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How to start a business in Dubai without money?

The best way if you want to become financially secure is to create a business. Of course, it is not easy when you are beginning and have no capital. However, with the right information and some tips, you can start a business in Dubai without money.

In this article, you will see tips and examples of businesses where you can begin, depending on what are you looking for and what are you good for. Whichever business you choose, here are the initial steps you need to take to make it successful.

  1. What to consider if you start a business with no money?
  2. Tips to start a business in Dubai without money
  3. What businesses can you start in Dubai with little investment?
  4. How can this organization help you start your business without money?

1. What to consider if you start a business with no money?

If you are going to set up a company but do not have a large capital, you must take into account certain factors before starting. As much as you desire to begin, you will require a minimum investment for all projects. Nonetheless, when talking about a local or physical business, this involves more expenses, rent, licensing, and other costs.

On the other hand, if you think of a business or service on the internet, you will see that it is much more feasible with minimal economic investment and has a large exponential growth, so it is your best option.

1.1 Why do you need a license?

One thing you will certainly need regardless of the business model you choose is a license that will allow you to operate, work or sell in the UAE.

The government grants this license which allows companies to conduct business transactions electronically over the Internet. Investors can apply for the desired online sales license according to their needs. Therefore, they can start their operations once they have legal permission. However, they should keep in mind that to invest in this country as a foreigner, they will need an Investor Visa.

If you decide to start an internet business as it seems to be the most viable if you want to start a business in Dubai without money, you will find three types:

  • E-trader license.
  • Portal license.
  • Virtual company license.

If you want to obtain more information about licensing processes in Dubai for an online business, we can give you an insight into this and many other business-related matters.

2. Tips to start a business in Dubai without money

2.1. Start with a small idea

If you are beginning do not try to become rich in your first business start with a business that is more affordable and easier to scale up. Explore all your abilities: what is it that you are best at, and what do you enjoy doing more than anything else in the world? There you probably find some ideas to start.

And if you still do not know where to start, try to find a group that has a common problem at work or in their personal life, and find a way to provide them with a solution either with a service or a product.

2.2. Take risks with clear studies and research

When you start a business, especially when it is done with little money, is a path of risks. You must prepare yourself very well to face them and succeed!

Study your competition, do your research with your potential clients, test your idea and get as much feedback as possible before giving up everything to pursue your entrepreneurial dream.

For example: if you want to be an event photographer, research what other people or companies offer that service, how much they are charging, and what their final product is like. Ask your potential clients how they perceive your competition and show them your product to gather their impressions. In this way, you can fine-tune it before launching it.

2.3. Make a financial plan

Speaking of the financial issue -which may take many people off base-, it is essential to create a financial plan for your business that answers the following 3 questions:

  • How will you make money: that is, how will you monetize your idea. Will you sell directly to your customers, will you be an intermediary, and what processes do you need to initiate to sell? These questions are crucial in order not to go blindly.
  • How much does it cost you to provide your service or sell your products: here you should review the cost of all the operational elements you need in your business. For instance, when you open a website, you should include the cost of hosting and a domain name. If you start selling handicrafts, you must take into account the cost of raw materials, likewise, when offering services as a freelancer, you must include the cost of the Internet or coworking space where you are going to work.
  • How much will you charge for your service or product: when you are clear about how much it costs you to offer your products or services, you can set a price for it. Remember that in addition to covering costs, there is implicit knowledge that you must monetize, in addition to charging for your work time.

To know how to start a cashless business, it is equally valuable that you define the following variables before you start, for example:

  • Who is your ideal client?
  • Who is your competition and how will you be better than them?
  • What would be the tentative stages of growth of your business?
  • Do you need to hire staff, how much will you pay them?

2.4. Learn to sell

Inevitably, selling becomes a vital skill in learning how to start a business without money.

One thing that can make this easier for you is to understand very well who your ideal customer is, what their problems are and how your product or service can help them solve them. In this way, you will not have to work too hard to make your customers see that your product is valuable.

Selling face-to-face is fundamental (for that, you can strengthen your soft skills), but so is knowing how to sell online. If you feel you lack tools in this aspect, you can sign up for a course in social media advertising and copywriting. Among the many ads we see on the internet, you must learn how to create something memorable.

2.5. Do not quit your job

It may be tempting to want to quit your current job to devote yourself fully to your passion and entrepreneurship. However, the reality is that your venture will not pay off the way you want it to from the start.

If you want to devote more time to your business, try to get a part-time job. This way you will not sacrifice a steady source of income, but you will be able to start giving more priority to your project.

2.6. Dedicate a significant amount of time to your project

Speaking of dedicating time, this is more than necessary to find a way to start a business without money. And is that the lack of money can be compensated with a little more work, the things you cannot afford to pay to be done you have to do them yourself.

Whether to find customers, manufacture your products, or deliver quality services, time is necessary to get any venture off the ground.

2.7. Look to partner with people who can capitalize on the project.

It is not a secret that starting a business alone is difficult, so you can consider including people in your project. You must be very careful because when it comes to money and obligations, you have to know very well who you are going to rely on.

Trust is a great indicator of who you should partner with, but it is also crucial to look at the skills you need from your partner. For example, if you are very good at making crafts but you are not good at selling them, you can partner with a friend who knows how to sell. The point is that your partner should strengthen your weak points.

If you are going to partner, in case your business needs it to keep expanding, you should write down in a document the responsibilities and rights of each one of you. This way, everyone will know what they are responsible for.

3. What businesses can you start in Dubai with little investment?

3.1. Setting up an e-commerce

Buying inventory, storing it, picking it, packing it, shipping it… stock organization can be a significant task when you have an online business.

You can even do it with a new system called Dropshipping, an order fulfillment model in which an outside vendor stores the inventory and ships the products to your customers. You only need to make the sales and pass the orders to your supplier; this saves you from having to manage the products.

If you want to start a business in Dubai without money this is one of the best ideas to begin, with simple marketing knowledge and how to optimize your website you can start trading in Dubai without a big investment.

3.2. Offer consulting services

If you have experience or sufficient knowledge on a specialized topic, you can start a small business by offering consulting services to companies or individuals. Your objective will be to help your clients identify and solve problems in the areas of your expertise. The most common profiles in which consultants are needed are:

  • Sales.
  • Marketing.
  • Finance.
  • Business management.
  • Human resources.

To offer consulting services, you must have in-depth knowledge in one of these areas. As you will have to create and implement real solutions for your clients.

3.3. Start as a freelancer

If you are good at writing, translating, designing, taking pictures, editing videos, or even programming (not all at the same time, remember to choose a niche). Creating your business as a freelancer is a low-cost alternative since you will usually only need a computer and a good internet connection.

To be successful, you must be very, very organized with your time, because you have to deliver all your tasks on time and in excellent conditions. One of the best ways to get started is by building your portfolio and registering with one of the freelancer banks.

In addition, virtual offices are a great option available for self-employed invidivuals in this country.

3.4. Start a business as an instructor

Spelling, design, writing, accounting, languages, mathematics, marketing… the possibilities of how to start a business without money as a private tutor are as many as the skills that exist.

Prepare a program of studies and make sure you know in depth the knowledge in your area because the questions your students will have will be many and only you will be able to answer them.

Train yourself and prepare your classes before each lesson begins. This way you will surely make a good impression and you can start earning your first recommendations. In this business, you can charge per class or hour, so remember to set this in your financial plan beforehand.

4. How can this organization help you start your business without money?

The best way to become independent and start your way to success is to open a business. Also, with this guide, you can start the first of a chain of new projects, starting with a minimum investment. When you start a business, even more so when you have low capital and less margin for error, you should get the best possible advice.

On Connect Business Center we have all the information you need to get your license without any problem and also get a private office if you need it.

Are you ready to contact Connect Business Center for advice and more tips on how to start a business in Dubai without money? If there are any questions you desire to share with us, please call us at +971 43 316 688. You may also email us at, and someone from our team will answer your questions.

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