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How to Get No Objection Certificate (NOC) in Dubai, UAE

The NOC Dubai is a letter that will allow you to carry out certain administrative and legal procedures in the country. This is a requirement to complete work, immigration, and even real estate processes. Thus, you are looking at one of the most important documents to continue living or working in the UAE.

In this article, we will show you what is NOC and what are the benefits of getting this important document in the nation. Likewise, we will show you what the application procedure is like and other relevant aspects of this certificate.

Importance of No Objection Certificate (NOC) in Dubai, UAE

NOC Dubai

The NOC meaning is the abbreviation for No Objection Certificate in Dubai which represents a special type of permit. Also, you will need this certificate to make registrations to extend a work permit, real estate, and obtain a residence visa, among others. Similarly, it is a certified record that there is no objection by the issuing party about the procedure where it must be presented.

Furthermore, it is a short and simple document that contains all the information necessary for the party that requires it. Hence, this letter must include official letterhead, names, contact information, dates, and other important information. Generally, paperwork departments in the UAE request it and its contents should be relevant to what you need it for.

When is a NOC required in the UAE?

The NOC Dubai is required for different legal procedures and is generally required to be submitted by the employer or sponsor. Next, you will see in which procedures it is necessary to deliver said document:

  • Get a UAE driving license
  • Lift a work ban
  • Buy a car
  • Renew or add activities to your business
  • Changing jobs from one private company to another
  • Open a bank account or an Internet account
  • Add a partner to your business
  • Open a branch

Additionally, there are other procedures where you may need the No Objection letter in the United Arab Emirates. For example, it may be vital to complement a legal, immigration, or administrative process.

Benefits of obtaining a NOC UAE

An noc letter dubai can give you some important benefits when you apply for it. Below you will learn the advantages of this document:

  • You will be able to solve any problem related to commercial activities.
  • In particular cases, it may help you find another job or any immigration-related procedure that requires this document.

Additionally, you will see in detail the most frequent use for which NOC letter Dubai is used in the Emirates.

NOC to apply for an Emirati visa

Some types of visas require this certificate to be processed effectively. However, this will not always be the case, as is the case with the work visa, and therefore it is necessary to ensure when it will be a requirement to present it.

The residence records

The residency application will have to be accompanied by the NOC UAE if you buy the home with a mortgage at the same time. Then, the person selling the property will have to give you the NOC, to guarantee that he or she has no objection to the purchase of the residence. In addition, you must open a deposit in your name and both documents will be passed to the bank that issued the loan.

In this way, foreign buyers will have to pay, as a condition of a mortgage, an advance payment of half the cost of the object. This way, the bank will issue the necessary documents when you have already paid.

NOC to lift employment ban

NOC Dubai serves to lift the ban on a job within this Emirate. In this case, the emigration authorities may sanction a person with an employment ban for the following reasons:

  • If the employment contract has expired but the employer does nothing regarding the extension of the right to employment.
  • Termination of the indefinite employment contract before completing 1 year of service.
  • Termination of a fixed-term employment contract before it lost its validity.
  • A worker may be prohibited from working for 6 months or a year, depending on the type of contract, availability for dismissal, or other reasons.

Likewise, the authorities establish that an employer can request a work ban for an employee in case of:

  • He wrongly concluded the employment contract or did not take into account the labor laws of the country. Some common cases involve missing the notice period or terminating a limited contract before the specified time.
  • Committed any of the offenses defined in Article 120 of the UAE labor law.
  • The employee work in another company without obtaining a permit from the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization (MOHRE).
  • The employee remained in the country for two months without proper authorization after ending his/her employment contract.

However, you can avoid these restrictions when the employer gives you your certificate, which is also responsible for the visa. At the same time, remember the employer is responsible for all visa documentation. Likewise, if you are a trader, you will need a visa and therefore a Dubai NOC.

The process to eliminate the work ban

Removing the work ban in the UAE will depend on the circumstances and the decision of the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization. The steps to apply for a lifting of the ban are as follows:

  1. Get an NOC letter Dubai in Arabic from Your Current Employer
  2. Get an offer from a new employer in the UAE
  3. Write a request letter
  4. Submit your application to MOHRE

After completing these steps, you will only have to wait for authorization from the Ministry for the prohibition to be removed.

How to avoid this type of ban

In addition to complying with labor laws and not incurring the problems mentioned above, there are two ways to avoid the ban. These ways are the ones we mention below:

  • Contact your current employer to have your work permit extended before the contract ends.
  • Transfer your sponsorship to another employer.

In this case, you will need to obtain a NOC Dubai from your current sponsor to be able to hand in your job card. Either way, you can do it after your contract ends or before it ends.

Is it necessary to have a NOC to work in the UAE?

You will need a NOC UAE If you are an employee and must change jobs if the employment contract ends. You will also require it if you are changing sponsorship to another employer.

Start a business while employed

The UAE offers alternatives for company workers to establish their own businesses. Therefore, if you want to do so, the country offers interesting opportunities in this regard. However, you will need a noc in dubai or any other Emirate to start your business.

Hence, your employer is the one who must authorize you before the authorities through the said certificate. Then, if the company you work for approves you, you can own a business in UAE.

Is a NOC Dubai necessary to work part-time?

Before 2018, a full-time worker needed a complete NOC form to be able to have a part-time job. However, starting that year, the authorities eliminated this requirement for employees. However, there may be some circumstances in which you will need this document to work somewhere else part-time.

NOC Dubai and working with a family visa

If a UAE resident with a family visa wishes to work, they will need to obtain one of these certificates. Moreover, you must submit other documents to the MOHRE to be able to apply for a job with this visa.

Features of a NOC in the UAE

The Dubai NOC given to you by a sponsor must contain certain features in its structure to be valid. Next, you will see what the main aspects are that the letter must have:

  • This document must be issued by a sponsor, as is the case with the United Arab Emirates employment certificate.
  • The employer will have to write this document in two languages, Arabic and English.
  • As with an employment certificate, the certificate must have your main information, such as full name, company information, and contact information, among others.
  • This document should not have any cost, therefore, the employer or sponsor must provide it free of charge.

Step by Step Process for Obtaining NOC

NOC Dubai

As part of the meaning of NOC in dubai, We have established that it is to carry out specific procedures, such as changing jobs, among others. As a consequence, the reason why you request it must be clearly stated in the said certificate. Likewise, this type of document is issued by employers, government entities, or sponsors.

Furthermore, for labor matters, the employer can deliver it at his sole discretion, that is, deliver it freely. Thus, no one can force an employer to provide NOC Dubai or from another Emirate under any circumstance. Not even if the employee has satisfactorily completed his or her employment contract with the company.

The request for this document must be made following the standard procedure and laws of the UAE. Next, we will show you the stages of requesting said certificate:

Initial Application Procedures

Start by making the formal request to your current employer or sponsor in Dubai or the relevant Emirate. In this case, you can do it through a letter in which you define the purpose for which you need the document.

Review and Evaluation Stages

The next stage has to do with the review of the Dubai NOC application by the employer. The company may consider the following aspects at the time of evaluation:

  • Job performance
  • Terms of your employment contract
  • Pending financial obligations

Approval and Issuance Protocol

As we mentioned, the employer is not obliged to issue the certificate, but it is common for it to be granted. The document must specify that your sponsor or employer agrees to the change you want to make. Likewise, you may have to attest, that is, legalize the document before the relevant authorities.

To comply with the attestation of your certificate, you must include the following documents in the request:

  • NOC Dubai original
  • Copy of your passport
  • Photographs (required only in some cases)

After you have all the required documents, you can begin the document attestation process. The steps are those that we will detail below:

  1. Start by notarizing the document in your home country
  2. Legalize the document in the respective department in your country of origin
  3. Then, you must attest it to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of your country of origin
  4. Next, you must go to the consulate or embassy of the United Arab Emirates in the nation from which you come.
  5. Finally, you must attest it to the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Handling Potential Challenges

You must remember that the process and requirements to apply for the NOC UAE may vary depending on the purpose that requires it. In addition, you must check with the authorities to verify that any requirements or steps in the process have not changed. Also, it may happen that your employer does not approve the certificate, so you should try to have a good relationship with your employer.

Reception conditions

To obtain the document, you will depend exclusively on the will of the current employer or sponsor. It means that, if you do not have a good relationship with the authority that must issue it, your chances of receiving it decrease. Furthermore, you cannot in any way force your employer to grant you the said certificate.


After clearly detailing what is NOC in UAE, you have the necessary knowledge at the time of application. In this way, you will be able to carry out the procedures that will allow you to continue working in the country safely and legally. In the same way, you will be able to deal with real estate and obtain the other benefits of this document.

Therefore, understanding and correctly executing the application steps will facilitate the process and your chances of obtaining it. In any case, if you want more information, our company can clarify your doubts, just contact us.

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