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How virtual offices help your business operate effectively during the COVID-19 crisis

This COVID-19 crisis has taught us that you do not need to be physically present in most workplaces to do a task. Thus, it could make you consider virtual offices for your company. Due to technological advancements, many companies along with their employees can carry out meetings through video calls and use virtual management tools.

As a result, organizations have realized that coming into an office is not a priority anymore, opting for virtual offices.

In this article, you will learn everything you need to know about how virtual offices help your business operate effectively during the COVID-19 crisis. Let us see:

1.  What is a virtual office?

2. Why should business owners have virtual offices?

3. How virtual offices can benefit your business?

4. What do you need to know before getting virtual offices for your business?

5. Is a virtual office convenient for my business?

6. What is involved in Virtual Offices?

7. How can Connect Business Center help you get virtual offices to operate your business effectively?

1.  What is a virtual office?

Firstly, let us break down the concept of a virtual office. It is a virtual space where activities similar to a conventional office take place. This has been very useful for freelancers and entrepreneurs that work from home but still want their business to sound professional by having a business address for their organization. In addition, they convey credibility and professionalism to customers.

This service is an easier way for employees to work via the internet, without the need for a physical space. In case, you are interested in virtual offices for your company, here are some of the basic services they offer:

  • Scanning service
  • Package service
  • Receptionist
  • Telephone answering
  • Mail services
  • Envelope opening
  • Business address

2. Why should business owners have virtual offices?

Virtual offices have so many ways to make your life easier as a business owner. They gave workers flexibility and freedom in a way that probably years ago was very unlikely to offer. Consequently, they have the opportunity to work in a comfortable environment according to their necessities.

In addition, they can enjoy commodities such as wearing casual clothes every day, resting or eating in the comfort of their sofa or bed during breaks, and they can rest or eat in the comfort of their sofa. Moreover, they do not need to make long trips to the office every day.

Undoubtedly, this option is viable, not to say perfect, for freelancers and small businesses.

3. How virtual offices can benefit your business?

Next, we will look at the benefits of having virtual offices during this COVID 19 crisis.  

3.1 Saving time   

Averagely, getting ready before going to work takes two or three hours. However, thanks to virtual offices, you do not have to spend time getting ready to go to work or have long trips to get to the office. Now, the productivity will increase since they can spend that time working.

3.2 Employees are more active

Since they are in the comfort of their home, employees can move around without being tied to a desk.

3.3 Flexibility

 You and your employees get to spend more time with your families or do other activities. Hence, time will not be an issue anymore.

3.4 Save money on technology

The Bring Your Own Technology movement was quickly incorporated into the business world since working from home allows employees to use the technology of their preference. At a certain point, employees are responsible for upgrading their technological devices. In addition, it is a good idea to provide them with a password tool to monitor and avoid cyber risks.

3.5 No overheads

You can forget all the costs related to having a brick space such as utility payments, the office lease, and hardware. Undoubtedly, this will have a positive impact on your profit margin, giving business owners the chance to invest more in their employees and not only clients.

3.6 Increase productivity

You can stop worrying about whether your employees arrive or leave. This way, the only thing you have to do is to set and assign specific goals at a specific time. Consequently, you just have to focus on whether or not employees achieve those goals. Therefore, there will be a significant increase in productivity.

3.7 Location

Now, you can get a business address in a good area. In this manner, clients will know your company is legit, giving them a feeling of trust.

4. What do you need to know before getting virtual offices for your business?

You already know the benefits of virtual offices. Nevertheless, they are not perfect, and there are other things, you need to take into consideration before getting one. 

Bear in mind that virtual offices do not apply to all business types. Some companies need all their employees in one place to get the work done. Although, technology has made communication more effective through texting, email, and video conferencing despite the distance.  However, you have to remember that it will never be the same as face-to-face conversations.

Thus, it may be difficult for a business that requires constant interaction and a collaborative workplace. In addition, to traditional-minded clients, physical space or location conveys professionalism and trust. You can check our post on how to apply for a temporary office for rent in Dubai.

Plus, not having the opportunity to learn from other co-workers, might produce a feeling of disconnection, and in some cases, it leads to a significant increase in workload. Hence, this represents a significant disadvantage to virtual offices.

4.1 Home-work manage

Another disadvantage is the non-distinction between home and work. Since the home has turned into an office, there is no other way to go. To sum up, virtual offices are not for all people or businesses.

5. Is a virtual office convenient for my business?

Whether you are a small business owner or looking to expand your company, a virtual office is a great option. It provides credibility to your business. However, it also depends on the type of company you are running. Therefore, you have to sit and think about whether your company needs to have social interactions and personal conversations or not.

If that is the case, perhaps having a virtual office may be difficult for your business.  However, some companies make a hybrid workplace opting for traditional and virtual offices. You can also read our post on the basic aspects of forming an alliance or partner with your business.

6. What is involved in Virtual Offices?

A virtual Office package offers a variety of sizes and features. Hence, you only pay for the service you need. The biggest feature of a virtual office is a commercial space address that gives your company a physical office address without the high cost of the rent. The most basic of packages will have this feature, and it is a game-changer for remote working. However, virtual offices are much more than just a postal address.

A virtual office can come with a variety of features that maximize your efficiency and increase the credibility of your business. Depending on your provider, a virtual office may also provide features such as virtual mailbox services, local or toll-free phone numbers, live receptionist or answering services, access to meeting spaces, and more.

Premium business mailboxes include a premium virtual address and full mail and package handling services. A virtual office offers the same basic features, such as meeting rooms and a live receptionist to handle all your incoming calls. An access plan gives you all of those services, plus day access to your premium office space so you can come in and work for the day. Our services are a reflection of you.

6.1 Virtual business address

One of the biggest problems facing remote businesses is the lack of physical business addresses. This presents many problems for a successful business, from mailing hazards to licensing requirements.  Virtual Office offers make provide a real business location of your choice.

Physical businesses offer a better option by providing the address. Not only will you have a real postal address, but you can also use this address to register your business, and open a business bank account. Your customers will be impressed by your coveted location and your business will benefit from a physical office address.

All virtual offices give your business a reputable physical address to dazzle your customers, but they are not just fictitious cyberspaces with a fake address. It is a real, physical office space you can visit anytime! You can schedule meetings with potential clients at your listed location and have your company logo proudly displayed in the office, all without the high cost of owning your own space.

6.2 Virtual Mailbox Services

Virtual Mailbox is a digital mail service that lets you manage your mail on your own terms. Connect Business Center provides a physical mailing address to receive your mail and an online platform where you can access it in real-time. When your business receives mail to your virtual mailbox, the mail item enter into an online system along with the sender and mail type. Now you will always know what the item is and whom it is from (and whether it is worth your time!).

6.3 Phone services

With our Virtual Office plan, you will receive a local or toll-free phone number to distribute to your customers. No more incoming calls to your cell phone. In addition, this package comes with a live virtual receptionist to handle all your incoming calls. Unsure about a virtual answering service? Here is how it works:

During business hours, our professional and friendly receptionists will answer your call with a personalized greeting. Thus, they can transfer that call directly to you or call you politely to tell who’s calling and why (no more awkward sales calls!). When they take a message, you will receive a notification with the name, phone number, and reason for the call.

They will answer calls after hours by a personalized and automated voicemail. Your customers can leave a message for you, and the recording is sent straight to your email! Nothing will be lost in translation.

7. How can Connect Business Center help you get virtual offices to operate your business effectively?

Getting a virtual office for your business might be a difficult task, especially if it is your first time. Fortunately, at Connect Business Center, we have many years of experience and offer a variety of business centers, office space, warehouses, meeting rooms, shared office space, among others, according to your necessities.

You will have the guidance of our experts in the field, providing you with our pro services and different options. In addition, our algorithm calculates and compares different locations according to your budget. We want to make sure you have a workplace that suits your business. Contact us now!

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