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Real Estate Brokerage License in dubai, UAE

Wondering how to obtain a real estate brokerage license Dubai? The UAE, due to its economic growth and stability is a hub for foreign investors. The reasons why entrepreneurs want to establish their business in Dubai are several including, top-notch infrastructure, company investments, technical advancements, and trading prospects.

Undoubtedly, we can say that Dubai is a prime location for real estate investors. Its magnificent skylines, renowned landmarks, best infrastructure, and popular events make it a safe place of business investment

As aspiring businessmen, you should know the benefits of investing in Dubai. Among so many pros, the Dubai market is now becoming one of the world’s best real estate markets and offers a great ROI. Since the launch of the golden visa program, the property business in Dubai has grown to a larger extent. It encourages real estate investors to invest and make Dubai the best location for purchasers.

The UAE real estate market is focusing on long-term capital growth and hence undergone a significant transformation.

According to the new legislation of 2024, it is easier now to buy real estate in the emirate. The United Arab Emirate’s government has streamlined the overall process for foreign investors by providing them ease in investing in properties through:

  • Online services for property ownership
  • Registration
  • Licensing etc.

In this article, we shed light on how you can obtain a real estate brokerage license in Dubai including:

  1. Legal framework involve in obtaining license
  2. Steps involve in real estate brokerage license
  3. Pre requisites of brokerage license for real estate

Before jumping into detail you must know that the Department of Economic Development DED is responsible for offering a real estate license. This license is playing a role of intermediary between the buyer and the seller to complete real estate transactions

Now, we move into more insight to help you understand how you can obtain a real estate brokerage license Dubai

Legal Framework for Brokerage Activities

The DED provides a license for real estate to start operating brokerage activities in Dubai. To start your real estate business legally, this license helps companies to buy and sell properties. Under this license, it also allows real estate brokers to sell and advertise properties using contracts approved by the RERA.

Step-by-Step Guide to Obtaining Your Real Estate Brokerage License

Few steps involved in obtaining a real estate brokerage license dubai:

  • Complete an online DED application and provide it with a reserve trade name.
  • In next steps, submit an application form with the necessary paperwork. It includes all shareholders and manager passport copies as well as each shareholder’s academic transcripts attested copies
  • At this stage, complete the RERA Course. This training is for about 2 weeks. After completion, it will provide the candidate with RERA clearance.
  • The RERA required the application form, DED license copy, tenancy copy, location map, and RERA course purchase receipt of an applicant. The RERA will grant the registration certificate.
  • The DNRD and Ministry of Labor registration is the Real Estate Brokerage Company’s last stage.

After all these steps are done, this will result in the completion of Dubai’s commercial brokerage license process.

Prerequisites for Obtaining a Real Estate Brokerage License

Several prerequisites that are mandatory to meet when applying to obtain your real estate brokerage license Dubai:

Personal Eligibility Criteria

To start operating as a realtor, you must meet certain eligibility criteria such as you must have a relevant educational background or experience in real estate.

Business Requirements

Before beginning your real estate journey, you need to register your real estate brokerage business with the relevant authorities in Dubai. It involve:

  • Selecting a business structure
  • Registering the trade name, and
  • Obtaining necessary approvals.

Initial Application Process

It’s a crucial step in the way to operating your brokerage business in Dubai. You need to submit an application for a real estate brokerage license. The application will be sent to the Dubai Land Department (DLD) or the relevant authority in Dubai.

Documentation Needed

Make sure to submit all required documents along with your license application. The documents that are necessary to submit are identification documents, financial statements, business registration certificates, and others as specified by the regulatory authority.

We are listing down the documents required by DED:

  • Owner’s passport copy
  • Copy of an Emirates ID card
  • Copy of a family book (if required only)
  • White background passport size photograph
  • Tenancy Contract
  • Ejari certificate
  • Articles of association (if required only)
  • RERA approval

Here is the document list as required by RERA

  • DED Application
  • Trade names reservation
  • Approval receipt of Initial inquiry
  • Copy of owner’s passport
  • Copy of an Emirates ID card
  • Copy of a family book
  • Good conduct certificate by Dubai police
  • Degree certificate of owner
  • Certificate/degree in real estate practitioner course

Fees and Costs Involved H3

There are several factors that affect the cost of commercial brokerage license in Dubai. It contains:

  • Your office’s site cots
  • Employees that you hire and
  • Insurance charges
  • License charges and
  • Visa fees

However, if you want to know the cost for obtaining a commercial broking license then it is available from as low as 12,500 AED.


In conclusion, real estate has grown to a great extent from past years due to the launch of Golden visa. It inspires expatriates to visit and explore the ample opportunities that real estate business is offering. But before making a decision about your real estate brokerage profession, it is necessary to know all the details such as eligibility criteria, documents required, business approval and steps involved to have a simplified and hassle free real estate brokerage license Dubai process.

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