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Five things to notice while choosing a business center

Business Center- The idea of working in an office, where there are only employees from the same company, has long ceased to be the only business concept. There are more and more entrepreneurs, and working from home or in a shared space has become a more than valid option. Although there are times when an office or a meeting room is needed, either permanently or for certain matters. That is where business centers come into play.

In this article, you will learn everything related to business centers, from how to get them to their advantages; in addition to how these can help you improve the comfort of your company, and how the Business Centers in Dubai have become the most viable option for small and medium-sized companies.

  1. What is a business center?
  2. What services are offered by a business center?
  3. Benefits of renting in a business center in Dubai
  4. Difference between business centers and coworking
  5. Things to consider when choosing a business center in Dubai
  6. How can Connect Business Center help you?

1. What is a business center?

A business center is a more luxurious variant of the multi-business building and you find it in almost every city. In these centers, you can expect more services than in other types of buildings. Think about receiving, mail processing, and phone answering services. In general, these are the basic services that each business center offers.

Another difference between business centers and multi-tenant buildings is that office space (almost always) comes furnished in business centers in Dubai. There are also meeting rooms for rent in business centers in Dubai. Meeting spaces are not consistently available in multi-company buildings.

When you rent an office, you have to invest money in equipment and services, as well as pay for all the physical space available in it. This is an expense that you cannot always make profitable.

A business center has everything you need to do your job properly. Electricity, Internet and telephone connections, bathrooms, and much more, such as meeting rooms. The good thing is that you only pay for what you need. If one table and one chair are enough, why pay for a meeting room or space for 5 seats? All the money you save is beneficial for you. In addition, the usual thing is that all basic services are included in the price you pay, such as electricity, water, or fiber optics.

1.1 Who are business centers in Dubai?

Before, it was not well seen to be in a business center in Dubai, but today it is the smartest place to start. A business center as a new location for your business is right for you if:

  • Your company has a maximum of 25 employees
  • You do not want a 5-year lease
  • You want to use services such as an answering machine and a reception

A great advantage of business centers in Dubai is that you pay a full price and therefore have no additional service costs. In short, a clear and transparent rental price.

2. What services are offered by a business center?

There are various types of services offered by business centers and each one adapts to the different needs of any company.

2.1 Offices

Offices are spaces that occupy part of the business center and in which a company is based with all its employees. Companies that decide to have offices are autonomously managed and do not usually require anything additional from the business center. The design of the facilities and the distribution of the space are the responsibility of the company itself.

Business centers in dubai usually have offices of different sizes, which can be occupied by one or more people, with all the necessary equipment and a series of services already included in the rental price.

This service usually includes:

  • Fiscal and commercial address.
  • Access to all the services of the business center in Dubai such as waiting areas or photocopying or cafeteria.
  • Access to meeting room according to availability and with reservation.
  • Telephone service and call transfer.
  • Capacity for up to 5 or 6 people on average.
  • Fully furnished.
  • Daily cleaning.
  • Fax and correspondence management.
  • Personalized visit attention and waiting room.

2.2 Coworking spaces

These spaces are very common in these centers. Coworking spaces allow you to share the same workspace with other companies or entrepreneurs. By sharing space and equipment, it is a cheaper option than the previous ones.

This service normally includes:

  • Fiscal and commercial address.
  • Internet access.
  • Access to common areas and the possibility of reserving the meeting room.
  • Fax and mail management.
  • Personalized attention and common waiting room.

2.3 Virtual offices

Virtual offices are very similar to the service of offices and physical offices, but designed for those who mainly need telephone services more than a physical office to work.

This service usually includes:

  • Fiscal and commercial address.
  • Notification via Email when receiving urgent or legal correspondence.
  • Fax management.
  • Access to the services and common areas of the business center in Dubai mentioned in the own offices.
  • Personalized telephone attention.
  • Access to a meeting room and coworking areas by reservation.

2.4 Meeting rooms

With a capacity for more than 15 or 20 people, meeting rooms are an important element that is used only on special occasions.

Product presentations, conferences, business meetings, training activities, or personnel selection are some of the most common uses that meeting rooms have in business centers in dubai

This service often includes:

  • High-quality sound and many projectors for your use. 
  • Access to the common areas and rooms of the business center.
  • Internet connection.
  • Attention of visits.
  • Access to photocopying, printing, or binding equipment.
  • Catering services.
  • parking service

3. Benefits of renting in a business center

Now, let us see the benefits that hiring the services of a business center can have for your company:

3.1 A privileged situation

Business centers in dubai are located in strategic areas of the city, where they can be easily accessed by public transport or anyone can approach. Therefore, if you have to meet someone, it is much easier to tell them which metro station drops them at the door than to have to keep going around until you find the place.

3.2 Promotes relationships

Although working from home can be attractive, if you want to improve your skills, and those of your company, you must deal with others. In business centers, you will be able to find people like you: entrepreneurs with their companies, together with whom you will be able to form associations that promote your business.

3.3 Provides a better image

Having a reception service for a client to come to see you, go to an office, or hold a corporate meeting in which you present your idea in a closed room will generate in him a feeling of a serious company.

3.4 Boost performance

In the business centers, you will be able to find people with whom you can work side by side, form alliances and associations, all this with the aim that your company continues to grow. It is much more motivating to see how more people are working than being locked in a cubicle or not seeing anyone all day. Your performance will be significantly boosted.

3.5 Immediacy

Start working when needed.

3.6 Flexibility

They adapt to the needs of the client. Also, there is flexibility of permanence and spaces.

3.7 Saving

Lack of initial investment, neither in facilities nor in telecommunications systems. Additionally, they can mean a reduction of fixed maintenance costs (cleaning, infrastructure, energy, equipment, etc.).

There are all kinds of business centers in Dubai, but you have to choose the one that best adapts to you and the needs of your company. Also, it must offer high-quality and personalized services.

4. Difference between business centers and coworking

With the passage of time and the subsequent appearance of coworking, spaces that offered jobs from different companies in the same shared space, the term “business center” has practically fallen into disuse.

In this way, the word “coworking” continues to be applied interchangeably for the two ways of managing spaces, and even both activities coexist in the same location.

In fact, on some occasions, private coworking is requested and what the client is looking for is a private space for that number of positions in these complexes where, in addition, they can access other services and shared facilities.

A business center in Dubai is ready-to-use office space. Depending on the size of your company, you can choose between one or several rooms or even an entire floor. Due to these characteristics, business centers are often occupied by organizations of different sizes with different space needs.

Although a coworking space also offers, to a greater or lesser extent, the same facilities, there are differences compared to a business center, since a coworking is more focused on offering services to freelancers, entrepreneurs, or startups.

It also has greater flexibility and scalability in spaces and rates, making it very easy to adapt the work center to the specific needs of the company at all times.

5. Things to consider when choosing a business center

Every business center has a wide variety of styles and options. Some are in more prominent locations than others, while others have more comfortable facilities, and others with better offices. Let us see these key points to choose the business center in Dubai that best suits the needs of your company.

5.1 Location

This point is key if the location is the most important thing for your company. This is the first impact on clients, having your office in a privileged location is a great advantage; however, you will have different competitors by your side.

5.2 Cost

Every company is about getting the most out of the investment. The same goes for choosing a business center in Dubai. The key at this point is not to go over budget, the idea is to look for something that completely suits your needs.

5.3 Office type

It is important to know what type of office suits your business. The most important companies have high-level offices with meeting rooms, executive offices; In contrast, mid-tier companies may have shared offices and workspaces. However, almost all companies require a high level of customization to be able to adjust the offices to their liking.

5.4 Mod cons

As the owner of your company, you will always want the best facilities on the market: Wi-Fi, electricity, and parking are some of the basic services; however, business centers also provide reception, staff, and other services.

5.5 Size

Certain organizations have more employees than others; therefore, they require a type of office that can adequately house all these employees. While other businesses do not need as many employees, they still need tables and desks. Thus, the size and level of your organization will define the choice of your business center.

6. How can Connect Business Center help you?

A business center in Dubai is the best solution for your company to grow steadily with welcoming spaces and comfortable facilities; in addition to covering all the needs that your company requires. With many benefits for your company and many other features will help to get the better space for you. 

Having your office in a business center can attract a greater number of clients and provide your employees with the best comfort. That is why at Connect Business Center, we have the best spaces for you and your company.

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