visa cancellation charges

Know About Visa Cancellation charges in Dubai | Detailed Procedure 2024

Understanding the costs of visa cancellation charges in Dubai is of utmost importance for individuals and agencies looking to navigate the UAE immigration system successfully. Visa cancellation is a system that can arise for a lot of reasons. Visa cancellation charges in Dubai are variable and depend on several elements.

In this article, we going to discover the visa cancellation charges in dubai in detail. Together with the process of voluntary and involuntary cancellation, the corresponding authorities charges, additional service charges and other associated costs. In addition, we are able to address the vital documentary requirements. Visa cancellation charges in UAE and family visa cancellation charges in dubai and study visa cancellation charges are vital factors that impact financially on applicants.

Importance of Understanding Visa Cancellation Charges

visa cancellation charges

Visa cancellation charges in Dubai can vary greatly depending on the type of visa. The method executes the cancellation and the channel causes it. For example, cancellation fees for family visas in Dubai may differ from the fees applied to work or vacation visas.

In addition, the cancellation system may involve ongoing costs for the authorities and additional prices for the carrier. Intermediaries or online offers facilitate the application.

It is important to recognize that cancellation prices are not simply an administrative price; they replicate the complexity and effort required to update a person’s statistics and legal standing in the UAE immigration system.

Anticipation and knowledge of these charges not only facilitates a smoother transition for individuals who need to cancel their visa. But also ensures compliance with UAE immigration guidelines.

This knowledge is especially important in cases where visa cancellation is an essential preliminary step for relocation, employment trade within the country, or regularization of immigration reputation due to changes in the private or own family scenario.

What Are Main Reasons for Visa Cancellation in UAE

The main grounds for cancellation of a visa in the UAE are legal, private and professional. These elements now not only have an effect on people’s stay in the country. Additionally determine the process and costs of visa cancellation in the UAE that must be accompanied. Below are some of the most common reasons:

  • Change of employment: A common reason for visa cancellation is when a person changes employers within the UAE.
  • Termination of employment contract: Similar to employment contracting, the termination of an employment agreement. Either with the aid of termination or resignation. Usually requires the cancellation of the corresponding work visa.
  • Visa expiration: Visas have a certain period of validity, after which they must be renewed or cancelled. If there are no plans to renew or change status, the visa must be formally cancelled.
  • Permanent Departure: Those who decide to leave the UAE altogether should cancel their visa before departure to avoid legal problems or fines in the future.
  • Violation of visa conditions: The visa was granted under certain situations, and violating them. Along with non-compliance with residency efforts or laws. May additionally result in its forced cancellation.

Visa Cancellation Charges in UAE

Understanding the costs of visa cancellation in the UAE is crucial for any individual or company interested in the process of visa cancellation. This element of the UAE immigration system involves a number of costs set by the authorities.

For processing the cancellation of various types of visas, including work, family or visit visas. The form of these fees shows the administrative fees associated. With updating the individual’s details and legal status within the country.

The UAE government sets the main aspect of visa cancellation costs, which are government fees. For example, cancellation of an employment visa may have a different fee than cancellation of a family visa or traveler’s visa. Reflecting the special administrative needs and tactics involved in each case.

In addition to the official fees, applicants may also face additional fees should they choose to finalize the cancellation procedure through intermediaries. Including Amer or Tas’heel Service Centers. These prices are similar to the official fees and cover the cost of facilitating the cancellation process on behalf of the applicant.

What are Procedures for Visa Cancellation

visa cancellation charges

The UAE visa cancellation system requires meticulous observation of numerous steps. Ensuring compliance with local guidelines and avoid complications. Someone must receive and complete a visa cancellation application form.

The official websites of the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA) in Dubai provide this form online. Or through the Federal Identity and Citizenship Authority (ICA) in other emirates. Alternatively, candidates can go to an Amer carrier center or an authorized typing center to obtain and complete the form.

Once someone completes the form, they must attach the required documentation. Which usually includes the visa holder’s original passport and UAE ID card. In addition to any other precise documents required depending on the type of visa and their status of the applicant.

Documentation varies whether the cancellation is for an employment, circle of relatives or other type of visa. The next step is to post the cancellation request along with the necessary files with the competent authority.

Voluntary Cancellation

Voluntary cancellation of a visa in the UAE allows a visa holder or their sponsor to terminate the visa prior to its expiration date. The procedure defines the key steps below:

  • Preparation of documentation: The first step is to gather all essential documents for cancellation. This includes the original passport of the visa holder, UAE ID and other specific files required by the government.
  • Cancellation request: A cancellation request form must be completed and can be obtained online through the GDRFA or ICA portals, or in person at an Amer or Tas’heel provider center.
  • Payment of fees: At this point, the visa cancellation charges must be paid.
  • Confirmation of cancellation: After processing the application and paying the fees. The issuing authority can issue a confirmation of cancellation.

Involuntary Cancellation

Involuntary cancellation of a visa in the UAE refers to the process. Reasons beyond the control of the visa holder terminate a visa. Usually initiated by the employer, sponsor or through the authorities due to particular situations. The key elements of this procedure are specified below:

  • Termination of the employment relationship: One of the most frequent reasons for involuntary cancellation is the termination of the employment relationship.
  • Judicial or administrative decision: UAE authorities may cancel visas based entirely on judicial or administrative decisions. For example, in cases of legal pastime or critical violations.
  • Visa expiration: Although not technically an involuntary cancellation now, a visa that has expired without being renewed or officially cancelled may result in automatic cancellation and viable penalties with the assistance of the authorities.

Government Fees

Within the UAE visa cancellation form, government fees are an essential aspect. The UAE Government imposes these fees. And vary depending on the type of visa and the particular cancellation process. Key details on these fees are provided below:

  • Cancellation application fee: This is the base fee required to process the visa cancellation request. The applicant or sponsor must pay this fee at the time of submitting the cancellation request.
  • E-Service Charges: With the move closer to digitization, many visa cancellation approaches can be completed online. This leads to additional e-services charges that protect the use of digital structures and digital processing of software.
  • Delay penalties: If visa cancellation is requested after the visa expiration date or after a grace period determined by the authorities, postponement penalties may also apply. These penalties are in addition to the cancellation fee and vary depending on the length of the postponement.
  • Refunds and exemptions: Under certain circumstances, the government may also offer refunds or price waivers.

Service Charges

In the UAE visa cancellation process, in addition to the authorities’ fees, applicants may also incur transportation costs. Single entities that facilitate the cancellation process charge these costs. Consequently, providing additional services that can simplify and expedite the process. The main vendor costs associated with visa cancellation include the following:

  • American Service Centers: These centers, located in Dubai, offer a wide range of visa and residency related services, including visa cancellation. Prices for these services include assistance with orientation and filing the visa cancellation application.
  • Authorized Typing Centers: For candidates who decide or need to finish their utility in character, authorized typing centers offer essential file processing services. Service fees at those facilities include cancellation utility education and recommendation on required files.
  • Online platforms: When opting for the application of official virtual structures for visa cancellations, including the GDRFA or ICA portals, digital support prices may additionally apply. These costs facilitate the use of the virtual infrastructure and the electronic processing of applications.
  • Legal advisory services: In some cases, applicants may be seeking the guidance of legal advisors or legal corporations to guide them through the visa cancellation system. Fees for services may include legal consultations, document preparation and illustration before the government.

Other Associated Costs

As the visa cancellation process approaches within the UAE. In addition to government and service fees, applicants must prepare to face other associated fees. The specific situation of the applicant and the type of visa being cancelled can also make these fees vary. Some of the additional fees that may be sustained for the duration of the visa cancellation method are listed below:

  • Penalties for visa expiration: If the visa is cancelled after its expiration date, the applicant may have consequences for each day of postponement. The consequences accumulate until completion of the cancellation procedure.
  • Fees for legalization of documents: Depending on the case, it may be important to legalize or translate respectable documents before submitting them for visa cancellation. These legalization and translation offer carry additional fees.
  • Courier or postage costs: Courier or postage costs may be added to the general costs for users working outside the country or wishing to send documents to special authorities or workplaces.
  • Legal consulting costs: In complex cases or when specialized advice is sought, applicants may incur costs for legal consulting offers. These experts can help navigate the cancellation procedure, optimize deadlines and avoid costly mistakes.

Travel expenses: If the cancellation procedure requires the applicant’s presence at a government office or embassy within the UAE, related travel prices such as tranactivity, accommodation (if important) and food must be taken into account.

Document Requirements

To carry out visa cancellation in the United Arab Emirates, applicants must submit a number of unique documents. These requirements may also vary depending on the form of visa. And the precise occasions of the applicant, but typically encompass:

  • Original activity: Applicant’s valid tour record is required to confirm identity and modern visa reputation.
  • Copy of visa or residence card: A replica of the visa or residence card (Emirates ID) is required to process the cancellation.
  • Cancellation Request Form: A completed and signed form requesting cancellation of the visa. The immigration authorities or their online portals usually provide this form.
  • Letter of No Objection (NOC) from the employer or sponsor: In the case of employment or sponsored visas, a letter of no objection from the organization or sponsor, indicating their consent to the cancellation of the visa, may be required.
  • Proof of payment of fees: Receipts or proof of payment of cancellation fees and any other applicable costs.

Application Process

Numerous key steps in the UAE visa cancellation system must be cautiously followed to ensure compliance with local guidelines and ease the transition. The description below outlines the process.

  • Initial consultation: Before starting the system, it is very beneficial to discuss with the competent authorities or suggest legal to recognize the precise requirements and applicable prices.
  • Collection of documents: The applicant has to collect all the necessary files for visa cancellation along with passport, good card, completed application form and some other required documents through the government.
  • Submitting the request form: The applicant must complete and submit the cancellation request form along with the specified files. Applicants can complete this step online through the GDRFA or ICA portals. Or in person at an Amer Service Center or legal typing center.
  • Cancellation Confirmation: After the application has been accepted and processed, a cancellation confirmation will be issued. It is essential to keep this confirmation as proof of the actual cancellation of the visa.
  • Cancellation Status Check: Applicants can check their visa cancellation status online through the GDRFA or ICA portals. Consequently, ensuring that their immigration status has been updated correctly within the system.


A particular understanding of visa cancellation charges in UAE, along with the unique methods for voluntary and involuntary visa cancellation. To clarify is a crucial guide for individuals and groups looking to navigate the complicated UAE immigration system.

It is vital not to forget that, although this article provides a significant review, policies and strategies can also operate. Therefore, staying informed and up to date is essential to avoid inconvenience. For those curious about exploring more approximately this and other topics related to UAE immigration, our insights section offers a wealth of additional data and sources.

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