among businesses in the UAE. Especially in major cities, for example, Dubai and Abu Dhabi. These cities can offer very affordable office spaces, in business-centric locations. This reduces the startup and licensing costs that entrepreneurs have to face.

Aside from cost savings, this rise of office space for your business in Dubai is a great way for companies to attract talent. Since it reflects a sense of modernity in the way the business is executed. It also shows the value of collaboration, comfort, and social connectivity. We can provide you with the best coworking spaces in Dubai.

It is no secret that these past few years have been absolutely incredible when it comes to innovation. Businesses, companies, and the regular ways we used to work are all changing. Freelancing spread out quickly, and the UAE’s picked up on that. Creating more and more spaces to provide unique locations to work from.

Office space for businesses in the UAE not only focuses on the stereotypical shared working place. There is a whole list of choices you could pick throughout the year to find the perfect spot for you. The possibilities can vary from a quiet table, coffee, and Wi-Fi, to a full-on membership with even swimming pools included.  

5. How can we help you to have the best coworking experience?

Now, we have learned that coworking is not only about sacrificing personal space for a lower budget. It is also about belonging to a community. The greatest growth and the most meaningful experiences in life depend on where we stand and what surrounds us. You are now preparing to make a decision and Connect Business Center is here to help.

You can find the best office space in Dubai, this is the perfect place to start. We make sure it is well accommodated to your needs. Always pointing to increasing all productivity levels within your company. Get an executive office space. A key element to any company that is looking forward to establishing their business in the UAE.

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