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How Much Cost for Cafeteria License in Dubai

Are you going to start the new cafeteria business in Dubai? You must acquire the license to start a new cafeteria business. It’s crucial to know how much it costs for cafeteria license in Dubai?

You can calculate expenses and cafeteria license costs in Dubai for a new startup. The first step is to choose a specific name for the business relevant to your vision and mission. Then, you must register the name with the Department of Economic Development in Dubai with certain charges. After this process, you will receive approval from the department, and this process also has a certain fee.

You must pay another cost for the cafeteria license in Dubai, which includes verification, rental contracts, trademark, trade name license, and creating company stamp fee.

Here we discuss all the information you need to know to license a new cafeteria business in Dubai.

Legal Requirements for Operating a Cafeteria

You must know the legal requirements for operating a cafeteria business in Dubai to obtain the license. You will get a form to fill out with all relevant and correct information with a red star mark. It’s an online portal, and you can access it from anywhere. The major requirements for the business license approval are;

  • Reliable cafeteria name
  • You must fulfill the requirements according to the guidelines from the food security department in Dubai.
  • Show a UAE resident sponsor for the business evidence.
  • Proof of rental contract and tenancy contact for cafeteria
  • The required details and documents were sent to the Department of Economic Development in Dubai.
  • Now, you can apply for a No Objection Certificate from the municipality and food security department in Dubai.
  • You need to hire a lawyer to proceed with approval.
  • Finally, check, confirm, and submit all the documents.

Factors Affecting Cafeteria License Costs

These are a few factors affecting the cafeteria license costs;

Additional Expenses

You must keep an eye on the other expenses and additional costs like market surcharges, labor documentation charges, post office rental, and license renewal charges. These additional charges can change the total expenses in your financial statements.

Regulatory Authorities Indulgent

Multiple regulatory authorities work in the food industry for quality assurance, health, and hygiene safety. You may need to pay and process further with these authorities for cafeteria establishment.

Location Considerations for Cafeteria

You must comply with the rules for the cafeteria location considerations according to the food safety authorities and choose the location allowed for this business. Cafeterias must be near a trash can for easy waste disposal without interrupting city life.

Size and Capacity of the Cafeteria

Your business structure must affect the license cost. The cost depends on the size, locality, capacity, and other plans of your cafeteria. These costs include tax and liabilities depending on the size and structure of the cafeteria.

Type of Cuisine and Menu Complexity

The license cost depends on the cuisine you offer in your cafeteria. If you have a small and simple menu, then you may have a small fee. However, if you have dynamic cuisines and a large menu with breakfast, lunch, and dinner, you may charge a heavy amount for licensing with multiple other expenses.

Extra License Costs to Keep in Mind for Cafeteria

You must keep in mind the extra license expenses and additional costs for the cafeteria business. For health regulatory authorities, you need to pay some other costs to maintain the quality and hygiene. You may require a few more permits and licenses from the food security department like consignment licenses, meat handling permit, and food delivery system license.

Fees Structure Breakdown

We share an estimated fee structure breakdown so that you can easily calculate the license costs. However, changes may occur in the costs, and you may visit the relevant web portals for further information. The license fee depends on the cafeteria type, size, and location.

A six hundred and twenty AED fee for the trade name registration is implied.

A one hundred and fifteen AED fee is implied for Tahseel’s approval.

A five hundred AED fee is implied for attestation of the Tenancy contract.

A one hundred AED fee is implied for the cafeteria business stamp.

A five hundred AED fee is charged to the cafeteria establishment card.

Five thousand AED fee for a food safety permit

Ten thousand AED fee for a liquor license.

License Application Fees

The cafeteria license application fee in Dubai is about Ten thousand and three-fifty AED. However, the complete licensing fee can be twenty-four thousand to twenty-nine thousand AED. These estimations may change, and you can go through the relevant authority web portals for further information.

Inspection Charges for Cafeteria License

Inspection charges for cafeteria licenses in Dubai may be incurred by the food regulatory authorities to maintain the quality, health, and hygiene standards.

Renewal Charges for Cafeteria License

You must pay the renewal charges on a yearly basis for the cafeteria license in Dubai. The cost depends on the current size, location, and type of food offered in your cafeteria.


All this information is relevant for acquiring a license for a cafeteria in Dubai. After all this process, you can apply for a visa for your staff and proceed with further administrative tasks like opening bank accounts, work permits, and accommodation. For additional details, visit the Dubai food regulatory department website.

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