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TRN Verification in Dubai: Steps to check TRN Validity in UAE

The validity of VAT in UAE has been since 2018. From that moment on, companies have had to adapt to this new model since the UAE was a tax-free country. This tax forces companies to process the TRN. TRN verification in Dubai is important for the government as this verification aims to prevent the commission of tax crimes. Likewise, there are unscrupulous people who can falsify a TRN to collect taxes and not deliver them to the government.

In this article, you will learn the importance of TRN verification in Dubai. Also, you will learn how to verify the TRN, as well as what steps to follow to obtain information on your company’s TRN, and the importance of the citizens of Dubai and the entire UAE in cooperating to avoid the commission of tax crimes.

Why TRN Verification Dubai is Important?

trn verification dubai

Firstly, verification of the “TRN” (Tax Registration Number) in Dubai is important because it is a legal requirement for companies to operate in Dubai and the United Arab Emirates in general. The TRN is a tax registration number in UAE that the government grants to companies registered in the tax system.

For its part, TRN verification in Dubai is essential because it ensures that companies comply with their tax obligations and are properly registered with the tax authorities. Additionally, by obtaining a valid TRN, businesses can invoice and collect sales taxes on goods and services. Additionally, the TRN number verification is important for filing tax returns and meeting other tax obligations, such as filing financial reports and paying taxes.

TRN verification in Uae also helps prevent tax fraud and promotes transparency in business transactions. On the other hand, companies that have a valid TRN are susceptible to the tax authorities being able to adequately monitor commercial activities, ensuring compliance with tax regulations. Overall, this contributes to the stability and economic development of Dubai and the country as a whole.

In summary, the importance of TRN verification in Dubai lies in the fact that this is a legal requirement to operate as a company.

How to check Tax Registration Number in Dubai?

The country’s government incorporated VAT with up to 5% for companies depending on the commercial activity. The objective of incorporating this tax is to obtain greater income other than the production and sale of crude oil. But it has happened on occasions that white collar criminals falsify a TRN, and collect VAT but do not pay it to the government. To avoid this situation, people can take the following actions:

Visual FTA TRN check

Unfortunately, previously only companies registered in the system could enter this portal which led to the commission of tax fraud. Now, anyone can enter to the FTA portal to verify that they are not unknowingly being part of a fraud against the government.

Steps for TRN Verification in uae

These are the steps for TRN number verification in uae:

  • Access the TRN FTA portal.
  • Enter the company’s TRN number in the corresponding space.
  • Subsequently, the portal will send a security code for the person to enter.
  • Then, the “validate” option.
  • Finally, the portal will display the company’s commercial name in English and Arabic.

Obtain the TRN for your company

trn verification dubai

The processing to obtain a TRN for a company requires the presentation of the following documents.

  • Photocopy of the due and corresponding trade license.
  • Company address and contact information.
  • Forms of direct contact with the owner of the company.
  • Constituent document of the company, its banking details, and the financial results of the last financial year.
  • Billing declaration.
  • Photocopy of the passport, ID of the authorized signatory, and power document that certifies the signature of the authorized signatory.
  • Registration at the corresponding customs, VAT declaration, data, and import or export declarations of the company if applicable.

If incorrect or missing information or documentation is provided, this situation will not only cause delays in the issuance of the TRN but can also generate fines of 20,000 AED.

Now, once the Tax Authority reviews and approves the company’s documentation, the user must enter in the FTA TRN website. This website has a portal available: “”.

Now, the first step is to register the company in the system and complete the form provided on the website. The company will have its TRN which is an essential requirement to operate legally in the country.

How can people return a counterfeit TRN?

It is possible that in a TRN verification in Dubai and verify that this is false. Falsifying a TRN is a crime; therefore, it is the duty of citizens and residents to report it to the Tax Authority.

Once the corresponding complaint has been made, the authorities may carry out the pertinent investigations to clarify the facts.

Likewise, it is vitally important that anyone who knows of a false TRN leaves proof of such a situation. For example, you can take screenshots or copies of the fake documents in your possession, and any other relevant evidence that supports this claim.

Also, it is possible that the authorities need citizen collaboration. Therefore, the user must work closely with the tax authorities and provide all additional information requested by them.


The United Arab Emirates has had VAT in force since 2018, which can reach up to 5%. It is important to note that before this year the country was under a tax-free system. This is to prevent the country’s economy from only depending on income from the production and sale of oil.

Now, in this tax collection process, it may happen that unscrupulous people falsify a TRN which is the tax document that individualizes and identifies each company. Therefore, these people can fraudulently collect taxes and not pay them to the government, which constitutes a very serious crime.

The UAE government is making every effort to minimize the commission of these crimes but citizens and residents play a fundamental role against organized crime. In this sense, the main task of citizens and residents is to report these events to the Tax Authority when they become aware of them.

Given this, the competent authorities may carry out the corresponding investigations. It is also important that people collaborate with the authorities in the respective investigations of the case.

In the event that any person becomes aware of a falsification of a TRN, they have the communication channels available to the Tax Authority on its website.

Some ways to collaborate in an investigation are to take images of the respective TRN verification in UAE, provide any false documentation you have, and in general provide any relevant information that the complainant knows.

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