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How to apply for a temporary office for rent in Dubai

A Temporary office for rent in Dubai is a service that provides short-term leases usually starting from 1 year. Therefore, you will find offices renting for less than a full year. This process takes away the overwhelming process of long contracts. With the number of businesses establishing in Dubai and the UAE, companies are starting to hire more and more temporary offices for their businesses.

In this article, you will learn everything you need to know about how to apply for a temporary office for rent in Dubai. Moreover, you will understand the benefits of this practice and why it is suitable for some organizations. That is to say when you are a first-timer doing business in the country; a temporary office for rent space is the best practice while you habituate yourself to the local laws. Let’s observe:

  1. What is a temporary office in Dubai?    
  2. When is time to consider a new temporary office?
  3. Benefits of having a temporary space
  4. Is it right for my company?
  5. Can a temporary office become a long-term solution?
  6. Things to know before renting a temporary office in Dubai
  7. How can Connect Business Center provide you or your company a Temporary Office service?

What is a temporary office in Dubai?

A temporary office for rent in Dubai is a service that allows companies and individuals to rent or lease a workspace on more flexible terms. Similarly, it totally depends on what type of temporary office provider you choose you can use the office monthly, daily, or hourly. In addition, these temporary offices vary on time but also on size; there are private offices, team spaces, mini-suites, and coworking spaces.

It does not matter if you have a permanent space, you can take advantage of using a temporary office. This kind of office allows companies or individuals to benefit from several services that exist within the building. These types of offices come with copies, printers, kitchens, meeting rooms, and more amenities vital for efficiency and productivity.

When is time to consider a new temporary office?

Situations, where you need to use a temporary office for rent in Dubai, can emerge for several different reasons. You may consider moving to a new office out of your current city, or if there is something wrong with your actual office, or if you want to establish temporarily. Situations where you may need a temporary office are listed below:

  • Professionals who are on a temporary short-term assignment will benefit a lot from this service since they do not need an office longer than the terms of what they will stay.
  • When professionals have unscheduled detours, a temporary office is the best solution for this type of problem.
  • If you have a home office setup, and you have business partners coming from out of your state for key agreements, you may consider a temporary office for the length of their stay.
  • In situations where small, medium or large companies need to establish a conference room in cities where they do not have any rented office. A temporary office space is crucial for companies who have short notice meetings
  • When companies are splitting, they need temporary offices to while you establish properly.
  • Unexpected accidents such as fire or floods where you can keep working while the restoration work is completed.

Renting offices in Dubai can be a complicated process, we have a guide in case you want to keep learning.

Benefits of having a temporary space

Temporary offices offer several amenities and features like your permanent workplace, for a significantly less fee. Besides these features, here is a list of other additional advantages of these offices: So why rent a temporary office? 


The success of companies in today’s society depends on technology. From real-time office collaboration to office automation that goes beyond document-sharing services. Likewise, small and companies or businesses usually have small budgets to pay for the required IT services. Similarly, most temporary offices have integrated IT infrastructure, which means they do not need to spend a significant.

Accessing technologies like videoconference equipment, smartboards, wi-fi connection, among others will improve your company. However, some offices even have in-site dedicated IT support who can solve any type of problem.


Sometimes the growth of businesses is difficult to foresee, it is difficult to calculate the needs of your company over time. For this reason, it is essential to enter into a flexible lease instead of a long-term one.


A comfortable workplace will help your employees to stay engaged, productive, and engaged while working. In addition, a comfortable workspace will impress customers who may visit your company during hours.

Minimal cost

Setting up offices is sometimes an overwhelming and costly process. It includes lots of activities; comfortable furniture, buying new tools and supplies, etc. When you select temporary offices, you get rid of all expenses related to the process of furnishing and buying expensive tools. Most temporary offices are already equipped.


Most temporary offices offer security methods that involve fingerprint access or key cards. These features will absolutely ensure safety for your employees and your company while you use the space.

Fast Setup

Relocating offices is time-consuming, most temporary offices make this process hassle-free. They ensure everything is working properly in the workspace.

Is it right for my company?

A temporary office offers solutions for every type of situation and not only when you are restoring your actual office. It is a solution to several problems your regular office may face. We made a list of when a temporary office may come in handy:

  • When you are starting out your business.
  • If you employ project-based workers and need more space.
  • When your regular office is under reconstruction.
  • If you just travel to the UAE and you need a place to establish your business.
  • If you have a start-up and you need a larger space.

Establishing in the UAE requires time and efficiency, learn what are the benefits of a business consultant.

However, a temporary office can become a long-term solution. Most small, medium and larger companies are using temporary office spaces as their long-term solution; in addition, we have the covid-19 situation. Moreover, leasing a temporary workplace is really low if you compare it to renting an expensive office and paying for expensive infrastructure.

Can a temporary office become a long-term solution?

Many companies are discovering that temporary offices for your workers are not just a short-term, unexpected workplace need. In fact, it can become a long-term office space. However, many companies are choosing to have temporary office spaces for the long- term instead of an expensive lease that may not be suitable in the next months.  

Businesses are choosing temporary office spaces for the professional design, low overhead, built-in infrastructure, and many other benefits that a temporary office can offer.

Things to know before renting a temporary office in Dubai

We have a list with some valuable things to know while you rent a temporary office in Dubai and the UAE:

  • Understand the Local Laws: before you sign any contract there are this you must know; what are your rights as a tenant, etc. In other words, there are many different laws surrounding the leasing and they have different regulations. Therefore, you must read the contract and know your rights as a tenant before you sign it.
  • Get used to the Office Space: You must understand the property. You can ask for pictures before you agree to rent it or you can visit it yourself. Make your expectations and needs clear to your landlord before you negotiate the agreement.
  • Check for Security: Make sure your temporary office space is safe and secure for all your employees to work. Likewise, make sure all security-related measures are working properly: entry and exit control systems, security teams, cameras and alarms.
  • Take Advice: If you are not familiar with real estate concepts this can be an overwhelming process for you. This is why you should hire an expert in this matter. In Connect Business Center we will assist you throughout the whole process of finding temporary office space for you or your company.
  • Negotiate the lease period: Make sure to get the best deal by making everything clear before negotiating the agreement. You must be aware of everything so you do not want to settle the deal for too long and, in addition, you do not want to experience a price hike. This is the situation where you make the decision based on what you need and your current situation.

How can Connect Business Center provide you or your company a Temporary Office service?

Now that you know everything regarding How to apply for a temporary office for rent in Dubai or the UAE. In case you decided to apply, what you should do next is to find a partner that suits your organization. Finding a good business partner is a crucial step, doing so, you will start taking advantage of the benefits of working in Dubai and the UAE.

We work closely with local authorities and government departments; we have several years of experience and we have obtained huge market knowledge that help`s all types of businesses in the UAE to grow.

All our services are focused to improve your business and allow it to expand and grow efficiently. Connect Business Center is part of Connect Group. Some of our services include PRO services, bank account opening, and many others.

We have been proving to be one the most innovative business consultants in the UAE in two decades. Likewise, we provide the best business setup that will help your new business and you can Also Consult Outsourcing Companies in Dubai to improve your business growth.

In addition, with us working with you or your company, you can establish your business in any of the UAE-free zones.

After you apply for a temporary office in Dubai, you may want to request our services to boost your business’s growth. For instance, you can try our innovative recruitment services and find the employees you need using our innovative methods. Or in case you want to improve your HR department, you can ask for HR consultancy and payroll services.

You can email us at info@connectbusinesscenter.com or visit our website to obtain more information. However, feel free to contact Connect Business Services at any time you want to request our services by calling us on +97143316688.

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