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Co-working space: The benefits and all you need to know

With the new technological age, it is common for jobs to be done from home, especially in small businesses or those that are just starting out. Working from home is convenient and saves money. However, it is not advisable to work in the same space where you sleep and live with your family, because it can be distractive. Therefore, a co-working space is perfect to keep a good work-life balance.

In this article, we will define what a co-working location is, the different types of co-working spaces in Dubai, the target audience, and the advantages of a co-working office for your business. In this sense, co-working places have become increasingly common. A co-working space is a professional space that offers benefits in terms of productivity and costs.

  1. What is a co-working space in Dubai?
  2. Why are these spaces becoming more popular?
  3. Who are co-working spaces for?
  4. What types of co-working spaces does Dubai offer?
  5. What are the pros of working in a co-working space?
  6. How can this agency help you choose the top co-working space for your business?

1. What is a co-working space in Dubai?

A co-working space is a modern workspace, usually located within business centers, that has become popular in recent years. A co-working space in the UAE is a place where freelancers, entrepreneurs, employees, and even business owners meet.

Usually, a co-working office is a space in which entrepreneurs and freelancers work. They are common for small businesses or businesses that are just starting out and therefore do not have a private office in which to work.

Many times, what happens with early-stage businesses is that they decide to work from home while saving money to lease and equip their own office. Unlike working from home, a co-working location is a professional place that is also less expensive than equipping an office from scratch.

What differentiates a co-working space from other spaces in a business center is that, beyond an office, a co-working space seeks to create a community and a networking environment. A co-working location is so-called because it is a space in which more than one business works.

A UAE co-working space is a space where more than ten entrepreneurs or freelancers from different businesses work at the same time. By co-working, you can split the co-working space rent and the cost of the services and save on budget.

In addition to being a space to work, the best co-working spaces in Dubai offer opportunities to meet other businesses and entrepreneurs, and network. Beyond being an office, it is a learning environment. It gives you contacts and growth for your business.

If you are looking to move your work from home to a professional environment with fewer distractions, you can look for the best co-working place on Connect Business Center.

2. Why are these spaces becoming more popular?

Co-working spaces in the UAE are becoming more and more popular, especially in startups. The reason is that a co-working space rent is less expensive than other spaces, making it ideal for businesses within their first years in which the budget is low. The best co-working places in Dubai are flexible with the leasing, both with the costs and with the time of the lease.

Co-working spaces have also stood out in recent years as the most comfortable spaces for employees. Many employees report that working from home makes them feel lonely and bored. A co-working office, on the other hand, offers a connection experience with other people.

In a co-working space, you are surrounded by many other employees and freelancers. There is always movement in the office and there are people you can talk to. This increases motivation for work, and therefore, efficiency and productivity.

On Connect Business Center, you can find the best co-working space in the UAE. We offer co-working spaces in which you will feel motivated and inspired to work. Being around other hard-working freelancers or entrepreneurs can inspire you to work hard as well.

Many freelancers and entrepreneurs are young people who, in the same way that they want to work, they also want to create a social life. Co-working locations are sociable spaces where you can exchange ideas with other entrepreneurs. You can receive advice about your business and, at the same time, make friends.

3. Who are co-working spaces for?

Usually, a UAE co-working space is aimed at small businesses and individual entrepreneurs. However, other types of businesses and individuals, such as freelancers, can benefit from it.

3.1 Freelancers

Freelancers can benefit from top co-working spaces in Dubai. Freelancers often work from home, which could be boring and distracting. In this sense, a co-working location is beneficial for concentration. Working with other people is also essential for the social life of a freelancer.

3.2 Startups

Businesses that are just starting out, also known as startups, can benefit from working in a co-working office in the UAE. Startups can benefit from the flexible leasing of co-working spaces, instead of having to commit to a long-term lease.

3.3 Small businesses

UAE co-working spaces are primarily intended for freelancers and startups, but small companies can also benefit from them. These spaces are ideal for small companies that usually do not have a large budget.

If you own a small business, we have the best co-working offices in Dubai for you. We offer a variety of services at a low cost. Among them are, fast Internet, coffee and tea machines, and restrooms.

3.4 Large companies

Although it is not common, large companies can also lease a co-working space. The main reason why large companies hire co-working spaces is the economic costs of both leases and services. This allows you to save money for commercial activity.

For large companies, shared office spaces are more common because they offer more sophisticated services. However, it is also usual for the heads of the company to rent a co-working office only for their employees.

At Connect Business Center, we offer the top co-working space in the UAE for employees of large companies. We offer extra amenities such as secretaries and other administrative staff, gyms, and spas. If you are an entrepreneur and fall into any of the four previous categories, consult Connect Business Center and you can search for the best co-working locations for your business in the co-working space near me section.

4. What types of co-working spaces does Dubai offer?

There is more than one type of co-working space and the benefits may be different depending on the needs of your business.

4.1 The Bureau

The Bureau is the name of one of the most famous co-working spaces in Dubai. This space is a social meeting point for freelancers and entrepreneurs. The central focus of this co-working space is to build a growing network.

To work in a co-working office at The Bureau, you must obtain a membership. Once you get your membership, you get a space for your business through a partnership with other members. The membership is paid and the cost will depend on the package you choose.

You can also stay in the co-working office closest to you. To do this, you can always look for a package called co-working space near me. You should not worry about the equipment of the office either. The Bureau staff is in charge of equipping the space with all the necessary furniture.

What makes The Bureau stand out from other co-working services is that it has constant networking and educational opportunities. At The Bureau, you can work alongside other businesses with the same work culture. You can attend talks to learn about growing your business. You can also work on projects in conjunction with other businesses.

4.2 Our Space

Our Space is an innovative and elegant co-working space. Due to its modern and elegant design, it stands out as a top co-working palce in the UAE. What makes it special compared to other co-working spaces is that Our Space is the first co-working location that connects people with nature.

Many co-working places focus on providing common office space. A space within a building equipped with chairs, furniture, and other spaces to take advantage of, like lounges. however, almost all of these spaces are surrounded by more buildings, more offices, but hardly any natural resources.

Our Space is a top co-working space in Dubai because it not only focuses on the infrastructure and services of the space but also on the health and productivity of those who work there.

Working for long hours surrounded only by computers can be overwhelming. A co-working space has the advantage that being surrounded by people, you can take breaks from work and make it less overwhelming. However, the people around you are also working and it can be hard to take a break.

Working tirelessly in an office environment reduces business efficiency and productivity. Our Space is a co-working location in the UAE that increases the productivity of entrepreneurs by relieving stress and connecting them with nature.

4.3 Impact Hub

Impact Hub is a space located in downtown Dubai where techs, entrepreneurs, freelancers, and even students meet. Unlike The Bureau, you do not need a membership to meet other entrepreneurs at Impact Hub. This space is equipped with everything an office and even a computer lab require.

Impact Hub stands out for being a space for social events and informative talks. They investigate current business needs to provide entrepreneurs with the best tools to grow their businesses.

If your business is already established, you might prefer to work in a shared workspace instead of a co-working space. The two spaces are similar, with the difference that a shared office space is aimed at large businesses. Therefore, it offers more sophisticated services and the rent can be higher.

Most co-working locations are flexible with the rent, but consider that the co-working space rent will depend on the type of space you choose.

5. What are the pros of working in a co-working space?

We present a summary of the main benefits of working in one of the best co-working spaces in the UAE offered by Connect Business Center.

5.1 Networking opportunity

The main benefit of co-working spaces is that they offer the opportunity to meet and connect with other people that you might not otherwise have met. In a co-working space, you can meet new people every day and get ideas to expand your business.

At Connect Business Center, we offer the top co-working space in Dubai, with a series of networking events. You can attend educational workshops and also lunches to meet other people.

5.2 Flexibility and budget-saving

Co-working spaces are flexible with the lease. You can rent the space daily, or you can make a fixed contract from 3 to 6 months.

5.3 Enhanced productivity

The best co-working spaces in the UAE are designed to have the best balance between rest and productivity. Co-working locations avoid distractions and offer background music and natural light to help you focus.

5.4 Brings structure to your day

Another advantage of a top co-working space in the UAE is that it allows you to better structure your workday. You can separate personal and family life from work and concentrate on your tasks.

6. How can this agency help you choose the top co-working space for your business?

Working from home when you are an entrepreneur is almost never a good idea. There are many distractions, work and family life get mixed up, and work can pile up. Co-working locations have emerged as an innovative solution. If you want to improve the productivity of your business, look for the best co-working space in Dubai.

At Connect Business Center we offer the top co-working space in Dubai. Within our services, we offer coworking spaces, and also shared office spaces. We also offer private offices in case you prefer to work alone, and meeting rooms if you need to meet with clients in a professional space.

Would you like to know more about how to find the best co-working space for you? Contact us. Call us at +971 43 316 688 if you want detailed information about our services. Also, if you have any questions about our co-working space services, you can email us at

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