how to check grace period after visa cancellation

How to Check Your UAE Visa Cancellation Grace Period 2024

Every foreigner must be attentive to the cancellation of their UAE visa. Therefore, it is important to know how to check grace period after visa cancellation. This is for the purpose of changing immigration status or for the visa holder to leave the country before the grace period date. In this sense, UAE immigration laws establish that a foreigner cannot stay longer than the grace period of their visa. Doing so will put you at risk of legal consequences.

In this article, you will learn how to check grace period after visa cancellation. Likewise, you will also learn how to check grace period after visa cancellation in uae, as well as the new changes and other important general aspects of this topic. In this sense, the general objective is to know how long a foreigner can stay once their visa has expired.

Why do you need to check the UAE Visa Cancellation Grace Period?

how to check grace period after visa cancellation

The grace period after the cancellation of a UAE visa is the time that the holder of this visa has either to change immigration status or to leave the country. In this sense, these are some of the reasons why it is necessary to check the UAE visa cancellation grace period.

  • Compliance with immigration laws

UAE has strict immigration regulations regarding visas and residency. Therefore, it is important to comply with these regulations to avoid legal problems and possible penalties. These legal consequences can range from fines and other penalties. These can increase the longer the visa holder stays in the country after their visa expires.

The specific amount of these fines is AED 50 for each day elapsed after the expiration of the grace period. For its part, in addition to this fine, foreigners must pay an additional 320 AED for failing to comply with this immigration regulation, in addition to covering the procedures for leaving the country. This fine can be paid online or directly to immigration officials.

Likewise, verifying the grace period allows us to plan and take the necessary measures to avoid incurring these sanctions.

  • Avoid future UAE visa problems

Failure to comply with immigration laws can have long-term consequences on travel history and future visa applications. In this sense, by maintaining an adequate record of immigration status and respecting the legal deadlines, the visa holder will avoid difficulties in the future when applying for visas or residence permits in the UAE or other countries.

  • Access to services and benefits

By complying with the visa grace period, the holder can access and maintain access to services and benefits. This includes the ability to work, study, open a bank account, and access healthcare services, among others.

New changes about grace period after visa cancellation in UAE

how to check grace period after visa cancellation

These are the after visa cancellation in UAE new rules. It is important to note that the length of a foreigner’s stay will depend on his or her visa type. In the case of UAE residence visa holders, he or she has 6 month grace period after visa cancellation in UAE. In this sense, an important change that has occurred regarding the grace period after visa cancellation in the UAE is that after the cancellation of a residence visa, this grace period has been increased between 60 and 180 days.

An important change that has also occurred on this issue is that of sanctions. Anyone who remains in the country for a period longer than the grace period will receive a fine of 50 AED for each day elapsed plus an additional 350 AED for failing to comply with the immigration rule and to process departure from the country.

Previous rules regarding the grace period

Visitors previously received a 10-day grace period. Normally, in general terms, the minimum grace period is currently 30 days depending on the circumstances of the case, but not in the case of those visiting the UAE for tourist purposes. That is, previously after 10 days had passed after the expiration of the visitor’s tourist visa, the visitor could receive the corresponding fine for excessive stay in the country. Currently, those who visit UAE for tourist purposes do not have the benefit of the grace period after visa cancellation.

Verification of grace period after cancellation of UAE visa?

To check the grace period after cancellation of uae visa, the visa holder can perform any of the following actions:

  • Consult the employer or sponsor

If the visa is being canceled due to resignation from employment, the holder can contact his or her employer or sponsor to obtain precise information about the grace period that will be granted. In this sense, employers or sponsors may provide details on the corresponding deadlines.

  • Check with immigration authorities

The visa holder can contact the Department of Naturalization and Residency (GDRFA) of the United Arab Emirates to obtain current and accurate information regarding the grace period after the cancellation of their visa. In this regard, you can contact them via phone, email, or visit their official website for contact information and support.

  • Consult the employment contract or visa

The visa holder may review the employment contract or employments visa-related documents to identify any relevant information regarding the grace period. These documents may provide specific details about the deadlines and conditions applicable to his or her particular situation.

How many days does it take to cancel a visa in the United Arab Emirates?

Canceling your UAE resident visa is a relatively easy process. Likewise, it is important to obtain the cancellation of the resident visa correctly. This is with the aim that it to be registered in the immigration system. Now, normally the cancellation of the visa in the UAE takes a day or a little more than that.

What can happen if a foreign citizen stays longer than the UAE visa grace period allows?

If a person stays longer than the grace period after visa cancellation, he or she will in principle be fined. The first fine is AED 50 for each day of stay in the country after the visa expires.

Now, whoever commits these acts will also have to pay a fine of 350 AED for committing this immigration offense. Payment of these fines can be made online or directly to the immigration authorities.

Likewise, it will be difficult for this person to obtain both a new visa for the UAE as well as a new visa for any other country since they will have a history of failing to comply with immigration regulations.

Therefore, in order to avoid all these legal consequences, it is important that every foreign citizen pay attention to the validity period of their visa and the grace period. This, in addition to the legal consequences, which is logically the most important, will also avoid unpleasant and unnecessary moments that the foreign citizen will have to spend in the country.

Now, if a foreigner stays illegally in UAE beyond his or her visa grace period, he or she may face a future entry ban. This means that you will not be allowed to return to the UAE for a specific period of time which may vary depending on the duration of the violation of the law.

Likewise, in some cases, the authorities can detain the foreign citizen for violating immigration laws and proceed to deport him. That is, in addition to fines and entry bans, there may be a detention and deportation process.

How can you check the UAE Visa Cancellation Grace Period Online?

The UAE visa holder can verify the visa cancellation grace period online through the following steps:

  • Enter to the ICP website.
  • Choose search criteria.
  • On the ICP website, you will see several options.
  • Under the “Search by” option, choose the “File #” option.
  • In the “Select type” option, for example, you can choose the “Residence” option.
  • Go to the “File Type” option and choose the “Emirate Unified Number”.
  • Now the visitor must provide some data and personal information.

Unified number. This number is found on the holder’s visa or residence permit, as the case may be.

Then, the visitor must select their nationality in the option available for this.

The next thing is to indicate the date of birth in the format established by the website.

Subsequently, the visitor must complete the reCAPTCHA and press “Search” to verify that the person is not a robot. After that, the reCAPTCHA challenge must be solved by clicking on the images requested by the page. Having done this successfully, the visitor must press the “Search” option to continue with the process.

As a result, the visitor will be able to see his or her grace period.


It is important to highlight several aspects. First of all, we know that for visas other than tourist visas, a grace period is granted that normally ranges from two to six months so that the foreign citizen can take the necessary measures either to change their immigration status or to leave the country.

Likewise, the main importance of checking the grace period before canceling the UAE visa is that there will be legal consequences for those who are in the country once this grace period has elapsed. Those who engage in this conduct must pay 50 AED for each day of stay in the UAE in addition to the grace period plus an additional 350 AED for committing this immigration offense.

For its part, every foreign citizen must avoid incurring these acts since in addition to suffering the corresponding fines, it will be more difficult for them to access other visas, including for other countries.

But how many days i can stay in uae after employment visa cancellation. Answering this question, this can be done in several ways. Mainly, you can do it online. But you can also consult with the employer, sponsor, and immigration authorities. Likewise, you can verify the employment contract or the respective visa.

In conclusion, it is important that every foreign citizen be aware of their immigration status and their grace period in order to avoid legal consequences and unpleasant situations with the immigration authorities.

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