Commercial Space for rent in Dubai

Commercial Space for rent in Dubai

Commercial Space for rent in Dubai is the ideal place to do business due to the excellent facilities and infrastructure it offers, but also because the United Arab Emirates is considered a tax-free country. However, each step must be carefully planned. So, entrepreneurship is a challenging game that keeps you constantly active. You have to work hard to make sure everything goes according to plan; this will keep the company prosperous.

In this article, you will learn everything about renting a commercial space in Dubai. One of the things that must be considered about the success of a business is finding the right place to start and run your business operations. Therefore, we will teach you, answer all your questions and help you in this process so that you get the perfect physical space you need.

Table of Contents

1. What should you do to Commercial Space for rent in Dubai?

1.1 You must determine your competence:

You can rent commercial property only if you have a valid business license. The licensing authority depends on where you plan to start your business. The Dubai Economic Authority is responsible for issuing licenses for Dubai-based companies.

1.2 Finding a suitable location to rent a commercial space in Dubai:

There are several things to consider when renting a commercial space in Dubai. There are various business licenses available for companies operating in Dubai. Clearly, based on your license, you must determine the best areas to rent it out.

1.3 Get professional advice when renting a commercial space:

If you want to rent a commercial space in Dubai, it is important to consult with a real estate advisor. Therefore, certain criteria must be met when renting a commercial space in Dubai, especially in the food and beverage or healthcare industry. Even if your business is different, it is advisable to work with a real estate consultant because:

  • They can give you the right advice when choosing a commercial space to rent.

2. What documents should you have for Commercial Space for rent in Dubai?

You must have all the necessary documents, including the following:

  • Proof of commercial ownership.
  • The employment situation in Dubai.
  • Workplace compliance with existing programs.
  • The necessary permits to use the facilities

You must take care to prepare all the documents so that there are no interruptions in the transaction process.

If the purchase of commercial space in Dubai requires proof of a number of documents, such as installing a booth, make sure it is mentioned in the contract. Therefore, make sure that all information about your business is properly documented, including the nature of your business, so that there are no disruptions.

2.1 Budget to rent a commercial space:

Budget is one of the most important things to consider when renting a commercial space in Dubai. Therefore, before making a decision, in addition to the annual rent, you should consider the amount of the deposit and other hidden costs associated with the property.

3. Prices of commercial spaces

  • Pantheon – AED 24,000
  • Lincoln Park – AED 26,000
  • Farishta – AED 26,000
  • Al Karama – AED 33,000
  • Jumeirah – AED 39,000

4. Ways to pay rent

4.1 The gross rent:

In a gross rental, the tenant has to pay a predetermined monthly rent, while other costs such as insurance, taxes, and maintenance are borne by the landlord.

4.2 The rental of land:

As the name implies, the tenant has to pay the costs of the land to build a commercial building. In the end, the owner takes possession of the land and the building.

4.3 The triple net rent:

With the triple net rent, the tenant, in addition to the rent, is responsible for taxes, insurance, and maintenance. This type of lease favors the owner.

4.4 The modified net rental:

In a modified net lease, all costs are shared between the tenant and the landlord. Usually, this applies to renting a commercial space in Dubai.

4.5 Paying for the rent of commercial real estate:

Rental payments in Dubai, regardless of the type of property you rent, are mainly made by check. Commercial real estate checks can be written from the tenant’s personal account or company bank account and Learn about some reasons why coworking spaces can boost your business

Therefore, the rent can be paid with one or more checks, as agreed between the landlord and the tenant. The 5% of the lease is also considered a deposit for the lease.

5. Four Keys to choosing the best commercial space

5.1 Who is my potential customer?

Define with the smallest details the people who will visit your store: age, socioeconomic level, studies, shopping habits, what will make them fall in love with your brand, how often they will visit your business and at what times.

5.2 Will the premises be close to my clients?

Clearly, once the profile of your consumer has been defined, the next step is to know where they are moving. And that not only has to do with your place of residence, but also with studies, work, and recreation.

5.3 Will I be able to serve my consumers well?

It is important that, before going out to look for a commercial space, you have the design of your store, the distribution of the spaces and all the necessary information to make a good decision.

5.4 What is the environment of the premises?

You must analyze what other brands, businesses, and companies operate in the vicinity. This includes the competition, which will not always be a factor against you.

6. Advantages of renting a commercial space in a free zone

Free zones in Dubai have been designed to provide an efficient and supportive business environment for your registered companies with the main objective of attracting more foreign direct investment. With this objective in mind, free zones offer businesses a very lucrative range of benefits.

6.1 Important tax exemptions:

Companies within a free zone are exempt from paying taxes for a period of 10 to 15 years, and this exemption can be extended at the end of that period. Therefore, Dubai offers a tax-exempt environment, allowing you to invest your money and draw for maximum profits and benefits.

6.2 100% repatriation of capital and profits:

This is one of the biggest advantages of setting up a business in a free trade zone, as all the profits made from the business can be repatriated to your home country if you wish.

6.3 Excellent administrative and commercial services:

They have excellent services and infrastructure, which provides them with the perfect platform from which to conduct business.

6.4 Energy is abundant and cheap:

Recruitment procedures are efficient and guarantee the availability of a qualified and experienced workforce. In addition, free zones receive a lot of support from the government, including a high level of administrative support.

6.5 Other benefits

6.5.1 24-hour operation:

Commercial spaces can operate 24 hours a day. This helps increase your efficiency.

6.5.2 Ownership and lease options:

As an entrepreneur operating a free trade zone business, you are eligible for additional benefits including 25 years of lease options.

7. Common mistakes when renting a commercial space

7.1 Not being clear about the use of space:

Being clear on matters like these determines whether the lease is right for you in the first place and whether you can work with it.

7.2 Agreeing to a period that is too long or too short:

Depending on what you have in your hands, you may want to tie the lease for a long period, or maybe you better take it easy. Evidently, if you are not clear about this, you may soon find yourself with a lease that you cannot use.

7.3 Failure to eliminate operating expenses:

Operating expenses are like the hidden charge on your electric bill. If you list items like common area maintenance in the contract, you may have to pay a much higher monthly bill than you expect.

7.4 Owner’s remedies:

So, if you miss your payments, your landlord can cause you all kinds of problems. Evidently, it is your duty to know exactly what kind of situation you are in in the event of default.

7.5 Personal guarantee:

This is a scary provision. It makes you personally responsible for any action that the lease involves. Therefore, if you do it by default, your problems will only increase. It would mean that the owner will be able to go after his personal property.

7.6 Other common mistakes:

7.6.1 Failure to secure your rights to retouch:

Evidently, everyone needs to tweak and change a bit to make the place of business perfect. Therefore, make sure you are allowed to do this and that you understand any conditions that are placed on you.

7.6.2 Being unclear about liability for damages:

So, if your space is damaged, through no fault of your own, the owner will be responsible for repairing it. However, the provisions on this repair often allow the owner to dwell on the repairs. If you’re not careful about this, you could keep the rest of the bill to get your space back in shape.

7.6.3 Find another location for Commercial Space for rent in Dubai:

You probably don’t want this. Clearly, some contracts may allow your landlord to relocate you to another location on the property. So, and if you do, you may have to pay part of the cost. Therefore, it is best to reject this clause entirely.

8. How to find commercial space for rent in Dubai?

Evidently, there are many platforms and pages online that will help you find commercial space in Dubai. For the same reason, we recommend you search our platform; we have different spaces, sizes, and prices that fit your budget. We help you before, during, and after the process. Therefore, we can guide you and offer you all the information you need to find the perfect place and If you want to know about renting an office in Dubai, this article is for you

Therefore, location is very important if you want to find a central place that is perfect for renting a commercial space in Dubai since that is the main element that people take into account when starting a business. Visit our platform and you will find the commercial space you are looking for to rent.

9. How can Connect Business Center help you rent a commercial space in Dubai?

People are looking to find a ready commercial space, so they only have to do the paperwork and start the business. Therefore, we look for you on-site according to the location, budget, and tastes you want and we also take care of the paperwork that this requires. Likewise, we are your best option since our algorithm studies all the prices and sizes of commercial spaces so, Learn more about How to apply for a temporary office for rent in Dubai

Therefore, you can leave everything in our hands and we will take care of the rest. So, Connect Business Center is the best website for finding commercial space for rent in Dubai. We have incredible prices and information of interest to you. We offer you all the facilities.

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