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Unlocking the Potential of the Green Visa UAE Your Gateway to the Emirates

The UAE government has launched new initiatives, such as the golden visa, to make it easier for visitors from all over the world to enter the nation. This, as part of its attempts to entice more workers and investment. The green visa UAE is also one of these newest programs. Many professionals have an appetite in learning more about this kind of visa.

In this article, we will be talking about the green visa UAE and giving you the latest details about it. Since it is a new endeavor, there are lots of questions about how this process will work. If you intend to live and work in the UAE, it is crucial that you learn more about it. As a result, with us, you can know everything, from eligibility to UAE green visa requirements, and more!

Eligibility Criteria for Green Visa UAE Who Can Apply

Foreign nationals who wish to live and work in the UAE must possess the necessary legal documentation. Professionals typically hunt for employment, and the employer pays for their travel to the UAE.

The UAE authorities have, however, been introducing a variety of visas. Investors and entrepreneurs can easily access the advantages of this developing nation in this way. In this context, various initiatives have been launched to entice professionals from around the globe to consider living in the UAE. The Green Visa UAE is one of them. It makes it possible for visitors from outside the UAE to enter without a sponsor.

It is a new legal document that essentially creates a new category of residence visa that enables foreign nationals to sponsor themselves. Thus, this implies that they are no longer need to work for a firm established in the UAE or find a sponsoring employer. Consequently, the person can look for work in the UAE with this visa without the need for a sponsor.

The ones eligible for this green visa UAE are:

  • Investors
  • Highly-qualified people
  • Business people
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Top students and graduates

It is critical to understand that this visa is only for those looking for work. Freelancers are advised to apply for a freelancer UAE visa. This is so that anyone who want to look for work in the UAE can meet the Dubai green visa requirements.

Typically, employees who wish to work in the UAE must possess an employment visa UAE. Even if it is the most typical, it causes problems for workers because it makes it harder for them to hunt for long-term housing. The Green Visa, on the other hand, will allow foreigners to remain in the nation and work without needing an employer’s sponsorship.

Benefits of Green Visa UAE

With the help of this new document, people from all backgrounds are now able to live and work in UAE. However, it also provides several extra advantages if they meet the green visa UAE eligibility, like the following:

  • When someone is self-sufficient, they are able to support themselves.
  • Holders have the ability sponsor their relatives, including kids up to the age of 25.
  • Similarly, it provides a 180-day grace period.
  • Gives workers more freedom. In the event that they lose their current job, they are no longer need to have a sponsor in order to remain in the nation and look for another one.

It offers more benefits than the standard employment visa, as you can see. It is vital to note that the UAE Government launched it in order to promote economic growth and draw in top talent.

Step-by-Step Guide to Applying for a Green Visa UAE

You must go to the General Directorate of Residence and Foreign Affairs (GDRFA) website and take the following actions in order to apply for the Green Visa UAE:

  • Firstly, visit GDRFA site.
  • Click “services.”
  • Select “entry permits.”
  • Hit the “new entry permit for green residency” option.
  • Then, choose the green visa UAE category.
  • Click “start service.”
  • Consequently, you have to login with your GDRFA login details or register if you do not have an account yet.
  • Then, once you are in, you must click “new application.”
  • Select “green residence for investor/high-skilled worker/self-employment.”
  • Complete the application form.
  • Also, submit the documents.
  • Pay the UAE green visa cost.

Green Visa UAE Requirements: What You Need to Know

There are different requirements that go according to the applicant of the visa. These are:

  • Skilled employee requirements: For skilled workers without an employer or sponsor, the new option of the green residence offers a 5-year resident option. Requirements include:
    • Candidates must hold a current job contract.
    • According to the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization, fall under the first, second, or third occupational level.
    • A bachelor’s degree or its equivalent must be the minimum amount of education.
    • Also, salary of the applicant should not be below AED 15,000.

Please be aware that after the Green residency expires, skilled professionals (the 3rd tier in the MOHRE classification) are liable for a 90-day extended grace period.

  • Self-employment requirements: The green visa UAE for self-employment offers a 5-year residency for self-employed people in the UAE. This, without the need for a sponsor or employer in light of the significant global growth of the freelancing industry. Plus, the idea of flexible work arrangements. Requirements include:
    • Receiving a self-employment or freelance permit from the MOHRE.
    • A diploma or degree with a bachelor’s degree as the minimal requirement for schooling.
    • An annual self-employment income of AED 360,000 for the last two years, or the applicant must be able to demonstrate their financial stability throughout their stay in the nation.
  • Investor or partner requirements: It grants investors who launch or engage in commercial activity five years of residency. Additionally, the validity period for this group has been prolonged from the prior 2 years to the current 5 years. Requirements include:
    • Authorization for the investment and documentation of the one million AED investment.
    • The total capital invested will be calculated if the investor has multiple licenses.
    • Likewise, it is necessary to obtain the proper local authorities’ approval.

Essential Documents for Green Visa UAE Application

The necessary documents that you need to apply and enjoy all the benefits of UAE green visa are:

  • Valid passport.
  • Headshot pictures.
  • Medical certificate.
  • Health insurance.
  • Health card.
  • Entry permit.
  • Qualification proof.
  • Employment or freelancing MOHRE permit.
  • Application form.

If you will be sponsoring your relatives, you must provide:

  • Rental contract.
  • Sponsor’s passport copy.
  • Valid residency permit.
  • Job contract.
  • Applicant’s birth certificate.
  • Marriage certificate.

What are the Green visa Dubai fees?

The price of a green visa UAE is AED 2280. The cost of the Emirates ID is AED 575, and also the cost of routine medical exams is AED 320. These are a single processing fees that apply to renewals and must be paid. Nevertheless, the price of the complete process will vary depending on how many applications are included under the original residency holder.

Obtaining the green visa UAE can be a difficult process, especially if you are not used to the local processes. Therefore, hiring support from an agency for this green visa is your best option. With Connect Business Center you can obtain the support you need to apply for the green visa UAE and also more.

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