A Complete Guide to Start an IT Company in Dubai, UAE

Dubai is a hub of technology, investment, and entrepreneurship, allowing businesses to thrive like no other place in the world. If you want to start an IT company in Dubai, you are already in for a good start.

In this article, you will find a detailed guide on how to open an IT company in Dubai, highlighting benefits and outlining essential steps for a startup. 

Importance of IT companies in Dubai

start an it company in dubai

Dubai recognizes the vital role of IT companies in driving economic growth and fostering innovation. These companies contribute to Dubai’s reputation as a leading destination for technology-driven solutions, shaping various sectors through digital transformation initiatives. Their advancements in AI, block chain, and cloud computing significantly enhance business operations

Moreover, IT companies in Dubai propel job creation, attracting skilled professionals and cultivating a competitive technology workforce.

Collaboration between these companies and other industries results in cutting-edge solutions that meet market needs and boost overall competitiveness. This collaborative approach fosters innovation, positioning Dubai as a big competitor in technological advances. For this reason, Dubai is the best place for you to start an IT company.

Benefits of Starting a IT company in Dubai

Dubai’s business-friendly environment, low taxes, and favorable regulations make it a unique place to start an IT company. Just as well, Dubai’s strategic location appeals to regional and international markets, presenting unmatched opportunities for global reach. This means IT companies in Dubai can tap into diverse markets and establish a strong presence.

  • Furthermore, Dubai’s advanced infrastructure creates an ideal ecosystem for IT companies. The city’s multicultural society attracts top-notch professionals from around the world, enriching the industry with diverse skills and expertise.
  • Moreover, government support programs, groups and incentives provide invaluable resources for innovation and growth.
  • In addition, Dubai’s global business reputation attracts foreign investors and clients, facilitating networking and customer access. The city’s industry events and exhibitions provide a platform for IT companies to showcase offerings, fostering collaborations and partnerships for success and growth.

Low Tax Rate

  • Unlike other countries, Dubai has a remarkably corporate tax rate, with some cases reaching zero. This means you can use all of your income and reinvest it for the growth of your company; for example, you can expand your market, hire more staff, and upgrade your equipment.
  • In recent years, the UAE’s expanded tax system has led to more businesses, including IT companies, being tax-exempt. This proactive approach solves tax avoidance among foreign investors.
  • Then, the Ministry of Finances introduced a 5% VAT tax in 2018. Subsequently, in January 2022, the government announced a total of 9% corporate tax.
  • Unlike advanced economies with around 20% business profit tax, the UAE’s 9% corporate tax is significantly lower. For this reason, it poses an appealing choice for foreign investors looking to start a IT company in Dubai.

Vast Market Potential:

  • As the cradle of technology and innovation, Dubai has a high and dynamic demand for technology-based products and skills. As a result, the fast-growing digital commerce industry creates an ideal setting to start an IT company.
  • Similarly, Dubai’s multicultural society creates a diverse market, allowing IT companies to tailor their offerings to different customer groups. In addition, this ensures you have a great variety of clients.

Ease of Doing Business:

  • Dubai’s strategic geographic location makes it a welcoming city for international investors and business travelers. Hence, the city frequently hosts global tech conferences, providing an opportunity to connect with clients worldwide.
  • Doing business in Dubai as an IT company is characterized by ease and convenience. First, the city provides a business-friendly environment with streamlined processes and efficient systems;
  • Then, the government’s policies and initiatives are designed to attract foreign investors and promote entrepreneurship;
  • Lastly, the supportive ecosystem, talent accessibility, and available support services enhance business ease for IT companies in Dubai.

Investor Networks:

  • Investor networks are vital for IT companies, granting access to capital, expertise, and valuable industry connections crucial for growth and success in the competitive market. Building relationships with investors through these networks can lead to long-term partnerships and opportunities for further expansion and development, essential to start an IT company.
  • These networks play a crucial role in connecting IT companies with potential investors and facilitating funding opportunities. Consequently, by joining an investor network, IT companies can access a pool of investors keen on supporting innovative ideas and promising startups, facilitating their growth.
  • In addition, many associations work specifically to link the IT sector with potential markets in the Middle East, Africa, and Asia.

How to Start an IT company in Dubai

start an it company in dubai

To start an IT company in Dubai you must follow a series of procedures that can be easily carried out. First, you need to choose a name for your business, as well as a suitable location and a legal structure for the company.

Then, obtaining crucial licenses and permits from the Dubai Department of Economic Development (DED) is essential. The next step involves registering the company with the DED, followed by opening a corporate bank account and obtaining any necessary approvals or certifications for the IT industry.

It is advisable to engage with professional consultants who can assist with the entire process, ensuring compliance with local regulations. With careful planning and adherence to the procedures, entrepreneurs can successfully open an IT company in Dubai’s vibrant business landscape.

Reserve a trading name

  • To start an IT company in Dubai, the first thing you need is a name. You can use the DED website to reserve a name for a small fee, valid for 60 days. Usually, the approval process only takes one working day.
  • Entrepreneurs can submit an application to the DED online or in person, providing a list of three preferred names in order of preference. The DED will review the names and check for availability, as well as its compliance with naming guidelines.
  • Reserving a name early ensures its availability, facilitating a smooth and efficient registration process.

Choose your location

Choosing the right location for an IT company in Dubai is a critical decision that can impact its success, hence, several factors should be considered when making this choice.

  • Firstly, it is important to assess the proximity to potential clients, partners, and industry hubs. Being located in close proximity to other IT companies and technology clusters can provide networking opportunities and access to a skilled talent pool.
  • Also, considering the infrastructure and amenities available in the area is crucial. Access to reliable transportation, modern office spaces, and supportive business services can contribute to the smooth functioning of the company.
  • Additionally, understanding the specific licensing requirements and regulations pertaining to the chosen location is essential.
  • Likewise, there are two additional location characteristic to take into consideration: Free Zones in Dubai, with cheaper business set-ups, 0% tax rate, and full ownership of your company; or the mainland, where traveling to and from all seven of the United Arab Emirates is easier.
  • In conclusion, by carefully evaluating these factors, entrepreneurs can make an informed decision that aligns with their business goals and objective.

Decide on your business structure

First and foremost, entrepreneurs must evaluate their long-term goals, risk tolerance, and desired level of control in order to pick the correct business structure. Common options include setting up as a sole proprietorship, partnership, limited liability company (LLC), or branch office.

  • For instance, an LLC offers limited liability protection and allows for flexibility in profit distribution, while a branch office is an extension of a foreign parent company.
  • In the other hand, sole proprietorship involves a single individual as the owner, and in a partnership, two or more individuals come together to share ownership, responsibilities, and profits of the IT company.
  • For this reason, the legal and regulatory requirements are important to consider, as well as the capital requirements and tax implications associated with each structure.

Complete the application process

In order to get a trading license, first you have to follow the rules set by the authorities, such as the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology and the DED; then, submit the paperwork, pay the fee, and finally, check everything is in order.

  • As a start, you must collect the required documents, such as passport copies, shareholder agreements, and a no-objection letter from the sponsor for expatriate shareholders.
  • Then, accurately completing the application form is crucial, ensuring that all the necessary information is provided.
  • After that, the application form and supporting documents must be submitted to the DED, either online or person, for they can verify the information provided.
  • Finally, if the application is approved, you will receive the necessary licenses and permits to legally operate an IT company in Dubai.

Register for VAT

To start a IT company in Dubai, you must register it in the Value Added Tax (VAT), which you can do on the Federal Tax Authority (FTA) website.

  • First, it is essential to determine whether your IT company meets the mandatory registration standards set by the FTA. If your company does, gather the necessary documents such as trade license copies, shareholder details, and financial statements.
  • Once you have the documents ready, proceed to complete the online VAT registration form provided by the FTA. Ensure you provide accurate and comprehensive information.
  • After that, the FTA will review your application, and upon approval, your IT company will receive a Tax Registration Number (TRN).

Open a corporate bank account

Establishing a corporate bank account is necessary for managing finances, receiving payments, and providing salary payments for your employees.

  • For the first step, you must gather important documents such as the memorandum of association, passport copies of shareholders, the company’s trade license, and proof of address.
  • Once the documents are ready, choose a reputable bank that suits your IT company’s needs and objectives.
  • Then, schedule a meeting with a bank representative to discuss the account opening process and provide the required documents. Next, the bank will review the submitted documents, conduct due diligence, and assess the company’s eligibility.
  • Upon approval, the IT company will be issued a corporate bank account, enabling it to realize financial transactions smoothly.


To summarize, Dubai is a great place to start a company, with its amazing benefits, simple procedures, and huge opportunities. Not to mention you can benefit from low taxes and a varied market, as well as get funding, mentorship, and exposure to grow fast.

Dubai, a global hub of technology and innovation, invites aspiring entrepreneurs to launch their IT ventures in this dynamic city.

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