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A good shared office space in dubai: The 5 things to look for

A shared office space is a beneficial arrangement between two companies. It is a way for a business to save money by dividing their expenses while maintaining a professional environment. Knowing how to choose a good shared office space is essential for the success of your business.

In this article, we will talk about the 5 essential factors to choose the best shared office space, the difference between the types of share office space, and their pros and cons. The productivity of your business and the comfort of your employees largely depend on the space in which they work, so let us look at the content in more detail:

  1. What is a shared office space?
  2. What are the main differences between a shared office space and a coworking space?
  3. Which are the 5 main factors to consider before choosing a good shared office space?
  4. Why is a shared workspaces beneficial for your business?
  5. What are the cons of working in a shared office space?
  6. How can this agency help you choose the best shared office space for you?

1. What is a shared office space?

Usually, a shared office space is used to refer to an agreement between the tenant of a private space and a business. That is, a tenant rents an unused space to a business such that both benefit by dividing the bills and the rent.

A shared office space in Dubai can also refer to space in a business center that is rented by two or more businesses. This is common for businesses that are in their early stages and need to save money.

The terms under which the shared rent will be carried out must be decided by the two parties. Usually, the space comes with all the furniture included and other services such as the Internet. There may also be extra amenities, such as specialized personnel and technology equipment.

2. What are the main differences between a shared office space and a coworking space?

When looking to rent an office space, it can be difficult to tell the difference between a shared office and a coworking space. Although the differences may seem subtle, there are important distinctions between the two spaces, from location to lease.

2.1 The location

Coworking spaces are usually located in standalone buildings. On the other hand, shared offices are usually inside business centers, with which you can access other services such as virtual offices. At Connect Business Center, we offer both coworking spaces and professional shared office spaces.

2.2 The target audience

The target audience is one of the main differences between these two spaces. Coworking spaces are aimed at businesses that are just starting out or freelancers. Shared offices are intended for established businesses, so these spaces usually have more sophisticated services than a coworking space.

2.3 The amenities

Coworking spaces usually receive the basic amenities that all business centers offer. For example, coffee and tea services, free WiFi, fax, and photocopying services. On the other hand, a shared desk space offers extra amenities, such as private kitchens, waiting rooms, receptionists and secretaries, and meeting rooms.

A coworking space can access these extra amenities but has to pay an additional cost for them. Contact Connect Business Center to learn more about the services you can get with each space.

2.4 The community and the space

A shared office space in the UAE is usually equipped for 5-10 people to work in the office. A coworking space, on the other hand, is focused on creating a community. They tend to be more spacious and have multiple networking events.

A coworking space can receive a flow of more than a dozen people, belonging to different businesses. This allows new businesses and entrepreneurs to get contacts to expand their business.

2.5 The lease

Coworking spaces offer more options in terms of ways to rent the space. Desks can be rented by the day, which is usually expensive, or you can pay for a three to six-month plan. Shared offices, on the other hand, are rented for a period of 12 months.

Therefore, the fundamental differences between a coworking space and a shared office space are the amenities that you can access and the networking opportunities. The space that is most beneficial for you will depend on the needs of your business. Contact Connect Business Center to find out which is the most ideal space for your business.

3. The 5 main factors to consider before choosing a good shared office spaces

There are some key factors when getting a shared office space that will allow you to make the best decision.

3.1 Location

Location is the most important factor to consider. A professional shared office space will make a good impression on your clients, so you need to make sure that the environment around the business center is professional as well.

Try to locate your office in a central location with access to a parking lot, for the comfort of your clients and workers. It is also preferable that you locate yourself in a building that has a gym, cafes, or restaurants nearby.

The ideal location for your shared office space will also depend on the activities you carry out in it. If you are going to carry out commercial activities, meetings or interviews, look for a central location for your clients. If you will be doing most of your work online instead, look for a location near where you live.

3.2 Amenities

The amenities will depend on the needs of your business. Think about what the priorities of your business are and, based on this, build the package of amenities that you would like to request. For example, think about whether it is a priority for you to have a coffee machine or a constant fax service.

Take into account that some amenities are not included in the services and you would have to pay an extra cost to obtain them. Include only the amenities that are priorities for your business. It is not worth spending money on services that you will not use.

Most of the shared office spaces in the UAE have basic services and amenities included in their rental contracts. Be sure to consult directly with the tenant or with the business center in case you want an extra amenity.

3.3 Fast and reliable Internet

In a world where technology and social networks have taken much of the work, a fast, secure, and reliable Internet is very important. The Internet must be fast enough to upload heavy documents or have virtual meetings. Although most shared office spaces in the UAE guarantee fast Internet, it is a good idea to confirm this.

The Internet must also be reliable in the sense that it must have as few fluctuations as possible. Also, make sure that the Internet signal reaches all the office spaces.

3.4 Office design

The design of an office is also important. A suitable design for the needs of your business will make your employees feel more comfortable. For example, if your business is large and consolidated, you must have a space with which to meet with your clients, such as a meeting room.

A professional shared office space should offer you options that fit your business and its work methodology. At Connect Business Center we offer the best shared office spaces with a wide variety of spaces that you can customize.

When deciding on the design of your office space, take into account the opinions of your employees and clients. Try to make the design modern and elegant. Also, make sure you have comfortable and spacious desks for your employees as well as comfortable sofas and chairs for your clients.

On the other hand, consider your budget. It is important that you do not spend more money than you initially thought. The space you work in is important, but there are also other important things where you will need the money.

3.5 Ease of commuting

One of the most common reasons people turn down a job is because it takes too long to get there. If you choose a location for your shared work space that is neither close to your home nor any central or busy area, it will be tedious for both you and your clients to get to the office.

Your employees will also be more likely to get tired and less productive, or look for another job opportunity where they face less traffic. For this reason, it is best to choose a shared office space in Dubai in the busy part of town.

Although it may represent more expense, the busy part of the city has greater connectivity to public transport and more options for parking.

Taking these five factors into account when choosing a shared office space, you will ensure that you make the best decision for your business. If you have questions about how to get the most out of your office, contact Connect Business Center, the best service of shared office spaces in Dubai.

4. Why is a shared office space beneficial for your business?

A shared office space in the UAE can bring multiple benefits to your business, knowing how to choose it correctly. Below, we will present some of the advantages of working in a shared desk space. Remember that each business is different and, therefore, the benefits obtained may be different.

4.1 Flexibility

A shared office offers more flexibility in terms of space and costs than renting other types of spaces. You can have access to different types of working spaces, such as meeting rooms or executive offices, depending on the functionality you want to give to the office.

There is also greater flexibility regarding your budget. Since the leasing is for a maximum of one year, you do not have to worry if your business does not have enough budget to rent the office after the first year. This is a point in favor with respect to other offices that require more extensive rents.

4.2 Services and amenities

Getting and creating your own space for your business can be difficult and expensive if you try to buy and install the furniture yourself. It can also be expensive to take care of all the services. With a shared office, you don’t have to worry about any of this. The staff at the office or business center will take care of it for you.

5. What are the cons of working in a shared office space?

If you want to decide if a shared office in Dubai is the best option for your business, you should also know some of the cons.

For example, you may feel that you do not have enough autonomy to customize the decoration of your office. In that same sense, it is a possibility that the culture of your business is confused or combined with the work culture of the other people in your workplace.

Finally, you should also consider that in a shared office you will be close to possible competition. This can make you less conspicuous in front of the competition, or it can leak important information about your projects to your competition.

6. How can this agency help you choose the best shared office space for you?

Finding the right space to work is an ideal factor for your business growth. A shared office space is an ideal option for established businesses that want to cut costs while gaining professional experience.

Connect Business Center is a business center service in Dubai that can help you find the best shared office space for you. Within our services, we offer shared offices, coworking spaces, and executive offices.

Would you like to know more about how to find the shared office in Dubai that best suits your business? Contact us! Call us at +971 43 316 688 if you want to know more about our services. If you are looking for advice to decide on the best space for your business, you can email us at

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