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Benefits of having Virtual Offices in Dubai

In most cases, it is a requirement to rent an office in Dubai or any other UAE location to open a company. However, there are many types of office space that you can find and rent in a city like Dubai. And virtual offices in Dubai are an option that is getting more popular due to the technological advancements in the emirate.


In this article, you will learn everything you should know about virtual offices in this famous city in the UAE. Besides, we can also provide you with the necessary information for renting this type of office in Dubai. Plus, you will also discover the benefits that you can get by having a virtual office instead of a physical office. Let’s observe:

1. What is a virtual office in Dubai and how does it work in this emirate?

2. Why should you rent a virtual office for your company instead of a physical office space?

3. How many benefits can this type of office offer to startups in Dubai?

4. What do you need to do to find a suitable virtual office in a city like Dubai?

5. What tips should you follow in order to control your virtual office business in Dubai?

6. Does having a virtual office help you create an ideal business image for your company?

7. How can Connect Business Center help you get more information about virtual offices in this city?

What is a virtual office in Dubai and how does it work in this emirate?

Virtual offices in Dubai are new types of office spaces that investors can obtain during their company formation process. And there are several differences between a virtual office and a physical one that can offer many advantages to investors. However, the virtual office space option is more popular among new investors and startups in Dubai and across the UAE.

Nonetheless, a virtual environment is one of the best alternatives and offers a lot of opportunities to young and established investors. For example, it helps them to save money and resources, which allows them to invest these elements in their businesses. And it is also your ideal choice if you have a limited budget and cannot afford to rent a physical office.

Although this option does not provide physical office spaces, it still can provide several benefits as this type of office. For instance, you will be able to get your business phone number, business mailing address, and many other tools and facilities. The only difference is that you will be working from home instead of a physical office.

And since virtual offices do not require administrative work, it can also increase your employees’ productivity, in case you have them. In addition, it can bring other beneficial consequences for all people who work in your company. For example, they do not need to waste time commuting to the office and back home. And this can also be favorable for the entire city by reducing traffic significantly.

Why should you rent a virtual office for your company instead of a physical office space?



You can find several reasons for renting a virtual office in UAE, which will help you to boost your business. And the main purpose of a virtual office is to provide a professional business address without including physical space. Due to this purpose, the virtual office alternative for investors can provide good reasons for renting this type of office:

  • It’s a friendly environment for both employers and employees and it helps them save time and effort invested in transportation. And as a consequence, it also helps the city to reduce contamination and traffic, which also brings other favorable results. On the other hand, it is also a favorable environment that helps your staff and employees to reduce stress.
  • And virtual office rent in Dubai is also considered a cost-effective solution for many investors who want to save money. In fact, even established entrepreneurs and investors are looking forward to renting virtual offices because of their very affordable cost. Therefore, an office of this type is quite easy to acquire for everyone, especially for startups and new investors.
  • Although it does not provide physical office space, it can make your business look professional by providing a business phone number. And you can get not only a phone number but also fax services and voicemails boxes to look even more professional. And in some cases, virtual offices may include services to handle these elements for you, helping your business become more efficient.
  • Besides, you can also get access to hire talented professionals from all around the world to work for your company. When you work remotely by using a virtual office, there are no barriers to stop you from hiring foreign employees. Furthermore, you can offer them a flexible schedule and different payment methods due to the facilities that your office provides.

How many benefits can this type of office offer to startups in Dubai?

Besides the ones that we previously mentioned, there are other many features that make virtual offices in Dubai excellent options. However, it is possible that some of these features could change depending on your location and some other details. Besides, it could vary according to the business center from which you are renting your desired virtual office.

Nonetheless, here you can see some of the general elements that all virtual offices can offer to you:

  • You will only pay for what you use when renting a virtual office in a city like Dubai. In other words, it is not necessary to pay for facilities, tools, or services that you will not use. A good example could be the services for administrative staff or getting a full-time receptionist. In some cases, these services are not necessary for the investor, so they do not need to pay for them.
  • All virtual offices can also include suitable and fully decked meeting rooms you can use whenever you require them. This way, you will be able to impress any potential clients, investors, associates, or candidates by showing some professional spaces.
  • Investors will require office space expansions as their businesses grow exponentially, and remodeling an office space can be complicated. However, there is no need to go through those difficult times if you have a virtual office instead. In fact, you can hire more helping hands in an easier way without worrying about accommodating your office space.
  • You can also opt for hiring trained administrative staff to handle business associates and clients in a more efficient way. For example, you can request the services of a full-time receptionist who will help you arrange meetings for you. On the other hand, this trained staff can also handle other things for you, such as mails and posts.

What do you need to do to find a suitable virtual office in a city like Dubai?

Since virtual offices in Dubai are getting more popular among investors as time passes, it is easier to find them. Nonetheless, you should keep in mind that this modality is relatively new, so not all companies have still embraced it. Therefore, if you’re looking forward to using the cheapest virtual office in Dubai, you must learn how to find it.

First of all, you need to determine the exact type of virtual office that you will require for operating your business. And you can choose between three main options; virtual office for marketing, dormant virtual office, and e-office or Flexi-office setup. Let’s take a look at the differences between these different types of virtual offices:

  • Virtual office for marketing: it allows you to use the name “Dubai” on all your PR material that your business will use for marketing purposes. Also, you will be able to use a P.O. Box of one of the business centers in Dubai. Nonetheless, this option does not allow you to legally conduct a business within the country or get a residence visa. And you won’t be able to get a corporate bank account or physical office space either.
  • Dormant virtual office: this other alternative can offer you a business address, a shared telephone number, or a shared fax number in Dubai. However, these facilities are only available for invoicing purposes. Therefore, this option is excellent for web-based businesses that investors can operate from their homes without hassles.
  • E-office or Flexi-office setup: and this last option is in fact a full business setup that can only be licensed through Northern UAE emirates. But many of these emirates maintain their offices in Dubai to serve their clients. For this alternative, you’ll need an official business license, as well as a corporate bank account and other elements.

What tips should you follow in order to control your virtual office business in Dubai?

We can suggest you follow three vital tips to help you control virtual offices in Dubai easily and more efficiently. Firstly, you need to learn how to prioritize your business activities and tasks. Although there are many things to do when running a business, it’s essential to prioritize those that’ll help you accomplish your goals.

Since operating a business consumes a lot of time, you should make smart moves by making strategic plans in advance. These plans will help you find the guidance and direction that you need to make your business more profitable. And this strategy is vital in all aspects, so make sure to follow it.

Another tip that you should consider is to delegate wisely by involving people you trust to carry out different tasks. It won’t be smart to load and burden yourself with all the responsibilities. Therefore, this is why you need other people to take care of them and handle them for you.

Does having a virtual office help you create an ideal business image for your company?

As long as you can afford the virtual office Dubai cost, you can start your business smoothly. In fact, the cost of this facility is very affordable for new investors from everywhere, so you can easily get yours. Besides, you do not need a physical office to achieve your goals and develop a stable and profitable business.

And as you may know, having a professional business image for your business is essential to get clients, employees, and associates. But it’s not necessary to have a physical office when you can have an innovative virtual office. And remember that virtual offices in Dubai offer all the commodities you need to create the business image that you need.

How can Connect Business Center help you get more information about virtual offices in this city?



Setting up your company in Dubai or any other emirate in the UAE will require certain elements and procedures. And one of the requirements will be getting a suitable office space to operate your business in your chosen location. However, you are free to choose to have virtual offices in Dubai or physical office space.

Although you can complete the renting process on your own, you should request help from a professional business setup agency. And Connect Business Center can provide you with the services you need to obtain an affordable and equipped office space. Our mission and vision are to help new investors to obtain the facilities they require to set up their companies.

And with our many years of experience and our efficient solutions, we can ensure satisfying results in no time. You can choose between our different office packages to rent the office you need. Besides, you can also get other useful services to complete your setup process, like licensing services, corporate sponsorship, and more.

Would you like to contact Connect Business Center to obtain more information about the process for obtaining a virtual office in Dubai and the UAE? If you have any questions, call us on +97143799111. You can email us at, and you will talk to one of our representatives who will answer your questions.

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