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The Truth About Office Space for Rent

Believe it or not, facility management is very important when it comes to the success and growth of a company. So, the office environment plays a crucial role in employees’ productivity and satisfaction. Therefore, it is a symbol that represents how much an organization values its employees so choosing an office space for rent is not something to take lightly. 

A long time ago, cubicles were left behind since they make employees feel as if they were working in a cage. Companies realized that with more colorful and big spaces, employees feel comfortable and productive.

In this article, you will learn everything you need to know about office space for rent. Let’s see:

1.    What is an office space?

2.    Why should I rent office space in Dubai?

3.    Benefits of renting office space

4.    Set up the perfect office space for your company in Dubai

5.    What Opportunities Does Office Rentals Offer for Business?

6.    What is the office space rental cost?

7.    How can Connect Business Center help you find an office space for rent in Dubai?

1. What is an office space?

Before we dive deeper into office space for rent, it is crucial to understand the concept of office space so you can understand the essence of it. Hence, office spaces refer to the design and architecture of the place. However, there are other elements you must pay attention to, such as decoration, distribution, office equipment, and the use of each of them.

Think about it, if an employee works in a dimly lit workspace, he or she will hardly be satisfied, but neither will another with good lighting but office furniture not suitable for their daily performance. Therefore, before getting an office space for rent, you must know what it looks like:

  • It has a good distribution
  • Clean and neat
  • Employees can have their own space
  • Pleasant work environment

We will get into more details about this later on.

In case you are wondering how you go from a closed traditional office environment to modern office space, do not worry. We will tell you everything you need to know about getting the best office space for rent for your company in Dubai.

2. Why should I rent office space in Dubai?

There are plenty of reasons why you should have office space in this emirate. As we said previously, office spaces reflect how much a company considerate its employees, and how communicates its personality as a business. Many studies indicate that a significant percentage of employees are not fully satisfied with their office space, being decoration and space the main cause.

Surprisingly, for some people, it is hard to believe that pleasant office spaces have a positive impact on the productivity, mood, and creativity of employees. In addition, they give a good impression to clients who visit your company. You can also research how to get a temporary office for rent in Dubai.

3. Benefits of renting office space in Dubai

Among the emirate in the UAE, Dubai is the most popular commercial hub. Also, doing business in this emirate has shown to be quite beneficial, especially for entrepreneurs. Due to its location and globalized economy, convert it to the best place to get an office space for rent. Since it is well-placed, it is easier to carry out business activities.

If you are not sure yet, let’s take a look at some benefits of getting a well-designed office space that suits your company’s culture and aesthetic:

3.1 Infrastructure

Probably, this is the most notorious advantage of getting an office space for rent in the world-famous infrastructural advancements. The presence of modern buildings and adequate services make it much more convenient for companies since they do not have to worry about their workplace assets and resources. 

3.2 Economic system

This emirate provides a massive market that is able to operate worldwide, helping businesses have the potential to expand. Business regions are categorized to appeal to unique market requirements. Thus, getting a commercialspace for rent in particular zones and regions can significantly affect companies.

3.3 Cost

Maintenance costs and daily expenses in Dubai are not an issue. When it comes to renting commercial space in Dubai, you do not need to consider additional expenses. You can save so much money leasing an office space since the rent cost is not high and all the amenities are available for your business.   

3.4 Things are more interesting

Employees can feel exhausted and bored working in the same drab office. It is helpful to add some exciting visuals and fresh elements to bring the workspace to life. Another way to make things more dynamic is to make breakout areas. This is intended for employees to relax after long hours of work.

3.5 Wellbeing

Employees used to perform their tasks like robots machines in a traditional office. Office spaces with no colors and no touch of nature are draining and affect significantly mental health. The work environment should be a safe and healthy place for employees’ wellbeing. In addition, a creative space can attract talented workers and make them stay for longer.

3.6 Flexibility

It allows you to focus on your business and make it grow. Not paying full annual rents and signing long-term contracts with utility providers gives you the freedom to explore, test the market and see if your business will develop properly in Dubai.

3.7 Stimulates imagination

Working in an open office space with comfortable furniture can make people’s minds innovate projects. If employees can feel the freedom and airiness, it will contribute to boosting the imagination. Co-working spaces are a good way to boost imagination

Therefore, a free mind needs a comfortable environment to improve its productivity. A drab grey office is the worst enemy of imagination and going to the same dull place with no colors or art every day can be exhausting.

4. Set up the perfect office space for your company in Dubai

Next, we will give some suggestions for a modern office space. As a result, this will help you understand the basics of what a modern and creative office space should look like and the effects it should have on the people who work there. Therefore, here are some key factors to look at when selecting office spaces:

4.1 Professional image for clients

Certain areas of your office should convey professionalism but others should look quite colorful or chaotic. Hence, designing areas such as the conference room, visitors lounge, and reception, will help in this manner.

This way, you will not struggle with a hustling space of collaborations. It will allow you to convey a refined image of your company. Therefore, if you take into consideration this factor, we guarantee you that you will give the best impression. 

4.2 Collaboration and communication environment

Simulating communication and collaboration is quite effective. Studies have shown that employees can come up with better ideas through collaboration. This is a behavior that all managers strive to promote within their teams since collaboration, creativity, and communication ensure high-quality work.

Keep in mind that cubicles or private offices will not encourage the communication and collaboration you are looking for among employees. However, there are various ways to stimulate creativity, communication, and collaboration. One of them is adding bright colors into the design elements throughout the shared office spaces or just a little bit of color here and there can help employees work better.

In addition, providing healthy foods or making events where they can eat together and the arrangement of furniture, desks, and technology is another way to achieve this.

5. What Opportunities Does Office Rentals Offer for Business?

You can hardly build a successful business without a complete workspace. The search for office space should be done with special care. Renting an office is an ideal option for aspiring entrepreneurs and many reputed companies, as it can be much more profitable than just acquiring a property.

Primarily, the main function of office space is a means and way of communication of employees, meeting place with partners. You can rent an office in a special building from the owner and receive the clients in a calm and comfortable environment. The direct lease is a convenient and reliable way to get comfortable premises for any length of time. In addition, when it comes to representative functions, the office can act as the legal address of the enterprise.

6. What is the office space rental cost?

Traditionally, offices provided for rent have been divided into classes A, B+, B, C, D. Each class refers to a set of characteristics of a room or building:

  • Basic infrastructure
  • Location in an area or city
  • Power supply system
  • Parking availability

The cost of renting a riser directly depends on these characteristics. You can choose a room yourself by checking the lease offers posted on our website, and the office can contact a consultant in the real estate rental department, who will provide complete information and selection according to the parameters of the current offers without commission from the owner.

It is worth remembering that in Dubai, it is not always advisable to rent an office in the city center or posh business center. If the work of the enterprise does not provide for a constant flow of customers. Remember that the rent per square meter is far from all the expenses that incur on renting out the premises.

The list of expenses may include utility bills, electricity, cleaning, internet, and communications. Thus, in the process of searching for premises, it is worthwhile to clarify and compare the prices of all services, making the only right choice. This will help determine if you can apply for an office space for rent in Dubai.

6.1 Condition you should take into consideration

Usually, business owners want to rent an office near the metro. Consequently, good transportation access is an important factor influencing the success of your business. That is why the cost of renting office space in Dubai is sometimes high.

Do you want to rent an office, but you are worried about high prices? Contact us, our platform offers you:

  • Convenient search system. To quickly find your dream office or retail and office space, you just need to enter the data in the appropriate fields.
  • A wide range of relevant offers. The information is updated regularly
  • Transparent rental price. You will know how much it would cost to rent office space in Dubai. In addition, there will not be hidden fees or extra charges.
  • Full support. We will go through all the stages together: from choosing suitable offers to concluding the contract.

Trust us, and we will do our best so that you can rent an office space in Dubai, at an acceptable rental price for you. In addition, you can check the benefits provided by business consultants in Dubai.

7. How can Connect Business Center help you find an office space for rent in Dubai?

Leasing an office space is one of the priority areas of Connect Business Center. We have been helping entrepreneurs to find real estate items for comfortable work. With our pro services, you can find the office spaces you need for operating your businesses without spending too much money.

Call our managers, and they will quickly select a room for you, focusing on your level of financial independence. With us, it is more affordable to lease offices in a good location in Dubai and get facilities provided by business centers. So, do not hesitate to contact us.

Would you like to contact Connect Business Center to obtain more information about office space for rent in Dubai? If you have any questions, call us on +97143316688. You can email us at, and you will talk to one of our representatives who will answer your questions.

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