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How to Obtain a Visa for Parents in Dubai

The expatriate who wants their parents to reside beside them under one roof apply for a parents visa Dubai. It is a residency visa that allows residents to sponsor their parents in the United Arab Emirates.

In this article, we discuss:

  • The visa for parents in Dubai
  • The waiting process for the parents visa dubai
  • Step by step to application process for obtaining parental visa

Understanding the Importance of Parent Visas

It is crucial yet important to understand parents visa Dubai, as it is the green signal that allows your parents to start living with you legally. The purpose of obtaining a visa for parents allows residents to sponsor their parents to reside in Dubai with them. So one should know the proper requirements before applying for a visa. However, the resident must have a valid residency visa that meets a specified minimum salary to be eligible to sponsor his/her parents in Dubai.

Before applying, ensure that the documents are complete and up to date such as valid passports, proof of relationship, and medical proof all are required to submit. The expatriate should know the visa duration and renewal, it is usually valid for one year and can be renewed on request

Medical examination is also essential to check when obtaining a visa for parents along with health Insurance. It is mandatory for parents to have valid health insurance to enter Dubai.

To get detailed and updated information, visit the official website of the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship (ICP) or the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA) in Dubai for the smooth and seamless parent residency visa.

Types of Parent Visas in Dubai

Temporary vs. Permanent:

The expatriates who want to sponsor their parents in Dubai do not have an option for permanent residency for parents in the United Arab Emirates. However, they have an option to apply for renewable residency permits for their parents.

The permits for renewing the residency visa are issued on an annual basis, depending on meeting the necessary salary and medical insurance provisions. To keep updated of any changes, it is essential to consult with immigration authorities.

Exploring Different Options: Tourist, Sponsored, and Retirement Visas

Tourist Visa:

The expatriates is allowed to enter for 30 or 60 days as an entry visa for a single visit or for the purpose of tourism

Sponsored Visa:

Sponsored visa involves a company who is based in the United Arab Emirates taking responsibility for an employee’s residence visa and work permit.

Retirement Visa:

Retirement visas are a special type of permit designed for retired individuals who wish to reside in Dubai.

Understanding Eligibility Criteria of Obtaining visa for parents in dubai

To sponsor parents in Dubai, the expatriates must know the eligibility criteria for the visa for parents in dubai. It is a set of requirements that needs to be met for obtaining a residency visa for parents.

Meeting Age Requirements:

Any sponsor who’s age is 25 or more than 25 can apply for a parent visa in Dubai. Given that, in case of special needs, there are no specific restrictions for sponsor’s age.

Financial Considerations:

The residents must have to meet a minimum salary requirement. The amount varies case to case and it must be sufficient to support the parents throughout their stay in Dubai. In addition, the sponsor must also need to demonstrate that they can provide adequate accommodation for their parents. It could be anything such as submission of a rental agreement or title deed.

On the other hand, it is also one of the requirements that the parents must be financially dependent on the sponsor. They have to rely on sponsor or they must have no income or resources of their own

Gathering Required Documentation for parents visa

Essential Documents Checklist:

Ensure to have a proper list of documents needed to apply for a parents residency visa. A number of documents are required for application, including:

  • Valid passports
  • Proof of family relationship
  • Medical examination results and
  • Valid health insurance.

Navigating Legal Requirements:

Typing Center Role:

In the visa application process, typing centers play a crucial role. They ensure that all paperwork, including:

  • the Emirates ID
  • Bank account details
  • Necessary certificates are correctly prepared for submission.

The purpose of these centers is to facilitate the application process. They allow for submissions to be made without the need for applicants to visit GDRFA offices.

Legal Implications:

In regard to this, the sponsors need to provide the evidence that he/she is the caregiver for their parents and they lack support and care in their home country that’s why they want to sponsor them in Dubai. In circumstances, where only one parent is being sponsored due to any mishap such as death or divorce, then it is required to submit relevant documentation. In addition, sponsors are also responsible for maintaining valid health insurance for their parents.

Compliance with Visa Conditions and Renewals

To avoid legal repercussions, it is essential to timely process the visa conditions and visa renewals. There are severe consequences for not following the law properly in the form of fines.

A 30-day grace period is granted to exit Dubai or renew the visa on residency visa expiration. In this period, no fines are charged, but those who fail to take any action may face daily penalties. On the other hand, Emirates ID holders have 30 days to renew their card after expiry, after which fines are imposed daily. So it is advisable to prevent fines, initiate the renewal process for both Emirates ID and the residence visa well before expiration or within the grace period. In addition to this, visa renewal also requires passing the Dubai Medical Fitness Test.

Initiating the Application Process of Visa for Parents

Selecting the Correct Application Form

It is important to select the correct application form for a parent visa in Dubai. The different types of visas have different applications. So, it is necessary to read the application form, fill the application form and submit it carefully

Online vs. In-Person:

The visa application can be submitted through both online or in person. Through online, the GDRFA’s online platforms are available to get your application submitted. If you want to submit your application in person, it can be submitted at AMER Centers. It depends on your preference to submit your application digitally or physically.


In conclusion, the residency visa for parents is every expatriate’s wish to move their parents to Dubai. But before applying to obtain a parental visa, it is important to know all the necessary requirements to enjoy a seamless process from the start till the end.

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What is the cost of residence visa for parents in dubai?

To sponsor parents, the cost may vary depending on the case to case. The cost of sponsoring parents for 2 years ranges from AED 2450 to AED 3550 for applicants who reside outside of Dubai. For residents of Dubai, it costs from AED 3550 to AED 5322

Do expatriates sponsor their parents permanently in Dubai? Visit visa for parents in dubai?

The expatriates who want to sponsor their parents in Dubai do not have an option for permanent residency for parents in the United Arab Emirates. However, they have an option to apply for renewable residency permits for their parents or they can apply for a visit visa for parents in Dubai.

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