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The Importance of Ejari Tenancy Contracts, Securing Your Rental Rights in the UAE

There is a sizable international community in Dubai that consist of residents from many countries. If you are new to the emirate and searching for long-term housing in Dubai, you need to become familiar with the jargon used in real estate transactions. Ejari tenancy contract, a government-run program to control all rental agreements in Dubai, is one example of a prevalent phrase.

In this article, we will be talking about Ejari tenancy contract, its benefits, the Ejari registration UAE process, and more. In every emirate of the UAE, business owners must fulfill certain conditions before renting any kind of office space. For instance, if they wish to rent an office in Dubai, they must register the Ejari tenancy contract.

Difference between Ejari and tenancy contract

The Dubai government oversees the Ejari certificate program. It controls all tenancy contracts UAE in the area. Consequently, in the event of a dispute, it makes sure that both the rights of the tenant and the landlord are upheld. Once the leasing agreement has been recorded in the system, it is given a unique number, known as the Ejari number. The Ejari registry’s installation aids in giving authorities a complete and accurate picture of the Dubai rental industry.

The certificate will include information about the home, its owner and tenant, as well as the amount that was paid. Tenants are eligible to receive their property from their landlord in livable condition under the terms of their lease. In order to generate an Ejari for a new renter, they will also be able to send their final bill to RERA officials. It is crucial to update your Ejari because there will be no other method to handle any potential legal issues in the future.

If your Ejari has not been renewed for each year you resided at this home, you may not be able to terminate your DEWA account. The main goals of Ejari’s effort were to develop a strong regulatory framework for the rental industry and to safeguard the rights of everyone participating in the renting process.

Ejari registration documents required for Tenancy Contract

You should get ready a variety of necessary documents before registering for Ejari tenancy contract Dubai. Some of them are:

  • Original tenancy contract.
  • Security deposit receipt.
  • Tenant’s Emirates ID.
  • Landlord’s passport copy.
  • Tenant passport.
  • Copy of POA (Power of Attorney).
  • Tenant’s UAE residency visa.
  • Rent property deed copy.
  • Trade license (if necessary).

Additionally, if you are renewing your Ejari, you must provide a DEWA bill in addition to the original Ejari.

Understanding Ejari Security Deposits

A security deposit is cash provided to a landlord, financier, or seller of a house or apartment as evidence of the buyer’s willingness to occupy and maintain the property. Security deposits could or might not be refundable depending on the details of the transaction. In addition to providing safety for the recipient, the deposit can be utilized for reimbursement for losses or damages to items.

Security deposits are normally the same sum as the monthly rent and are due before settling in or taking ownership of the property. A security deposit may be applied to the replacement or repair of equipment in a rental property if the damage was caused by the renter’s activities.

For instance, if a tenant destroys a window or permanently harms the building’s floors, walls, or infrastructure, the landlord may utilize the security deposit for necessary repairs. Usually, the security deposit will be returned to the tenant if the rental unit is in good shape and does not require any repairs when they move out.

According to the rental property contract UAE the security deposit is from 5% to 10% of the rent. When the person decides to stop renting, the landlord must obtain the security deposit according to the tenant rights Dubai.

What is the Process for Ejari Registration in Dubai?

Registration can happen through the app, offline, or online. Here we will show you the process for Ejari tenancy contract registration online:

  • Go to the Ejari site.
  • Create your Ejari account.
  • Complete the form.
  • Upload the documents.
  • Pay the proper fees.
  • Send the form.
  • The center receives the application and then reviews it.
  • Lastly, if the request goes through positively they will send the Ejari tenancy contract registration via email.

How to register your tenancy contract with Ejari?

Through its website, app, or offline centers, you can easily register your Ejari tenancy contract:

  • Offline: You can submit the necessary documents and subscribe for the Ejari service at typing facilities. When you arrive, you will also need to complete an application for your Ejari registration in the UAE. In order to be ready, bring copies of the paperwork, proof of your new residence, and the rental agreement number.
  • Online: If you need a quick and easy solution, using the website to apply is the best option. The Dubai Land Department’s website, Ejari, which uses the Ejari system, offers this function.
  • App: As an alternative, you can sign up your Ejari tenancy contract in Dubai and upload your supporting papers via the Dubai REST App. To complete the process, you should also do the following:
    • Install the app.
    • Sign up.
    • Upload the registration-related paperwork.

Finally, the tenant needs to have an account in the Ejari app to enable this technique to be effective. In about 2 working days after they accepted the files on the app, you will receive the Ejari certification. The Ejari number ID will be in the contract. When you register online, you can instantly open a DEWA profile by supplying this number.

After registration, you will be given an Ejari number and a unique barcode. Because an Ejari certificate acts as proof of the Ejari tenancy contract in Dubai, you must present one when applying for the subsequent purposes:

Additionally, whenever you wish, you can obtain and print it from the official website.

When Should the Ejari Be Canceled?

When the tenant intends to vacate the property before the duration of the lease is over, Ejari cancellation is essential. In a nutshell, you cancel it if you vacate the property early or if the landlord and renters decide not to extend the lease at the conclusion of the current term.

RERA regulations state that each property may only have one Ejari registration. If the old property’s Ejari is not revoked, the tenant has no right to register with Ejari anymore. Landlords would be unable to lease their real estate to a different party.

If you are wondering who is responsible for canceling Ejari, the landlord must do so as soon as the occupant vacates the premises.

The cancellation process goes like this:

  • Filling out the paperwork that are part of the cancellation area of the Ejari website is the first step in the cancellation procedure. Additionally, you must submit the necessary paperwork and provide your information in line with RERA.
  • The applicant must enter all necessary information. Including their name, email address, and phone number, and upload all necessary files. Also, this includes an Emirates ID and an undertaking statement.
  • If the renter is a business, the person in question must go to an Ejari office.
  • You require the Ejari certificate to cancel your Ejari account online. The tenancy agreement may be uploaded in its place if a duplicate of the certificate is not available.
  • You will get an Ejari Termination ID through email after completing the form and submitting the request to cancel Ejari. This termination ID also serves as a reference ID for any follow-ups at any Ejari office.
  • Following the sending of an Ejari Termination ID through email, RERA notifies the applicant of the definitive Ejari cancellation via email and SMS.

What are the benefits of Ejari System?

Here are the benefits of the Ejari system in the UAE:

  • Legal protection: Both landlords and tenants have legal safeguards under the Ejari system. It makes sure that everyone abides by the conditions and terms of the agreement to rent, and in the event of any disputes, it can be used as evidence in court.
  • Transparency: By guaranteeing that all rental agreements are documented and recorded, it encourages integrity in the rental market. This makes information accessible and lessens the chance of fraud.
  • Government compliance: All rental contracts in Dubai must include the Ejari, and failure to do so can result in fines and penalties. This guarantees that all rental agreements adhere to legal requirements.
  • Access to utilities: The Ejari certificate of registration can be used by tenants to apply for services like electricity and water, which are necessary for a decent living situation.
  • Residency visas: Tenant residency visas must be issued through the Ejari system. As a result, tenants may use their Ejari tenancy contract registration certificate as evidence of their Dubai residency.

It is crucial to register the Ejari tenancy contract UAE because it enables you to acquire other essential components for your company. It enables you to, among other things, create a bank account; grant visas; update your trade license and set up utilities. In most circumstances, it even permits you to hire domestic help.

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