rent a car business in Dubai

How to Start Rent a Car Business in Dubai, UAE | Guide 2024

The Dubai rent a car business has witnessed a surge, attributed to the emirate’s status as a top tourist destination. As Dubai anticipates hosting approximately 20 million visitors this year, the car rental industry plays a pivotal role in facilitating the transportation needs of tourists. For this reason, rent a car business in Dubai is an excellent choice!

In this article, you will know how to start rent a car business in Dubai. If you were already interested in other business topics, such as “How to Open Business in Dubai Mainland“, “How to Get a General Trading License in Dubai” or “How to Obtain Manufacturing License in UAE”, you will definitely be interested in this post. Read it now!

Benefits of Starting Rent a Car Business in Dubai

rent a car business in Dubai

We will tell you the best benefits of starting this kind of business. This is essential to know how to start used car business in Dubai! Learn more:

  • Exploration Beyond Boundaries. Millions swarm Dubai for its jaw-dropping architecture, historical gems, sun-soaked beaches, and food that is practically a flavor explosion. And guess what? Your car rental business is the key for these tourists to unlock Dubai’s wonders.
  • New Preferences Post-Pandemic. Post-pandemic vibes, and here is the scoop – public transport? Nah, not everyone’s vibe. Rented wheels, now that is the cool choice. Your car rental service? Moreover, the hero for those wanting flexibility and autonomy while cruising through the streets of Dubai.
  • Technology Integration. Hold on tight because tech is taking the wheel! Smartphones, slick apps, and spot-on geolocation.
  • Economic Viability. Thinking about jumping into the car rental game in Dubai? Good call! Low entry barriers make it doable for anyone with an entrepreneurial itch. And get this – catering to short-term and long-term rentals means a steady flow of diverse customers, keeping the cash flowing.
  • Environmental Considerations. Offering a fleet that is not just cool but eco-friendly too? That is a power move. Therefore, your car rental business is not just about wheels; it is about rolling into the future with sustainable choices, attracting those conscious consumers who dig the green scene.

Steps To Start A Car Rental Business In Dubai, UAE

Embarking on the entrepreneurial journey of establishing a rent a car business in Dubai requires meticulous planning and adherence to a well-defined roadmap. Below, we delve into the crucial steps that will guide you in turning your car rental aspirations into a thriving reality. Here, you will know the steps to start a rent a car business in Dubai!

1. Select your business activity

This is the first step. For this reason, discover how is it:

  • Define Your Niche. Firstly, select your business activity by identifying the specific niche within the car rental sector. So, whether focusing on standard vehicles, luxury cars, or even eco-friendly options, clarifying your niche lays the groundwork for subsequent decisions.
  • License Types. Later, explore the various license types available, with the most common being ‘Passenger Transport and Car Rent.’ Understand the nuances of each license type to align with your intended operations.
  • Consultation Matters. Also, seek professional consultation to ensure that your chosen business activity aligns with legal requirements and industry regulations.

2. Choose a trade name for your Dubai car rental business

Secondly, you need to know this information to make a car business in Dubai:

  • Reflect Your Brand. Well, choosing a trade name for your car rental business is more than a formality; it is a branding exercise. Opt for a name that reflects your business ethos, is easy to remember, and resonates with your target audience.
  • Regulatory Compliance. Moreover, ensure the selected trade name complies with the regulations set by the Department of Economic Development (DED). To clarify, this includes avoiding offensive language and not using any acronyms that include your initials.
  • Distinct Identity. Also, craft a distinctive identity that sets your car rental business apart in the competitive Dubai market.

3. Choose the location of your car rental business in Dubai

At this point, you probably want to know more about the rent a car business in Dubai. Discover it:

  • Strategic Placement. Consequently, the location of your car rental business is pivotal. Strategically position your business, considering factors such as proximity to airports, transport hubs, or popular tourist destinations.
  • Physical Space Requirements. Therefore, since a car rental business necessitates physical space for your vehicle fleet, assess the space requirements and choose a location that accommodates this need. Whether in the heart of the city or on the outskirts, the location should align with your operational goals.
  • Legal Considerations. So, ensure compliance with zoning regulations and legal requirements for commercial spaces in your chosen location.

4. Complete your application and pay fees

We are getting closer and closer to knowing the final steps of how to start used car business in Dubai! Read more:

  • Thorough Documentation. The application process involves submitting a comprehensive set of documents. Complete your application meticulously, including a filled-out application form, copies of passports and visa pages, a copy of your residence visa (if applicable), and Emirates ID copy.
  • Fee Structure Understanding. Later, gain a clear understanding of the fees associated with the application process. To clarify, this includes initial approval fees, name approval fees, and any other charges involved. Be prepared to invest in this step to move your application forward.
  • NOC and Application Submission. Also, acquire a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from your current sponsor if applicable. Submit the completed application along with the required documents and fees to the relevant authorities.

5. Receive your license and open a business bank account

Finally, to set up a rent a car business in Dubai, you will need to consider this:

  • Swift License Acquisition. So, once your application is in order, the process of receiving your license is relatively swift. However, adherence to regulations and accuracy in documentation are paramount.
  • Banking Formalities. Simultaneously, initiate the process of opening a business bank account. This involves selecting a suitable bank, providing the necessary documentation, and fulfilling any additional requirements.
  • Operational Commencement. Lastly, with your license and bank account in hand, your car rental business in Dubai is poised to commence operations. Celebrate this milestone, and most importantly, prepare for the exciting journey ahead.

Cost To Start A Car Rental Company In Dubai

rent a car business in Dubai

So, you are getting closer to understanding everything about rent a car business in Dubai. Of course, you will want to know how much it costs, right? There are a lot of things you need to keep in mind. Fortunately, we tell you all about it here.

As a result, the vehicles intended for your rent a car business in Dubai must align with specific manufacturing date criteria. Therefore, they should either be of the same year as the registration application or not exceed 24 months from the registration application date.

Exemptions Clarified:

  • Luxury Cars: Exemptions exist for luxury cars or those exceeding AED600,000 in value. These vehicles must not surpass four years from the manufacturing year, substantiated by official documents.
  • Classic Vehicles: Classic vehicles older than 30 years are exempt, adhering to criteria set by the Vehicles Licensing Department (VLD).
  • Unused Vehicles: Vehicles that have never been used are also exempt from the specified manufacturing date requirements.

Provide at Least 10 Vehicles in the First Year

Certainly, providing a minimum of 10 vehicles in the first year is a foundational requirement. This initial fleet establishes your presence in the competitive car rental landscape of Dubai.

Insurance of All Cars

So, as a crucial step in ensuring operational compliance and safeguarding your assets, obtaining insurance for all vehicles is imperative. Insurance of all cars guarantees comprehensive coverage against potential risks and unforeseen circumstances.

Allocate Parking Spaces

Most importantly, allocating suitable parking spaces is not just a logistical necessity but a regulatory requirement. Adequate parking facilities ensure the secure storage of your vehicle fleet, contributing to efficient operations and compliance.

Cost Breakdown of Steps Involved:

  • Initial Approval (AED235): The inception of your venture involves an initial approval process, incurring a fee of AED235. This step signifies the commencement of your formal journey into the rent a car business in Dubai.
  • Name Approval (AED735): Securing a distinctive trade name for your Dubai car rental business involves a fee of AED735. This is a pivotal element in branding and differentiation within the market.
  • LSA Agreement (AED900 approx.): The Legal Service Agreement (LSA) is a critical component, encompassing legal aspects of your business. This agreement involves an approximate cost of AED900.
  • Ejari (Cost Depends on Commercial Space Rented): The Ejari, representing the rental contract for your commercial space, incurs costs dependent on the size and location of the space chosen. Ensuring compliance with zoning regulations and legal requirements is integral to the Ejari process.
  • Final Submission of Documents at DED (AED 8,500 approx.): The conclusive stage involves the submission of finalized documents to the Department of Economic Development (DED). For non-Arabic trade names, this step incurs an approximate cost of AED 8,500.

In navigating these financial considerations, it is essential to approach each step with financial prudence and a clear understanding of the associated costs. This breakdown serves as a guide, allowing aspiring entrepreneurs to embark on their rent a car business journey in Dubai with informed financial foresight.

Documents To Start A Car Rental Company In Dubai, UAE

Here is a comprehensive list of the documents you will need, with our dedicated support:

  • Completed Application Form. Provide a detailed application form outlining the types of car or vehicle rentals you intend to offer. This step lays the foundation for understanding and categorizing your business activities.
  • Passport Copies and Passport Size Photos. Submit clear copies of your passport, a fundamental identification document. Additionally, furnish passport size photos, essential for official records and identification purposes.
  • Residence Visa Copy (if Applicable). Include a copy of your residence visa if applicable. This document serves as a confirmation of your legal residency status and is crucial for compliance with local regulations.
  • Emirates ID Copy (if Applicable). Do you have an Emirates ID card? Then you may need to provide a copy for validation by the authorities. It is not complicated, but it is a necessary document. So, if this is your case, be aware that you will need to provide it.


Thinking of diving into the rent-a-car game in Dubai? Smart move! Dubai’s buzzing tourism scene and the ever-changing ways people get around make it a goldmine. Now, you can break down the essentials and paperwork to help you kick off that used car business in Dubai. Ready for the details? Therefore, this is the best time to start.

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