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How to Start a Car Wash Business in Dubai, UAE?

The United Arab Emirates is the most fascinating region in the Middle East. It offers the ultimate luxuries and a high lifestyle. Almost everyone owns a vehicle and needs various car services, so a car wash business in the UAE is a profitable business.

According to the geographical factor and sandy landscapes, vehicles need car services and cleaning regularly. Today, in a tech-savvy environment, car investors can avail of several advanced solutions, such as waterless or eco-friendly car wash services. However, you need to choose the best way to provide quick and easy services with a proper business plan to start your car wash business in Dubai.

You can go for market research and analysis to discover the best location, car wash solutions, equipment, assets, labor costs, expenses, and other financial estimations for the business. Then, you can go for licenses and permits to start the business.

We share the proper guide in this article on how to start a car wash business in the UAE.

Importance of Starting a Car Wash Business in Dubai

Car washes and cleaning services are essential for vehicle owners in the UAE’s busy lifestyle. Dubai is the most luxurious city, full of remarkable glitz and glam for an extensive car scene promising a successful car wash business.

Here are a few points to share the importance of starting a car wash business in Dubai;

Thriving Automobile Culture in Dubai;

Dubai is the most popular place for all luxuries, including the latest vehicles, and rapidly growing demand increases the number of automobiles in the city. The surge in the latest vehicles boosts the concentration on luxury and tech-savvy automobiles in the city. It also increases the fuel demand for regular car wash and cleaning services. The local residents prefer to maintain their vehicle’s appearance and value depending on the cleaning and conditions in the hot and dusty climate of Dubai.

Remunerative Car Wash Market;

The cleaning industry and car wash business in Dubai is flourishing rapidly due to various factors. It’s a remunerative market where you can start a business with a short capital cycle to acquire returns quickly. The city offers a business-friendly atmosphere and attracts multiple businesses from different industries. It offers low taxes with multiple benefits for thriving business opportunities in the city.

Diverse Car Service Business Opportunities;

In this new tech-savvy era, a car wash and cleaning business is more than a basic car wash service. Local residents appreciate diverse options with car wash services such as deep steam cleaning, the latest interior detailing, sanitization, and more. They also prefer eco-friendly options, and waterless cleaning caters to the region’s environmental consciousness.

The Key Factor is Convenience;

Dubai residents have a luxurious but busy life which raises a need for reliable car wash services. You can extend the priorities to attract more clients, such as offering express lanes, pick-up cars, and drop-off after wash. These additional services cater to time-conscious and busy customers.

Stand Out in the Crowd;

As you know, Dubai is a thriving business hub with an extensive competitive market. Acquiring potential customers with unique services is crucial to stand out in the crowd. You can offer incorporate features such as a comfortable waiting area, complimentary beverages, detailing packages for luxury cars, and other additional services like pick-up and drop-off.

You can thrive in the business economy of this dynamic region to capitalize on the car-booming culture, excellent business climate, and diverse client requirements for car cleaning services.

Business Licensing and Permits for Car Wash Business in UAE

We share a detailed overview of how to start a car wash business in Dubai. However, it’s essential to obtain licenses and permits from the regulated authorities to start your car wash and cleaning business in Dubai, UAE.

To obtain licenses and permits, you need to choose a business structure for the mainland or a free zone and a desired location for the business. All the Emirates have their specific authorities and departments for economic development to issue trade and business licenses in the UAE. You need to submit relevant documents for the process, such as passport copies, copies of business plans, and copies of tenancy agreements.

The license fee varies among the Emirates authorities, starting from ten thousand AED to twenty thousand AED. You may need additional approvals from other local bodies, such as the municipality department, for the city’s environmental regulations compliance. You must ensure you obtain all essential licenses and permits in compliance with the law of the state for smooth operations and to prevent legal obligations.

Types of Business Licenses Required

Dubai has a stunning automobile scene. Thus, the city has a well-defined license framework for car wash and cleaning businesses. The core licenses are the same as usual, but you may need additional permits from local authorities depending on your business activities and locations.

Let’s explore the breakdown of the car wash business license types;

Trade Licenses for Car Wash Business;

The trade licenses for the car wash business can be acquired by the Economic Development Authorities in Dubai. It’s the foundation for all commercial and trade activities in Dubai. The trade license can specify the business operations, such as car wash and cleaning services, and you can operate your business legally within the specified location. The license and permit fee may vary depending on the business structures, such as mainland, free zones, and workspace sizes.

Environmental Licenses and Permits;

Dubai Municipality regulates and issues environmental licenses and permits for environmental regulations to ensure a safe and healthy environment. The license defines reliable ways for wastewater disposal, water conservation measures, storage security, and the use of safe cleaning chemicals. You must comply with the regulations and the laws of the state and obtain the permits to start the business legally.

Building Permits and Licenses for Car Wash Business

You need to acquire a building permit and license from the Dubai Municipality authorities for the construction of a permanent car wash workspace. This permit is essential to ensure that your business structure meets the security standards for construction. You may consider an architect to build a proper structure to navigate the process and comply with the regulation authorities.

Advertisement Display Permits;

To display advertisements for a car wash business, you need to acquire a permit from Municipal authorities. It ensures your ad display complies with the guidelines issued by the authority for size, location, and ad content for display advertisement.

Additional Considerations for A Car Wash Business;

Mobile Car Wash Services: The core licenses for trade are applied for regular business conditions. However, if you need to operate a mobile car wash service in Dubai, you may require specific permits from the Road and Transit Authorities to operate a car wash business in public spaces.

Valet Service for Car Wash Business: For more additional services like valet services for car wash, you may require specific permits for automobile parking and moves within customer residence or office premises.

Note: If you are considering a business setup specialist in Dubai, you can get reliable advice on how to navigate the licenses and permits and their requirements according to your car wash and cleaning business activities. You must ensure that you have obtained all the essential permits to start your business in compliance with the regulated authorities to prevent delays and legal obligations.

Step-by-Step Guide to Obtaining Licenses

We share all the relevant information in this article to guide you through the process of obtaining licenses for a car wash and cleaning business in Dubai.

What is the car wash license cost in Dubai?

The car wash business license cost depends on the establishment process and multiple factors, such as business operations, locations, worker’s visa, and service charges. It consists of various permits and payments according to vary from the business activities. This fee includes business and trade name registration fees, tenancy agreements, and approvals. It can be eighteen thousand and five hundred AED minimum on average. You may consider a business consultant to set up a car wash business and acquire authentic details for financial and legal advisory to obtain the latest and accurate fees and charges details.

How to start a car wash business in UAE?

Here we discuss a few steps to start a car wash business in the UAE;

Finalize your activities

To start a car wash business in the UAE, you can access the approved list of business activities from the Economic Development Authority. You can choose the activities according to your criteria to set up a car wash and cleaning business in Dubai. In case of a specific business activity which is not mentioned in the list, you can contact the company formation experts to acquire external approvals for the specific activity.

Reserve a business name;

You must reserve a business name for car wash services in the UAE. Choose the name and send the authorities for approval. You will receive approval or a list of suggested names to select for your business. You can go through the list, select one, and send them back for approval. You must comply with the rules and laws of the state to avoid inconvenience.

Choose a location for business;

Choosing the location is another essential step. You never go near the gas or oil station and the suggested areas for your business before selecting the location. All business zones have some pros and cons, and you must know to finalize the location.

Obtain a car wash business permit;

You must acquire permits from the regulated authorities according to the mainland or free zones. You may need additional licenses or permits with some charges for mobile car wash services, water usage, waste disposal, and more from other relevant authorities.

Arrangements for visas;

You can arrange work permits and visas for workers and sponsor them to move to the UAE. You must provide reliable training to the workers on the business procedures and activities for security and to comply with safety regulations and the laws of the state. Be cautious about water usage and waste disposals, and apply eco-friendly rules.


We share all the relevant information and guidelines about how to start a car wash business in Dubai. You may consider a professional business consultant for legal advisory and calculating the cost and expenses incurred on this business in Dubai, UAE.

Let’s connect with our experts to guide you through the process and help you acquire the permits according to your preferences.

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