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Why do people thrive in co-working spaces?

There are different office spaces in Dubai where you can work, for example, virtual offices, shared office spaces, and co-working spaces. Each of these spaces offers its own benefits. However, in recent years it has been shown that the space where businesses prosper the most is in co-working spaces.

In this article, we will talk about the reasons why businesses thrive in a co-working space in the UAE. We will talk about the advantages of working in a co-working space and what makes it different from other spaces, so that you know if it is the space that best suits your business. Let us look at the content in more detail:

  1. How can your business thrive in a co-working space?
  2. How to know if a co-working space is a right space for your business?
  3. What are the types of co-working spaces that you could find in the UAE?
  4. How can our agency help your business thrive with our co-working spaces?

1. How can your business thrive in a co-working space?

A co-working space is an office space, usually located within a business center, in which entrepreneurs, freelancers, and virtual workers share the same space. In addition to sharing space and time, the different workers, usually belonging to different businesses, share the cost of rent and services.

Studies carried out since 2015 have shown that professionals who work in UAE co-working spaces are happier and report greater satisfaction with their professional lives. For this reason, co-working spaces in the UAE have become more common in recent years. These different studies show that when professionals choose a top co-working space in Dubai, their creativity and job performance increase.

If you want to know what are the benefits of a co-working space that make your business thrive, read below our list of the five main reasons:

1.1 A co-working space makes professionals feel that their work is important

One of the reasons freelancers and entrepreneurs feel more comfortable in co-working spaces in the UAE is that they work around entrepreneurs from other businesses, with other projects. First of all, this serves as inspiration for the worker. Working around other entrepreneurs and seeing them work and strive serves as an inspiration for you to work and strive too. Also, since the other entrepreneurs belong to other businesses, the workers don’t have that feeling of competition.

Also, the best co-working places should give you the opportunity to help other entrepreneurs. In a co-working space, members feel more comfortable because they receive support from other entrepreneurs. On the other hand, working in a UAE co-working space also means that you can help other entrepreneurs. The feeling that you are helping other people gives more meaning to your work and gives you more motivation to work.

Many times, entrepreneurs do not see a co-working space just as an office space where they have to go to work, but they see it as a community. Top co-working spaces in the UAE are perceived as an environment of collaboration, solidarity, and learning. Even so that global meetings are held annually for members of co-working spaces, where they talk in conferences about how the sense of community in a UAE co-working space has changed their way of perceiving work.

1.2 More flexibility and job control

Another reason why businesses are so successful in co-working spaces is because they offer much more flexibility to workers. To start with, a co-working space in the UAE is open 24 hours a day. That means you can choose the time of the day you want to go to work and you do not have to stick to a fixed schedule every day. This also means that you can rest easy if something goes wrong on a workday. You can take care of the inconvenience or emergency and then go to work.

The top co-working spaces in Dubai offer lifestyle spaces such as gyms and spas. The flexibility of these spaces means that you can take a break from work whenever you need to and go to the gym or spa to release stress. You have more control over your work and your schedule.

In a co-working space, you also have more control over the type of space you want and the furniture you want. For example, you can decide between having your own table to work at or you can work at a shared table with other entrepreneurs. The best co-working spaces in the UAE also offer the possibility of virtual offices. Co-working space rent includes virtual spaces in case you have a family or home emergency to attend to.

This flexibility is also included in the co-working space rent. When you rent a co-working space, you can decide between different plans. You can choose between renting monthly, or per day. You can even rent per use in case you only need the space for a few hours and pay only for the services you used.

1.3 Entrepreneurs become part of a community

One of the main reasons why UAE co-working spaces are highly sought after by entrepreneurs is because the office becomes a communal space for them. That is, a space where they can connect with other people.

Members of a co-working space feel less alone compared to other entrepreneurs who work from home or in conventional offices. The best co-working spaces in Dubai also offer networking opportunities. That is, talks and conferences where they can learn about the projects of other entrepreneurs and have the opportunity to work together.

Although a co-working space is a space where entrepreneurs can socialize, it does not mean that they always have to. If you are an extrovert, you can feel comfortable in this space because you can talk with other workers anytime you want.

On the other hand, if you are more introverted, you always have spaces inside the building where you can be alone, and when you feel like talking, you can approach the other members. The best co-working spaces also offer lounges where you can have coffee or tea. These spaces comprise a meeting point between members.

1.4 Less stress

Another reason why your business prospers when you work in a co-working space is that in this type of space the workers are less stressed. UAE co-working spaces seek the comfort of their members. To ensure this comfort, co-working spaces offer comfortable furniture, casual decoration, natural light, and soft music in the background.

A comfortable space guarantees that workers will be less stressed. It is likely that you spend many hours in the office, and being in the midst of uncomfortable chairs and sofas can make you feel more stressed than you already are for work.

Being surrounded by other entrepreneurs and not worrying about a long-term rent guarantees fewer worries, less stress, and more concentration at work. On Connect Business Center, we offer the best co-working space in Dubai, with a modern and professional decoration that guarantees the best impression to your clients and employees.

Search for a co-working space near me in your preferred search engine. Connect Business Center is centrally located on Sheikh Zayed Road, so we are likely to show up as one of the first co-working space choices.

1.5 Improves mental wellbeing

Productivity at work is closely related to the mental health of its workers. When working in a conventional office, it is easy to feel overwhelmed because there are so few spaces to take a break. The same thing happens when you work from home. It is very easy to feel stressed when you have work and family responsibilities in the same space.

On Connect Business Center, we offer the best co-working space in the UAE. In our co-working space, you will have a support system and a group of people who will understand your concerns and stress as an entrepreneur.

In short, the autonomy and control that a co-working space gives its members is the main reason why a co-working space makes a business prosper. The autonomy over their space and working hours makes workers feel like themselves when they are in the office.

Top co-working spaces in the UAE are those that make their members feel authentic and valuable to the company. A happy employee will always make your company prosper because they will stay productive and will also want to remain part of the company.

If after reading these five reasons, you think that a co-working space in the UAE is ideal for your business, contact Connect Business Center. You can also search for certain keywords, such as co-working space near me, and get the best options based on your location.

2. How to know if a co-working space is a right space for your business?

As we have already seen, co-working spaces offer multiple benefits for entrepreneurs. However, it is also important to ask yourself what kind of people usually rent co-working spaces and benefit the most from them.

Freelancers, startups, and small businesses are the ones that usually rent co-working spaces. The main reason is that these types of businesses initially have a limited budget. The flexible co-working space rent is perfect for freelancers and startups.

In addition, freelancers can benefit from the fact that the best co-working spaces allow members to have control and autonomy over their work schedules. Startups and small companies also need to meet new people and make contacts to make their company grow. In this sense, a co-working space is an ideal space because it offers networking opportunities.

Top co-working spaces in Dubai also offer options for large companies. Some large companies end up renting co-working space when they need a professional space where they can also save money. Large companies can request extra and more sophisticated amenities. They can also request meeting rooms to meet with clients and for job interviews.

3. What are the types of co-working spaces that you could find in the UAE?

All types of co-working spaces offer benefits that help your business thrive. However, each business has a different concept, as well as different needs, so there are also different co-working spaces that adapt to your type of business.

We are going to list some of the types of co-working spaces, so that you can choose the best co-working space in the UAE according to your business.

3.1 Private co-working spaces

Private co-working spaces are spaces intended for a group of large people who work for the same company.

3.2 Open co-working spaces

Open co-working spaces are what are usually known as conventional co-working spaces. They consist of offices with large tables where different people from different businesses can work.

3.3 Industry specific co-working spaces

Industry specific co-working spaces are one of the best co-working spaces in the UAE. In these types of spaces, you can work together with entrepreneurs dedicated to the same industry as you. This is an opportunity to network and do projects together with other entrepreneurs. Identify the type of space that best suits you and search for a co-working space near me.

4. How can our agency help your business thrive with our co-working spaces?

There are many office spaces in Dubai. Although they all have their benefits, co-working spaces have proven to be the space that generates the greatest prosperity for businesses. A top co-working space in Dubai is flexible in terms of hours and rent and offers autonomy to its members and networking opportunities.

Connect Business Center offers the best co-working space in Dubai. Besides co-working spaces, we also offer executive offices, and shared office spaces. If you are a foreign entrepreneur, we also offer you our visa services.

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