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Knowledge Village is a Dubai Free Zone that offers an environment for education and professional growth. It is an area with universities and other learning facilities, as well as hundreds of companies. The aim of this village in Dubai is to provide professional training specifically in the areas of HR management (HRM).

In this article, we are going to talk about what is Knowledge Village in Dubai, how to apply for a license, how to apply for a visa at Knowledge Village, and the benefits of setting up a company there. Let us look at the content in more detail:

  1. What is Dubai Knowledge Village and what does it offer?
  2. Benefits of setting up a business at Knowledge Village in Dubai
  3. What are the licensing regulations?
  4. How can you get a visa at Knowledge Village?
  5. How can our company help you to form your business and obtain a license in Dubai?

1. What is Dubai Knowledge Village and what does it offer?

Knowledge Village, also known as Village Park, is a free zone that functions as a university training center. Its purpose is to promote student organizations, as well as companies that can offer consultancies in terms of education.

If you have a company that offers these services, keep reading and find out how you can apply for a license to establish yourself in the Knowledge Village. Licenses are also granted to training institutes. In particular, the village offers training programs in the following areas:

  • HRM.
  • Consultancy.
  • Training.
  • Personal development.

This beautiful village in Dubai stands out for being the only free Zone, both in Dubai and in the rest of the world, whose main focus is HRM training. In addition, Knowledge Village Dubai Universities are some of the best in the world, offering internationally recognized certificates.

Some of the best Dubai Knowledge Village universities are Middlesex University, Heriot-Watt University, and Murdoch University. This place is surrounded by the best universities internationally, as well as some of the best companies, including their renowned medical fitness centers.

Let us see in more detail what Knowledge Village offers in terms of studies, health, amenities, and business:

1.1 Why is this an excellent option to study?

In recent decades, Dubai has been recognized as a powerhouse for doing business. In 2003, Dubai wanted to position itself as a power, not only in ​​business but also in ​​education. For this, Knowledge Village was founded in that same year.

Knowledge Village features top international universities, including universities from Belgium, Canada, the UK, Russia, and Australia. In this way, universities in this village not only offer quality but also a multicultural education, and the opportunity to learn other languages.

In addition to universities, you can also gain knowledge in other technical fields through courses and student institutions, especially those at Knowledge Village block 2b. The most outstanding are training in engineering, business management, and basic elements of IT. In addition, you can learn different languages, as well as about HR consultancy.

In addition, Dubai Knowledge Village offers more than 400 companies in education and training. One of the best training companies is called Amideast, located in block 2b of the Village.

Amideast is a training institute at Knowledge Village block 2b that offers a variety of services and programs. For example, you can request English courses, as well as courses to develop a skill that will be useful to you in your professional future.

You can also request consultancies to study in the USA, as well as scholarships inside and outside the UAE and exchange programs. Amideast is one of the best training companies not only in block 2b but also in the other blocks.

1.2 It offers quality medical centers

Knowledge Village medical fitness centers are known to be one of the best in Dubai, thanks to their efficiency and prompt attention. Many people travel to this village just for medical exams. Its low cost, friendly service, and efficiency reduce stress and save money.

A village as populous and frequented as this one, must have several medical centers. However, the main and busiest is the Knowledge Village medical fitness center on block 12. This medical center is known for quick service, friendly staff and doctors, and abundant parking.

You can also find quality medical centers in other blocks, such as Knowledge Village block 8.

1.3 Other things you can find at Knowledge Village in Dubai

If you are thinking of studying or setting up your own company at this free zone, and you want to know how to drive, you may be interested in visiting the EDI at Knowledge Village. EDI is the acronym for “Emirates Driving Institute.”

The EDI at Knowledge Village is one of the best in all of Dubai. They provide quality driving courses in a variety of vehicles. You can learn to drive motorcycles, trucks, or buses safely. You can also learn and get a license to drive luxury cars. If you are a student, EDI is flexible in its teaching hours.

On the other hand, this place is not only a place to work and study but also a place where you can walk around and get good food.

Gazania Knowledge Village is one of the best traditional restaurants in the area. It is an Arabic food restaurant that includes dishes such as grills, kebabs, shawarmas, falafel sandwiches, juices, soups, and varieties of mandi on its menu.  This national restaurant is also known for its kind staff and affordable prices, fully accessible to students. Gazania Knowledge Village has delivery, or you can eat at the restaurant located on block 7.

Besides Gazania Knowledge Village, you can also get big chain restaurants, like Pizza Hut, KFC, or Starbucks. However, many people prefer to visit local restaurants because they are usually cheaper. You can also find kiosks and casual cafes on the streets.

2. Benefits of setting up a business at Knowledge Village in Dubai

Now that you know everything Knowledge Village has to offer for students and tourists in the Dubai area, let us talk about what it offers for companies.

One of the main attractions is that it has many centers and institutions that offer services and support to new companies. An example of this is AXS Knowledge Village, located in block 8. This village offers visa services as well as business setup services. In particular, it highlights its website which is basically self-serving for services. On its platform, you can access visa services and other government services, as well as licensing services.

If you are looking to form a company in this business village and are interested in these services, visit the Knowledge Village Block 8. Furthermore, the village offers the same benefits as any other free zone. To start with, companies in Knowledge Village in Dubai are 100% tax-exempt. This also means you do not need a local sponsor and you have full control over your business.

In addition, in Knowledge Village block 8, you can find a variety of spaces that fit your business. For example, hot desks and open offices. You can also find more sophisticated spaces such as executive offices, which are large offices, fully equipped with cabinets, desks, and chairs.

Similarly, you can get executive suites, which are equipped offices that include a reception space, an executive office, and a meeting room, all in the same space. AXS Knowledge Village can also help you find the best spaces.

If you feel more comfortable customizing your own space, you can also choose commercial offices and unfurnished spaces that companies in Knowledge Village in Dubai can then furnish to their liking.

Let us add some other advantages of setting up a business here:

2.1 Registering your company is cheap

Compared to other areas in Dubai, the fees Knowledge Village charges for registration and license services are much cheaper. In addition, the process is simple. If you follow the steps and submit all the documents, the application process is quick and stress-free.

2.2 There are no constraints on the number of shareholders

During the business formation and registration steps, many free zones impose limits on the number of shareholders a company can have. That is, only a limited number of people can have shares in the business. However, Knowledge Village does not enforce this limit.

2.3 Easily accessible

This place is accessible to both people with a car and people without a car. Whether by road or by metro, there are many ways to get to the area.

In addition, its infrastructure also makes it an ideal place for business. It divides into different blocks or modules, which businesses can locate easily. The infrastructure is also modern, which will make a good impression on your customers.

2.4 Networking activities

Knowledge Village is also a place where many networking activities take place. In these activities, you not only have the opportunity to interact with other entrepreneurs and start-ups but also with students.

3. What are the licensing regulations?

This free zone allows companies to register in one of the following three types:

  • Free Zone Limited Liability Company.
  • Branch of a Foreign Company.
  • Freelancers.

Therefore, Knowledge Village grants only two types of licenses, the commercial license, and the license for freelancers. To apply for the freelance license, you must work within the zone as an HR consultant.

The license application must be processed through the Dubai Creative Clusters Authority (DCCA). To apply, you must fill out an application form and wait for confirmation of approval. In addition, you must submit some documents that include company registration, details of all the shareholders of the company, and a copy of the passport, among other simple documents.

You can find the application form on the DDCA’s web page. The website is quite simple to understand, all the steps are outlined, and the application process is straightforward from start to finish.

In addition, you must pay a fee that authorities at Knowledge Village in Dubai will present to you. You must also present proof of payment. Fees include various activities. There is a fee to register the business, as well as a fee to apply for a license.

On the other hand, there will be additional costs if you must apply for the visa first. Please note that you cannot register the business or apply for the license if you are not a resident of the UAE.

4. How can you get a visa at Knowledge Village?

This business village also has jobs available for foreign citizens. In this case, the company must request a visa for the foreign employee. In this way, companies in Knowledge Village can hire foreign personnel and even act as sponsors to facilitate visa for their employees.

5. How can our company help you to form your business and obtain a license in Dubai?

Starting a business or your professional life in Dubai can seem like a difficult task. Although it is certainly not easy, it can become much easier if you choose to do it at Knowledge Village, a zone intended for both business and study.

Connect Business Center is an agency that offers all the necessary services to start a business in any free zone in Dubai, including Knowledge Village. We offer licensing services, as well as business formation services, ideal for your start-up. On the other hand, we also support you with our visa services.

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