interior design company in dubai

How to Start A interior design company Dubai | Guide 2024

The UAE is recognized for its potential for business owners and investors, therefore creating a perfect place for starting new business. Setting up an interior design company in Dubai is an investment that will pay off with the industry constantly growing and evolving.

In this article, we offer a comprehensive guide into starting an interior design company in Dubai. The interior design sector in Dubai is between those sectors that, according to its constant development, amazes designers across the world. For this purpose, we share a comprehensive guide with benefits and requirements for this type of business.

Benefits of starting interior companies in Dubai

interior design company in dubai

Starting a business in Dubai is a good investment, most of the time. The niche of Interior Design offers a service with a particular high demand in the UAE.

An Interior design company in Dubai has high standards to match which challenge you to aim for the best interior design company in dubai. Here we list some of the benefits of creating a Interior design company in Dubai, UAE:

  • An interior design company is, in fact, established in a booming sector in Dubai. This makes a market full of opportunities for the business.
  • Business owners and homeowners are always on the lookout for services from an interior design company. Dubai, with its active economy creates an environment with new business constantly preparing to open. Consequently, giving you a market filled with possible customers.
  • Opening your interior design company in Dubai offers a high status for the business. Across the world the design work made by companies in the UAE is highly recognized and, consequently, looked for.
  • Receive a reduction or lack of corporate and personal income taxes by establishing the business in Dubai.
  • Additionally, company formation in the UAE is relatively simple. Entrepreneurs count with support from the government and outside sources thanks to the legislation that incentivizes the business in the UAE.
  • Due to its diverse population the market for your interior design company in Dubai, there is a wide range of taste for the design work.
  • The UAE offers different alternatives in the path to set up your business that will make the process cost-effective and tailored to the business goals.

Lastly, the UAE counts with general advantages for businesses such as a strong work force, corporate friendly laws and more.

1. Open economy

Opening a business in the UAE results in a beneficial decision thanks to it is open economy. Since it encourages foreign investments and allows for the full repatriation of capital and profits.

  • This creates an ideal set up for immigrants looking to set up a business internationally.
  • Its open economy also attracts investors of all types that could be beneficial for your interior design company Dubai.
  • The development of the economy in the UAE harbors innovation and competition between businesses. Additionally, thanks to attracting foreign attention it provides a unique environment to connect with various cultures and markets.

2. Negligible tax

One of the biggest attractives that the UAE holds for investors and business owners is their tax policies:

  • Although the level of reduction of taxes might vary between freezone and mainlands. Both of these models offer the business owner a considerably tax reduction.
  • This tax benefits allows the company to take full advantage of their profit comfortably.

3. Special licenses for artists and designers

In the UAE every business is required to have a business license. This licenses are critically fundamental for your  interior design company Dubai.

  • The business license will be dictating your business activities. Which is why it is important to choose carefully.
  • Failing to provide your company with a business license can bring your company serious consequences such as fines.
  • In the case of an Interior design company in Dubai the Dubai Creative Cluster Authority (DCCA) also offers freelance permits for interior designers specializing in designing interiors and furnishings.

4. Work-friendly infrastructure

Dubai’s infrastructure is one of the biggest attractives globally for foreigners. Likewise its modern environment helps make the day by day easier for its population.

  • If you focus on running the best interior design company in Dubai, the emirate offers you a modern and fascinating environment to develop within.
  • Additionally, thanks to Dubai’s modern structure as a whole moving into a functional place with your office is easier with a wide range of options.

5. Increased demand for interior design services

The active economy of the UAE characterizes it, naturally making it an ideal location for the growth of your Interior design company.

  • With the fast development of business, your business has a wide range of potential customers between individual homeowners and starting business.
  • As the interior design industry keeps growing. Dubai’s multicultural population makes your market of possible customers offers you a wide range of taste for your designs.
  • Currently, the demand is increasing and experts forecast that it will continue to grow in the coming years.

Below, we provide guidance on how to establish an interior design company.

Steps to form an interior design company in Dubai

interior design company in dubai

The process of opening a business, although is one to be careful with, is relatively simple in the UAE. If there is a doubt on how to start interior design company, we offer you a step by step guide to sort out all of the requirements.

Some things to keep in mind while opening an UAE are:

  • The process of how to start interior design company is simple. Even so, receiving expert guidance will always expedite the process and reduce barriers.
  • An interior design company in Dubai is an ideal business type to establish in a Freezone and Mainland. Critically consider your goals with budget and final projection to pick the final establishment.

1. Trade name reservation

Pick your business’ name. You can choose to establish your interior design company in Dubai by using the designer’s name or something more broad according to your business’ plan.

  • Your trade name can not contain offensive words or vulgar language.
  • Additionally, it can not have any reference to religious organizations.
  • You can not use a trade name already registered by another business.
  • Try to prepare multiple options to make sure there is at least one approved.
  • Ensure that your business adheres to all guidelines set by the UAE government regarding trade names.

2. Finalize the company’s structure and location.

The company structure of your business is its legal form. Since this structure will be dictating a lot of your company’s future, it is important to select carefully.

  • If you want a location with convenient access to the local market, you should prefer a mainland establishment.
  • If you want to have benefits such as a 100% of ownership in your business or be the sole proprietor, setting up your business in a Freezone might be for you.
  • Some of the legal structures for your interior design company in Dubai could be: sole proprietorship, a general partnership or freezone entities.
  • Additionally, for a better understanding of the 11 types of legal structures in Dubai and the UAE you can go to the UAE official website.
  • The Dubai Design District is one of the most attractive free zones that provide ample opportunities for interior designing enthusiasts. Moreover, there is also the Dubai Studio City free zone according to your business requirements.

3. Rent an office space

Once you establish whether your interior design company in Dubai will be settled in a Freezone or Mainland you will have to adapt to certain requirements about your office space.

Next step into how to start an interior design company is to establish your office space with everything you will need to meet your clients and move forward.

In Connect Business Centers we make sure your space adapts to your needs and enhances the business goals.

  • We count with a wide range, budget friendly, and well located spaces that allows the client to browse its options to find a perfect match.
  • Our offices adapt to both physical and virtual spaces and come with benefits for the client.
  • Virtual offices come with business addresses, mail handling, call answering services, and access to a variety of business amenities.
  • In addition, your virtual office grants you discounts at our physical location to book meetings or events.

4. Obtain Business license

The UAE demands every business counts with its business license. This is a vital step in the registration that can not be brushed over.

  • It is important to carefully take care of the process such as the paperwork, fees and submitting all the requirements. For this step you can receive guidance from experienced business to move forward faster and with minimal obstacles.
  • Your business license will be dictating the business activities your company is allowed to move forward with. Consequently, it is important to carefully select it to avoid inconvenience.
  • Additionally, DCCA free zone provides a freelance license also known as Interior Design Consultancy License.

5. Get additional approval

Depending on your business activities the process will be varying within it is requirements and documents needed.

  • When it is talked about an interior design company in Dubai there is still a wide range of services the business could provide.
  • Lay out all of the activities planned for the business to ensure they are all covered by your business license.
  • If any of your business activities is not under your business license, there will be a need to obtain additional permits.
  • Furthermore, full approval in all of your business activities will ensure a smooth run of your interior design company in dubai.

6. Manage visas

The UAE is very friendly towards immigrants looking forward to settle businesses inside the Emirates.

  • Whether it is your own visa, or your partner in business it is important to get all visas under control while you are in the UAE.
  • The UAE government offers different types of visas for entrepreneurs and investors. Take time to research to find a perfect match.
  • When hiring staff check for employment visas your business can provide to foreign employees.
  • In addition, if your business is located on Free Zone or Mainland and it is business license you might face restrictions on providing a visa for staff members. Check these factors when organizing your paperwork for the registration of your company.

7. Open a corporate bank account

Once you have everything settled and your business is ready to start running you will need to open a bank account for your interior design company in Dubai.

  • A UAE bank account offers you benefits such as tax reductions and data security. These end up being extremely beneficial to your business health.
  • Invest time in researching your options to make sure the account adapts properly to the needs of your business.


In conclusion, opening an interior design company in Dubai is a smart investment. This business run brings multiple benefits to its owners consequently of the beneficial legislations the UAE has to offer to corporations.

Likewise, between benefits such as tax reductions, an increasing demand in the market and an open economy, establishing your interior design company in Dubai will bring a fast growth in your business. When wondering how to open interior design company we laid out a comprehensive guide with everything you need to know about the steps required for a smooth business run.

Lastly, with Connect Business Centers we adapt to the needs of business offering virtual and physical offices that adapt to their needs. Find a perfect place for the development of an interior design company in Dubai

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