cost of a maid visa in Dubai

What is The Cost of a Maid Visa in Dubai – Complete guide

For many residents with a residence visa seeking help, the cost of a maid visa in Dubai is, with no doubt, a topic of interest for the people. Dubai, a place known for its very luxurious lifestyle, attracts an enormous amount of immigrants and travelers who often require domestic help. An important step in this process is acquiring a maid visa immediately. This is to ensure that the employment of domestic workers complies with the local regulations. We know that entering this could seem tedious and scary.

In this article, we will provide an overview of the process of obtaining a maid visa in Dubai, including the essential information you need to know. We will aim to clarify the financial aspects of the process, debunking any misconceptions about the costs associated with hiring domestic help in the UAE. Even if you are a new resident or if you are a long-time resident, understanding these costs of a maid visa in the UAE is relevant for a smooth and legal process. Keep reading as we outline the requirements, steps, and financial considerations involved in securing a maid visa in Dubai.

Understanding the cost of a maid visa in Dubai

cost of a maid visa in Dubai

Understanding the costs involved in obtaining a maid visa is the first and most important aspect to take into account when considering hiring domestic help in Dubai. Also, you must understand the costs of partner visas, and freelance visas. This vital process is not only about adhering to the legalities but also effectively planning your finances. The cost of a maid visa in Dubai includes various elements that combine to form the total expense you will incur.

The primary expenses include the application fee. This is the first amount that goes to the Dubai authorities to start the visa process and follow the visa rules. Following this, there is a sponsorship fee, since the UAE requires you to sponsor your maid’s visa as an establishment. The sponsorship fee varies depending on various factors, one of which is the duration of the visa.

Additionally, there are medical testing fees. To ensure they are fit to work, all maids must undergo a health check. Once the medical tests are clear, there is a fee for the issuance of the Emirates ID: this is mandatory for all residents. The cost of the maid visa in Dubai is a prerequisite for visa issuance that employers must also consider.

It is essential and immensely relevant to note that while how much is maid visa in Dubai, how to get a maid visa in Dubai, and how to apply for a maid visa in Dubai processes are very systematic and clean, they require careful attention to detail to ensure all costs are accounted for. Subsequently, now, we will offer insights into how to get maid visa in the UAE.

Initial Documentation Expenses of Maid Visa in Dubai, UAE

Getting a maid visa in Dubai starts with a sequence of initial documentation costs that are necessary. These are the primary prices that set the stage for a legal and smooth work procedure. It is vital to understand these initial prices for employers to budget positively and avoid surprises along the way.

The initial documentation process for a maid visa in Dubai involves various administrative costs. The first expense you will see is the typing fee. This is essential for the preparation of the application form and various government documents. This fee is normally nominal, but it is extremely relevant to use an authorized center to ensure the accuracy and approval of your documents.

After typing fees, employers have to pay for the visa application. This fee changes depending on several factors: if the visa is for a short or long stay. It is essential to decide in advance the type of basic visa based on the duration of the work to manage costs properly.

Another very important expense is the certification of your documents, which can include the certificate of origin of the domestic worker, the marriage certificate (if necessary), and educational certificates. The attestation verifies the veracity of the documents and is obligatory.

For employers who hire foreign domestic workers, even with the legalization of documents, there are extra prices. This includes not only certification, but also translation and certification from the respective consulate or embassy. Such costs are crucial and support that all paperwork meets UAE legal requirements.

It is also important to consider the prices associated with obtaining authorizations from the country of origin of the domestic worker, which can include police authorization certificates and medical authorizations.

How Much Does It Actually Cost to Get A Maid Visa in the City of Dubai?

The total for receiving a maid visa in Dubai is not a fixed sum, as it can change depending on several things, including the nationality, the type of visa and whether you are processing the visa yourself or from an agency.

The first is the processing fee, which includes both the application fee and charges for issuing the visa. This fee can range between AED 5,000 and 7,000. This includes the price of the access permit, adjustment of status, proof of medical capacity, Emirates ID and visa stamping.

A refundable deposit is another critical expense that employers need to consider. The portion is set by the UAE authorities to ensure that there are accessible funds for the repatriation of the maid, should it be essential. This deposit usually ranges between AED 3,000 and 10,000, depending on different conditions set by the immigration department.

Sponsorship and residence permit fees additionally contribute to the price. These are mandatory for the employer to pay and renew annually. The precise fee may depend on the nation of origin of the maid thanks to reciprocal visa fee agreements between the UAE and other nations.

In addition, medical insurance is a mandatory requirement to obtain a domestic worker visa in Dubai. The price can vary greatly depending on the level of coverage you choose, however budgeting at least AED 600 to 800 per year could be a conservative estimate.

In addition, different costs must be taken into account, such as the prices of medical tests and Emirates ID registration. In most cases, they are around AED 1,000 combined.

Basic Visa Application Fees

The foundation of the maid visa process in Dubai is the most basic visa application fee. This fee is vital and covers the costs of processing the application through the UAE immigration system. It is very important to note that this fee can be changed based on government policies and should always be confirmed with the latest guidelines from the UAE immigration authorities.

For a standard maid visa application in Dubai, the basic fees can be broken down as follows:

  • Entry Permit Fee: This is the cost for the initial entry permit that allows the maid to legally enter the UAE. It normally is between AED 200 to AED 500.
  • Status Adjustment Fee: Once the maid enters the UAE, their status needs to be adjusted from ‘entry’ to ‘residency’. This fee can range from AED 500 to AED 700.
  • Medical Fitness Test Fee: All maids are required to undergo a medical fitness test before visa stamping. The fee for this test is approximately AED 300 to AED 500.
  • Emirates ID Application Fee: This fee is for the mandatory Emirates ID card application. It is usually around AED 100 to AED 200 for two years.
  • Residency Visa Stamping Fee: After the medical fitness test and Emirates ID application, the residency visa is stamped on the maid’s passport. This fee is typically between AED 300 to AED 500.

These fees amount to a total of AED 1,400 to AED 2,400 for the most basic visa application procedure. It is very important to have a small contingency budget in addition to these estimated costs to cover any surprising expenses that may arise during the procedure.

Sponsorship Fees Explained

In the city of Dubai, sponsorship fees are a critical part of hiring a maid. These fees are paid to the government for granting you, the employer, the right to sponsor a foreign national for a residential visa. The sponsorship fee includes several and important components which ensure the maid can legally live and work in your household.

The breakdown of sponsorship fees is as follows:

  • Annual Sponsorship Fee: This is a recurring cost that employers must pay yearly.. The fee can fluctuate based on changes in government policy.
  • Security Deposit: A refundable security deposit is also required. This ensures funds are available for repatriation or in case of a breach of sponsorship terms. The amount is usually around AED 3,000 to AED 10,000, and it is returned once the visa sponsorship ends without any liabilities.
  • Processing Fee: A processing fee is charged for the paperwork and administrative work involved in the sponsorship process. This fee is often around AED 200 to AED 500.

Understanding and budgeting for these sponsorship fees is essential. They ensure a legal and responsible employment relationship between you and your maid. The fees contribute to the overall cost of a maid visa in Dubai and should be factored into your financial planning. The next segment will address additional costs associated with the maid visa process, such as medical and insurance fees.

Mandatory Health Insurance Costs

Health insurance is a necessary aspect of the maid visa process in Dubai. As an employer, you must provide your maid with a health insurance.

The cost of maid visa in Dubai varies widely. Factors include the level of coverage and the insurance provider. Basic plans start around AED 600 annually. More comprehensive plans can exceed AED 2,000 per year. The minimal plan must cover emergency care and basic medical treatment.

This mandatory insurance ensures that maids receive necessary medical attention. It also protects employers from incurring medical expenses. This cost is integral to your financial planning for the maid visa process. The next section will outline the entire visa application process for a maid in Dubai.

Document Attestation Charges

Document attestation is a very important step in the process of obtaining a maid visa in Dubai. It is the act of certifying the documents, which is a very important requirement by the UAE authorities.

Attestation charges can vary significantly. The reason depends on the type of document and the country of origin. Generally, the attestation of educational documents, marriage certificates, and other legal papers can range from AED 150 to AED 2000 per document. This depends on the complexity and level of authentication required.

For maids hailing from other countries, the attestation process often involves multiple steps. These steps include verification from the home country’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the UAE embassy there. Additionally, once in the UAE, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs must also attest the documents. Each step involves separate fees. Without proper attestation, you may face delays or rejection of the visa application.

Employers should also consider the timeline for attestation. Some services offer expedited processing for a higher fee. This can be beneficial if you are under time constraints.

Document attestation charges are a necessary part of the cost of a maid visa in Dubai. These charges ensure that all legal requirements are met for the employment of a maid. The next sections will explore additional costs and processes involved in securing a maid visa in the UAE.

Translation Costs for Documents

Document translation is another essential step when applying for a service employee visa in Dubai, especially if the documents do not remain in Arabic or English. The prices of professional translation services are an additional expense that employers have to prepare for.

Document translation costs are usually set per page or per word. Commonly, rates start at around AED 70 per page for standard documents. However, for more complicated legal documents, rates may be higher, probably exceeding AED 150 per page.

It is important to use certified translation services identified by the UAE authorities. This ensures that translations go smoothly throughout the visa application process.

Employers should also consider the era it takes to translate documents. While standard documents may take a few days, more complicated or diverse documents may take longer.

Document translation prices are an important section of costs when hiring a maid from a non-Arabic speaking territory. The next part will detail more costs and give a complete overview of the entire maid visa application process in Dubai.

Visa Processing Fees

Visa processing fees are relevant components of the cost in general when hiring a maid in Dubai. These fees are paid to the UAE immigration authorities to cover the administrative costs of processing the visa application.

These fees include several charges:

  • Entry Permit Fee: This is the initial fee to start the visa process and it varies between AED 200 to AED 500.
  • Status Change Fee: Upon the maid’s arrival, this fee applies to change her status from visitor to resident, typically around AED 500 to AED 700.
  • Visa Stamping Fee: After the medical tests, the visa is on the maid’s passport, which can cost between AED 300 to AED 500.

In addition to these charges, there may be service fees if you select to process the visa through a service agent. These service fees can range from AED 100 to AED 1000, depending on the level of assistance that they provide you.

Overall, while these fees may vary based on individual circumstances and potential changes in government pricing, budgeting around AED 1,000 to AED 2,500 for processing fees is a safe estimate. This does not include the costs of medical tests or Emirates ID registration, which have a separately payment.

Visa processing fees are unavoidable and necessary expenses in hiring a maid. The next section will guide you through additional steps and considerations in the maid visa process.

Medical Tests and Health Insurance

When applying for a maid visa in Dubai, the application process primarily includes medical tests and health insurance requirements. These measures are crucial to ensuring the health and well-being of both the domestic worker and the employer.

Medical studies are necessary to evaluate the general health status of the worker and detect infectious diseases that may represent a risk to the employer or the public in general. These tests usually include a blood test, x-rays, and tests to identify many diseases. The idea is that these tests help establish the domestic worker’s eligibility for the visa.

Medical insurance is another very important aspect of the application process. Employers need to provide medical insurance coverage for their domestic employees. This insurance guarantees that the domestic worker has access to basic medical care and treatment in the event of illness or injury throughout her career. The insurance policy should cover outpatient and hospital services, medications and emergency medical services.

Having medical tests and medical insurance not only protects the household worker but also gives peace of mind to the contractor It also ensures that the domestic worker receives suitable medical care once it is substantial, which reduces the financial burden.

It is essential and very important that employers understand the cost of carrying out these requirements to defend the health and peace of their domestic employees. Failure to comply with these obligations may have consequences and legal sanctions.

Medical tests and medical insurance are integral pieces of the Maid Visa application process in Dubai. They serve to protect the health of the household employee and the employer, providing access to medical care and financial coverage in the event of illness or injury. Employers must prioritize compliance with such requirements to ensure a safe and healthy work environment for their domestic employees.

How to apply for a maid visa in Dubai?

cost of a maid visa in Dubai

Applying for a maid visa in the city of Dubai involves several important steps and requirements to ensure a safe legal procedure. Here we describe the necessary steps:

  • Required Documents: Gather the documents necessary for this application, which mainly consist of a valid passport, photographs, a replica of the sponsor’s passport and residence visa, an employment contract, and any important educational or professional certificates.
  • Medical Tests: Undergo mandatory medical tests as part of the application process. This includes testing for infectious diseases such as tuberculosis, hepatitis and HIV/AIDS. The tests are done in doctor centers or clinics.
  • Application Submission: Submit the completed application along with required documents to the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA) in Dubai.
  • Residence Visa Stamping: The domestic worker will then receive an entry permit. The maid would have to enter the territory within the detailed time frame and undergo fingerprinting and biometric scanning at the airport. After entering the United Arab Emirates, the maid residence visa will be stamped in your passport.
  • Emirates ID: When the residence visa is ready, the maid should ask for an Emirates ID card. This card serves as an identification file and is essential for various transactions in the UAE.
  • Medical Insurance: The sponsor is responsible for providing medical insurance coverage to the domestic employee. This is necessary and ensures access to health services throughout the domestic worker’s work period.
  • Domestic Worker Card: After obtaining the residence visa and Emirates ID, the domestic worker should apply for a Domestic Worker Card. This card serves as a specific identification file for domestic workers.

Finalizing the Maid Visa Application Method in Dubai

Completing the process of applying for a Maid Visa in Dubai requires careful attention to little details and compliance with specific regulations.

  • Find a sponsor who is a UAE citizen with a valid residency visa. They will act as your employer and support your visa application.
  • Collect the necessary documents, such as your valid passport, sponsor’s passport copy, employment contract, and a recent medical fitness certificate issued by an approved medical center.
  • Schedule and undergo the mandatory medical tests, including screenings for infectious diseases like tuberculosis and hepatitis. These tests ensure the safety and well-being of both the maid and the employer.
  • Once you have the required documents and medical test results, submit your application to the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA) in Dubai. The application will undergo a thorough review process by immigration authorities. It is very important to guarantee that all info is precise and complete.
  • You then will receive an entry permit, which allows you to enter the UAE within a specific timeframe.
  • Upon arrival in the UAE, you will undergo a biometric scanning process and have your fingerprints taken at the airport.
  • Visit the relevant GDRFA office to complete the visa stamping process on your passport. This grants you the official residency status.
  • Apply for an Emirates ID card, a mandatory identification document for all residents in the UAE. This card contains important personal information and is necessary for various transactions within the country.

It is incredibly crucial to have valid health insurance coverage during your employment period as a maid. The sponsor is responsible for providing this insurance. Likewise, keep in mind that the application process may involve additional steps or requirements depending on your specific circumstances.


By following the steps in this guide and ensuring compliance with the specific requirements, people like you are empowered to successfully navigate the process and obtain their Maid Visa. It is also very essential to know and discover the right sponsor to act as an employer and support the visa application that you must do. Throughout the entire process, it is advisable to continue to be updated on any changes or updates to the visa application process. This, to not have any problems at the moment of the procedure.

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