How to Open Transport business in dubai

How To Open Transport Company In Dubai, UAE?

The United Arab Emirates has a large network of roads. It is known for its grand infrastructure. Starting a transport company in the country is a great business idea. UAE is firm with its rules and regulations. It is beneficial to stay compliant with the laws of the land. UAE requires every transport company in Dubai to get their relevant licenses from Department of Economic Development and Road and Transport Authority if they wish to operate.

A land transport company in Dubai can offer different form of services. It can be renting out passenger vehicles, providing cargo transportation or even tour buses and taxi business in the tourism sector.

Research the market and trends to learn about a transport company in Dubai. See which kind of services you want to offer. Come up with a proper detailed business plan.

Benefits of Starting a Transport Company in Dubai

Opening a transportation company has its own merits. There is the benefit of Dubai having a strategic location and a world class infrastructure. The country has updated laws which now allow foreigners full ownership of their business venture. There is no requirement of minimum capital investment. This makes a transport company in Dubai very lucrative.

Types of Transportation Services Allowed in Dubai, UAE

There are a variety of niches for a transport company in Dubai to specialize in. Do your own research. Pick the one that best suits your target audience and business plan. The kinds of transportation services allowed in Dubai for you to choose from include car rental services, bus rental services, motorcycle rental services, bicycle rental services and luxury vehicle services. They encompass cargo transportation via light or heavy trucks. Taxi services, tour buses and truck rental services are also included in the permitted list. Refrigerated transport, water transport services and petroleum transport are also some examples. There are rental and transport of heavy machinery and vehicle towing services. This whole list provides a bigger picture of how vast the transport company in Dubai industry is.

Steps to Open Transport Company in Dubai, UAE

All it takes is the first step after learning how to open transport company in Dubai that makes you closer to success waiting on the other end. Here are the steps for you to follow when opening a transport company in Dubai:

Partner with Trade License Zone

Some things such as getting the license to start the best transport company in Dubai are easier when you collaborate with a professional company specializing in exactly that. Form a partnership with an LLC company of your choice to acquire your license. It will turn the process simpler. You can always reach out to us at Connect Business Center too. We will manage everything on your behalf to get your commercial and transportation license. We will guide you on every step too.

Choose a Business Structure for your Transportation Business in UAE

Decide what the business structure will be and which zone will your business be operating in. The structure can be sole proprietorship, a limited liability company, a branch of a foreign company or a partnership.

Choosing and Registering a Business Name

It is time to select a name for your land transport company in Dubai. after deciding the name, it will be registered with the Department of Economic Development.

There are some guidelines to follow when opting for a business name for your transport company in Dubai. The name should not be blasphemous or offensive in any way. It should not contain any reference to Islam or Allah. If you wish to use your name for the company, then use it in its entirety. Using only the initials or surname is not allowed. It should not be in use by another organization. Check if the name you have picked is available.

Notarise your Company’s Documents

You will need to get the Articles of Association and Memorandum of Association notarized from Department of Economic Development.

Submit your Business License Application

It is now time to submit the application of license for transport company in Dubai. Apply for a commercial license with Department of Economic Development. Then apply for a transportation license with Road and Transport Authority.

Submit these documents to get your license:

  • Application form
  • Business plan
  • Passport copies of shareholders and directors
  • A copy of trade name confirmation
  • Notarised Memorandum of Association
  • Notarised Articles of Association
  • Copy of leased property agreement for the physical address of company
  • A copy of commercial license

Getting PRO services to help you out quickens the process. The experts involved in these services will assist you in overcoming any language barriers and obtain visas for your employees.

Getting your Business License

Road and Transport Authority will issue you the license to start transportation company in Dubai. This process usually takes around two weeks.

Cost of Transport Company License in Dubai

The total cost for a transportation license varies due to a number of factors. Some of the expenses contributing towards the overall cost will be the initial approval fee, trade name fee, transport license fee among others.


Venturing into a business of land transport company in Dubai requires research, planning and licensing. Getting a license for the business will offer the freedom to run the business in the city. learn how to open transport company in Dubai. Get in touch with a company like us that helps you with getting the business license and take your business to new heights.

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