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What are virtual offices and their advantages?

When we talk about virtual offices and their advantages, you will see that you can work remotely and establish the registered office, fiscal and/or commercial address of the company in a privileged area. That is to say, it is very useful for those who want to expand to more places. Also, it is great for those who are just starting.

In this article, you will discover the uses, advantages and disadvantages of virtual offices. In addition, we will mention the types available so that you know how to choose one that suits your needs. Hence, you will know what to keep in mind at the moment of requesting one.

  1. What is a virtual office?
  2. Best types of virtual offices
  3. What services does a virtual office space offer?
  4. The advantages of a virtual office
  5. Some disadvantages you need to know
  6. Tips for finding the best virtual office space
  7. How can this company help you find the best virtual office space in the UAE?

1. What is a virtual office?

This concept emerged in the 1990s as a popular workplace solution for businesses in need of productive and professional environments. They are on-demand business locations with additional features perfect for a small business, company, or start-up without a traditional office.

Usually, the services offered by a virtual workspace differ from the rest of the options. They do this by avoiding the need for workers to move to a specific location. Also, although they offer their spaces for those who require them, they provide flexibility for those who work from home. Thus, they can leave a good impression on their clients.

1.2. Who needs a virtual office in Dubai?

This is a very useful service for:

  • Firstly, freelancers and freelancers who work from home but want to convey a more professional image.
  • Online businesses that require a social, fiscal, or commercial address.
  • Multinationals in an expansion want delegations in different areas.
  • Companies that have implemented teleworking but want to keep their headquarters in the financial center or the city center and make occasional use of the facilities.
  • If you are starting a business it is a great option to begin your low-cost investment with your new fiscal address, customer service, databases, and many more at an unbeatable price if you are just starting.

2. Best types of virtual offices

There are different types based on the zone and the particular function they comply with:

2.1. Virtual offices focused on local businesses

This kind of office offers its services to small ventures that are just starting up. Also, traditional companies need to reduce costs.

2.2. Virtual offices focused on offshore business

Usually, these offices are inclined to the service of mail management and communication of offshore companies. Certainly, they are very useful for people seeking confidentiality since they are not as rigorous as the previous ones for the formal verification of their clients. They also manage their clients’ data confidentially.

2.3. Mixed

They engage in both types of services, both local likewise offshore businesses.

2.4. Mail receiving offices

This type of virtual office offers mail reception services. Hence, they are of great use for those businesses that lack a fixed address and, therefore, a mailing address.

2.5. Office with personal support

This type of office has a multidisciplinary team of professionals, from accountants, lawyers, and administrators to secretaries. Thus, they offer companies support in various areas. As a result, this translates into a better image for the company before its clients.

2.6. Private offices in physical space

They offer their physical spaces for those professionals who work from home, and who on many occasions need to rent their facilities for specific activities. Also, having a physical space can improve your corporate image. This is the service provided, regularly, by coworking spaces that have virtual offices.

2.7. Call center

These are those that provide the service of a telephone operator, thus managing your business calls. Note that this service is usually used by people who are traveling.

3.  What services does a virtual office space offer?

In addition to using the fiscal, commercial or social address of the company, virtual offices also include services such as:

  • Reception and storage of mail and parcels.
  • Attention and filtering of telephone calls.
  • Message taking.
  • Lastly, occasional use of offices and/or rooms. It is usual that the companies that offer this type of service also include discounts in case of the occasional need for a physical space, for instance.

4. Advantages of a virtual office

4.1. A virtual office delivers a respected business location

With a virtual office, you can enjoy many of the advantages of a prestigious business address, with few drawbacks. They offer the great opportunity of having a physical address in locations that matter to your business. Hence, having an address and office phone in a leading location makes it easier for you to project professionalism. Further, choosing a physical address associated with your specific target market allows your business to appear established, relevant and substantial.

Opting out of a traditional private office can also be a cost-effective solution for small businesses. In other words, it allows you to save on overhead costs such as administration, infrastructure, and maintenance. Therefore, these savings can then be passed on to the client or reinvested in business expansion.

Many virtual offices give businesses the added benefit of having access to conference rooms, without the long-term commitment of costly leases.

 4.2. A virtual office allows your employees to operate remotely.

An important and growing feature of a virtual office is the opportunities it presents for telecommuting. This allows companies to adopt and adapt to the changing patterns of the modern workplace. In addition, studies have shown that allowing employees to work remotely leads to greater flexibility, autonomy and higher productivity. Moreover, working from home reduces commuting time, improving work-life balance. Both of which are important factors in maintaining employee morale.

That is not to forget the opportunity it gives you to reach out to and hire new and different talent. Meanwhile, in the past, employers were restricted by their location when hiring. A company with a virtual office has almost unlimited reach to attract the best candidate for the job. No matter where they are physically located.

For example, many virtual offices offer boardrooms when remote teams need to be brought together. In addition, conference rooms can be used for face-to-face meetings with clients. Note that collaborative spaces have also been shown to boost productivity.

4.3. A virtual office helps you scale your business

A key advantage of a virtual office is that it reduces the risks associated with expanding your business. When you are looking to try out a new region, you can do so without committing to very large offices. Instead, you can establish a postal address in a new region while working from your original location or remotely.

Having a regional presence and a physical address where you can receive mail and calls can expand your customer base. In addition, it minimizes your long-term commitments and high overhead costs.

Therefore, opening a virtual office also offers an efficient and cost-effective way for companies to expand to new international locations without incurring travel costs.

Nonetheless, as well as having several advantages, it also has some disadvantages.

5. Some disadvantages you need to know

  • Virtual offices are dependent on the internet. That is, if this service fails for any reason, customers and suppliers do not always have a physical office to deal with claims, questions, and any type of information required.
  • Not all activities can be virtualized. Hence, some require a specific physical space and a specific geographic location.
  • Interferences in communication may arise. Overcome this obstacle by organizing virtual meetings.
  • Not every business matter can be conducted virtually; many require personalized attention.
  • In many cases, when you have a virtual office you cannot directly control your staff. To counteract this, you can make use of some online productivity software, such as Asana, ClearVoice, and BetterWorks. With these tools, you and your collaborators can set up tasks and update and monitor progress.

6. Tips for finding the best virtual office space

6.1. Put your company’s needs first

You must establish your objectives and understand what services are essential. For instance, if you need to improve customer service, look for a plan that includes a receptionist service. On the other hand, if you want to venture into a new city, opt for one with mail handling.

 6.2. Compare different providers and their services

Secondly, once you have defined the objectives and needs of your business, draw up a comparative list of different providers. For example, this list should contain the services that you consider essential, such as:

  • Mail service.
  • Telephone service.
  • High-speed Internet.
  • Meeting rooms.
  • Workspace.
  • Video conference room facilities.
  • Receptionist service.

Validate that the provider has recognition and experience in the virtual space rental industry. Finally, the last thing you want is for the provider to close and change their plans on short notice.

6.3. Choose a privileged location

This is a key factor in choosing a workspace. Because it is your company’s business address and, therefore, will be present on your website, marketing materials, and business cards. Make sure the location is easily accessible for your customers, employees, and business partners. Take into account the line of business of your company. Thus, the city where you wish to rent may be organized by areas according to the productive sector.

6.4. Comfortable meeting and conference rooms

Take the time to know the different spaces and environments that each provider offers in terms of meeting rooms. Note that this is where you will receive your clients and suppliers. It is essential to have access to these services. Moreover, if you provide a professional environment for your visitors, you will have a greater chance of successfully closing deals.

6.5. Technology is an indispensable ally

Check that the provider includes in its plans the best in terms of technology. This will ensure the growth of your business. However, the needs differ among companies, but most commonly, it is necessary to have:

  • Computer equipment service.
  • Printing service.
  • Scanner service.
  • Fax service.
  • Broadband Internet.
  • Wireless connectivity in common areas and meeting rooms.

6.6. Flexible rental terms.

Keep in mind the following before making a decision.

  • Lease terms and terms.
  • Automatic renewals.
  • Upgrade or downgrade possibilities in the contracted plans.
  • Service schedules.
  • Meeting room reservation facilities.
  • It is important that you inquire about the provider’s handling of your company’s and your client’s data privacy.

6.7. Price/profitability

Finally, as it is one of the main factors that influence a final decision, there is profitability. It is best to have two or three possible options and base the choice on the rental price. To do this, get detailed quotes from each of the selected suppliers. Note that here, it is very important that you project over time to calculate the return on investment.

7. How can this company help you find the best virtual office space in the UAE?

Today’s times require immediate decisions and very fast solutions. A virtual office for entrepreneurs can solve all the administrative problems that any company or business faces. Hence, you can save space, money, and time by letting someone handle paperwork, answer your calls, and help you with bureaucracy/secretarial issues.

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