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Find out if a tenancy contract is needed for a family visa in Dubai

When you come to live in Dubai, either, to have a job opportunity in a company; or for having the desire to start a business; normally, people want to move with their family. A quite viable option for this case is to obtain a family visa in dubai. In addition, keep in mind that obtaining a family visa in UAE without tenancy contract is not viable.

In this article, we will explain everything related to the family visa. We will see what it is, who can apply to one, and what relatives can you bring with it. Additionally, we will talk about the requirements of every person for each person who can opt for this document. Also, the types of it will be revealed. Specifically, we will discuss:

  1. What is a family visa?
  2. Types of family visas
  3. Who can apply for them?
  4. What requirements do you need to apply for a family visa?
  5. How is the process to get this visa?
  6. Which are the advantages you will enjoy?
  7. Connect Business Center helps you apply for a family visa.
  8. is ejari mandatory for family visa ?

1. What is a family visa?

family visa in the UAE without a tenancy contract

When you arrive in a country other than the one you were born in, you must take into account that you need a permit; this is, both to stay in for a certain amount of time and to enter. That is what we normally know as a visa. They can be for a short or long period. Depending on the nation you are heading to, immigration policies change.

There are different types of visas in the UAE to allow entrepreneurs and students to grow; and in turn, let the economy of the emirates evolve. There are permits for tourists that are for a short time and visas to stay for long periods; they are very similar to residences.

Normally, people who have work projects want to fulfill them together with their families. Taking this into account, the government in the UAE has decided to create a ejari for family visa UAE. That is, a permit granted to foreign citizens living in this nation; to be able to bring certain members of your family.

2. Types of family visas

Each person has different needs, therefore, their family group also has them. Thanks to this there are different types of family visas. Specifically, there are three of them that vary in the length of stay and the conditions of the sponsor. An important fact is that a family visa in UAE without a tenancy contract is impossible to obtain. At this point, we will talk about them in detail:

2.1  1-year family visa

The person who is going to carry out all the paperwork for the family visa is also known as the sponsor. The stepchildren of the person residing in the UAE can apply for this visa. It is granted exclusively for one year with the possibility of family visa renewal dubai in each year.

2.2  2-year family visa

We can say that this is the intermediate visa of the three. As its name indicates, it is for two years, that is, twice the first. To apply for this visa, only the employment contract is required. This long-stay permit of family visa uae without tenancy contract would not meet the requirements. Like the previous one, once the term expires, the request for renewal is valid.

2.3  3-year family visa

It is the longest of the three. It lasts two years longer than the first and one year longer than the second. This UAE family visa without a tenancy contract is impossible, like the others. It only requires the employment contract of the sponsor. Like the previous two, once the term expires, the request for renewal is valid.

3. Who can apply for a UAE family visa?

Not everyone can apply for the different types of visas, this is not an exception. There are certain exceptions of the people who can request their relatives, they vary depending on certain things. The main one is the gender, that is if it is a man or a woman.

If a man decides to apply for this long-stay permit, his relatives; can be, his wife, parents, children up to 18 years old, single daughters, brothers, and stepchildren. The most important thing that the sponsor must have is an employment contract in the UAE; with a minimum monthly salary between 4,000 and 3,000 AED. Additionally, accommodation is required and no particular profession is needed.

If the sponsor is a woman who wants to request this document, the conditions are different. You must have one of the following professions, teacher, engineer, doctor, nurse; or any work in the area of ​​health. Your minimum monthly salary must be greater than 8,000 or 10,000 AED. In addition, you must have accommodation.

In summary, both men and women can opt for this long stay permit; everything will depend on their monthly income and in the case of women, on the profession they want to pursue. In addition, it is important to note that the family visa UAE without a tenancy contract process does not continue.

4. What requirements do you need to apply for a UAE family visa?

family visa in the UAE without a tenancy contract

Every visa that you want to acquire, needs documents. Something important to mention in this case is that, if the sponsor lives in Dubai; and in two months he does not request the document for his wife and son, he loses the opportunity. Once you apply, your immigration status must be changed to a long-stay permit holder.

Another thing to know is that if a couple is living in the UAE; and the man meets all the requirements, he is the one who can request this document for the children. The woman will not be able to choose. In this segment, we will see why it is not feasible to apply; for a family visa UAE without a tenancy contract. We will name the requirements below:

  • Digital photocopy of the passport, of the personal data page (sponsor and his wife).
  • The sponsor’s visa (digital photocopy).
  • Personal ID is handled by the sponsor in the UAE. Physical is required.
  • Digital photocopy of the tenancy contract.
  • Employment contract (digital copy).
  • An image of the sponsor and of the updated wife, on a white background.
  • Copy of the marriage certificate with attestation.

5. How is the process to get one?

Before starting to talk about the process to acquire this document; we will announce its cost, which can vary between 2250 and 5322 AED. This depends on the situation you are in; whether in or out of Dubai and whether or not there is insurance. On the order hand, it is important to note that the time it takes is 15-17 days.

5.1  Documents delivery

All the documents mentioned in the previous section must be delivered to the offices; both copies and originals. In case it is difficult to go to the office, they can be sent via courier; all with their respective identification.

5.2  Review of the papers

Once the immigration office receives the documents, which will go through the verification process. If everything goes well, they will open a new file in the system with all the applicant’s information.

5.3  Arrival of relatives

To do this, you need a short-time permit. Two types of it vary, depending on the location of the family member. The first is if the relative is in Dubai and the second when the relative is not.

5.4  Immigration status of the applicant

Once the entry permit is obtained, the sponsor must request a change in their immigration status. Now, you become the holder of a UAE family visa.

5.5  Medical requirements and insurance

You must go to any medical center approved by the Dubai Health Authority and Ministry of Health and Prevention. This is to comply with the medical check-up. Additionally, according to the laws in the UAE; all recipients must have health insurance.

6. Which are the advantages?

Having a family visa in the UAE provides many advantages to those who have applied for it; however, it not only grants benefits to those who bring their family, but it also benefits their members. Next, we will talk about the advantages that this visa provides, both to the holder and to family members:

6.1  The entire family nucleus can opt for a UAE family visa

This visa can be given to any close family of the sponsor, that is spouse, children, parents, and siblings; in addition to this, the sponsor can also request the UAE family visa for his stepchildren, complying with certain terms.

6.2  Quick get

Unlike other countries, in the UAE obtaining a UAE family visa is very easy and fast with a low cost; according to this, the approximate time for our relatives to obtain one is 15-17 business days.

6.3  The duration and its easy way to renew it

These can vary in duration depending on the sponsor’s request, and according to their employment contract; its duration can be 1 year, 2 years, or 3 years, all following the provisions of the UAE.

Renewing one is a simple task and the process is very similar to when applying for the first time; therefore, the renewal does not take much time and is not very expensive; but it can change depending on the member of the family. For example, of this is that to verify the marital status, a marriage certificate is needed to confirm their union.

6.4  The family does not need to be in the country

There is no need to worry that the family is abroad as this does not influence the approval process. In this way, only by meeting the established requirements can we opt for this long-stay permit.

6.5  Women can opt for a UAE family visa

Every woman can sponsor her spouse and children just like men. However, it must show that it is the holder of a residence permit. This authorization must prove that the woman is: a teacher, engineer, doctor, nurse, and others.

6.6  Women can work despite not being the sponsor

Although the sponsor is the husband, that does not prevent the woman from looking for work in another company. Also, it is important to point out that you do not need any extra requirements; when applying for a job in any company.

6.7  Sponsorship of two wives

If the sponsor is a Muslim and meets the above requirements; he can give the UAE Family Visa to his two wives. As a consequence, both have the same benefits and the children that the sponsor has with each one also. Previously it was said that women can look for work in any company without any extra requirements. In this case, both wives have this possibility.

7. Connect Business Center helps you apply for a family visa

As you could see, it is totally and necessary for a foreigner to have access to a visa; thus, you can carry out your work activities with total normality. When talking about the family visa UAE, you can easily see the opportunities it offers for you and your relatives. Consequently, increasing the opportunities for the entrepreneur or an employee in the world of business in Dubai.

On Connect Business Center, we offer you all the advice you need related to the necessary legal documentation to start applying for a family visa UAE. Granting this, ease when requesting the documents. For their families too, not only for the business owner.

We carefully designed each one of our services to be the best solution in the market. That is why, using our visa services, can guarantee organizational success. From the office to personal support, we have everything your company needs to be the best out there. 

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