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A Life changing Best Small Business Packaging Ideas

Every day it is more important to design and produce small business packaging ideas that meet some requirements. Such as costs and brand strengthening, generating some type of purchase desire, being visually appealing, meeting usability criteria, being sustainable, competitive, and can even be patented. In addition to other important aspects.

In this article, we will share 20 small business packaging ideas. A headache for creatives is thinking about how to design a product that is different from the competition. One that is original and at the same time offers a worth that the customer is eager to pay for. Sometimes a striking project fails to stand out because it does not meet the minimum engineering requirements to be a technically functional package compatible with production lines.

  1. Questions to answer before choosing a packaging idea for your small business
  2. Common materials for cute packaging ideas for small business
  3. 20 packaging ideas for small businesses
  4. How can we help you obtain more information about small business packaging ideas?

1. Questions to answer before choosing a package idea for your small business

To reach a global conceptualization, before starting with the design and development of a package for small businesses, it is convenient to make a checklist, answering the points listed below.

1.1 What will be in its content?

Having defined what the package will contain, you can be more assertive and easily choose its material, representation, shape, color, and decoration. And, it is even possible to calculate the ideal weight.

1.2 With what material should it be made?

The packaging is designed to protect its content against knocks or mistreatment during transport and handling. In the food sector, it is important to think about protecting them against oxygen, gases, water vapor, and even aromas; all this to extend the shelf life of products and protect their nutrients against bacteria.

Likewise, if we think of margarine, for example, they produce chemical reactions that attack plastic packaging and for this, the materials and components of the formulation must be well studied.

1.3 What capacity and fill level will it have?

One of the most frequent problems is miscalculating the size of the package, due to not knowing the density of the product and/or food that will inside the package. Sometimes creatives and engineers define the wrong volume of content, having to make adjustments to the design, a process that takes more time and even incurs higher expenses than initially defined.

For those products that are intended to be packaged with additions of cereal, fruit, dessert, or any other companion, so that the consumer can mix it with the main product, containers must be designed that have sufficient volume inside. The internal headspace must have good calculations. Since this could encourage the collapse or deformation of the container due to changes in atmospheric pressure.

1.4 What is the filling temperature of the product to be packed and of the distribution chain?

It is important to know what the temperature of the product inside the package will be. Since sometimes this is a limitation in the design and/or material to choose. Not all materials withstand high temperatures.

For example, some products cannot be sealed immediately with 100% hermeticity when they are packaged. Since the gases produced by this process can be trapped, generating deformations.

In the case of products that are subjected to temperatures below -30°C, specific designs, and materials must be used to avoid susceptibilities to breakage due to occasional impact.

1.5 How will it be decorated?

There are several types of decoration for a product on the market. Among the most common we have printing, shrink sleeves, self-adhesive labels, cardboard sleeves, and IML (in-mold labeling). Before designing, it must be established how the container is going to be decorated, as this could limit and direct the ideal shape of the package.

1.6 Will the packing fit or be assembled with another?

Many of the packages have an additional assembly process; it may well be a lid, base, or another element. Having this information is extremely important to define what the system will be like and control the adjustment between the two elements.

2. Common materials for cute packaging ideas for small businesses

Currently, there is a big problem in terms of environmental awareness. Because, although a lot of work has been done on the subject, there is still a long way to go in terms of caring for the environment and reducing toxic waste for our planet.

As entrepreneurs we can contribute our grain of sand that will surely cause a positive impact on your clients, using materials with the least possible impact in environmental terms. Below, we mention some materials that, although they are not 100% ecological, have a lower environmental impact than others such as polyethylene or polypropylene plastic.

  • Kraft paper.
  • Sugar cane paper.
  • Bags made of corn.
  • Cloth bags with scraps of fabric that are no longer going to be useful.
  • Recycled cardboard boxes.
  • Recovered carton.
  • Recycled cardboard (you can make it yourself).
  • Tulle bags that can be useful again for another purpose.
  • Politex bags, camber, or surgical fabric.
  • Recycled soda and soda bottles.

3. 20 packaging ideas for small business

small business packaging ideas

3.1 Surprising takes on traditional packaging

An example is the packaging for everyday household gloves. Which tend to follow a fairly simple and standard design. However, the packaging strays far from his comfort zone, with a bold and unexpected gamble that reflects the strength of his rubber gloves, showing the fork trying to pierce what looks like ‘rubber’ packaging.

3.2 Color as a key visual element

Perhaps in an attempt to brighten the lives of consumers in what has been an unhappy year for many, there has been a trend to use bold colors as a key visual element in packaging, often rather than the product itself, or its ingredients. The use of color is very important, from using unprecedented amounts of color to enhance flavor and taste, to disrupting the category by helping the product stand out.

3.3 Sustainability made clear

We know that sustainability is one of the most significant problems facing the packing business and, indeed, the world. In line with this, we see more and more brands talking about their sustainability credentials and showcasing their efforts to develop more sustainable and planet-friendly packaging.

3.4 Spotlighting mental health

Mental health has always been a sensitive social issue, with illnesses like depression causing an estimated 700,000 deaths a year. And, unsurprisingly, countries around the world have seen a rise in mental health problems since the pandemic. A theme reflected in the use of cute small business packaging ideas as a platform to open conversations about people’s mental well-being.

3.5 Diversity and inclusion

Another trend is small business packaging ideas that highlight the diversity of people across the planet, whether based on sexuality, disability, ethnicity, gender, or age.

3.6 Protest and propaganda

Packaging, like any form of art or design, can be a great way to communicate social issues and cultural events or to become a symbol of a movement.

3.7 Packaging optimization for e-commerce

During the 2020 pandemic, reliance on online shopping grew by as much as 77% and continues to grow strongly. There are three things to consider with online packaging:

  • That it looks good online.
  • That a person can easily bring it to their home without damaging it.
  • The sustainability impact of the additional packaging that normally it does not exist if it is bought in the store.

3.8 Packaging as canvas

There have been many examples over the years where illustrations have been as part of a brand’s story and used on a variety of packaging. But one thing we notice is that the packaging is for the actual canvas for the art itself, rather than the packaging that you just add the art to.

3.9 The rise of immersive illustrations

An extension of the packaging as canvas trend. While this has been a technique that designers have used in the past, it now appears to be reaching a new level of popularity.

3.10 Packaging for transformative storytelling

Creating a good connection with consumers is a crucial part of package design and in many cases this year. The idea is to design that transcends the product itself. This, to become its own narrative device.

3.11 Include a gift

Adding a gift component that accompaniments the buying of your clients is an action that will shock them positively.

3.12 Add a thank you letter

Create personalized messages to thank your customers or use general phrases that show your gratitude. Pay attention and keep in mind that using the username is going to make the individual feel really exceptional.

3.13 Use reusable packaging

Some examples are reusable cloth bags, resistant boxes that can be to store other objects in the future, glass jars, and woven baskets that will later serve as decoration, among others.

3.14 Create a special edition packaging

If your company is celebrating its anniversary or an exceptional date such as Christmas or Mother’s Day is imminent; take advantage of the event to create a type of packing that enhances the reason for the celebration.

3.15 Add merchandising items

A colorful and economical example to execute this packaging idea for small businesses is stickers. Since clients can use them to adorn almost any surface they want.

3.16 Use tissue paper

This resource gives a bit of style to various kinds of products, both fashion fixtures, dresses, and footwear.

3.17 Add ecological surprises

If you have a sustainable brand, you can add little seeds for the person to plant at home or use recycled materials in the packaging.

3.18 Decorate the package taking advantage of the essence of the product

This is one of the packaging ideas for small businesses where creativity is the key. Observe what the colors of your product are, what problems it solves, what elements of nature it relates to, and use the promote dissemination on social networks

Instead of printing the logo on the front of the packing, you can leave a note with a special hashtag for your clients to use on their social networks mentioning your brand.

You can also leave that note on a postcard inside the file. These types of actions connect with people and create a community on different channels.

3.19 Decorate the packaging with dried flowers

A small corsage on the outside of the package not only serves as a decoration, but also conveys warmth. In addition, the customer can keep the flowers and put them as decorations in his home if he wishes.

3.20 Offer a clue on the outside of the package about the product

Although the element of surprise is part of the magic that comes with receiving a product, peeking a clue as to what is in the package is, without a doubt, a beautiful touch.

4. How can we help you obtain more information about small business packaging ideas?

These small business packaging ideas will be of great help to your company. Opening a business is the finest method to become self-sufficient and begin your path to success. You can also be in touch with us to launch the first of a series of new projects with a small expenditure. You should seek the finest available guidance when starting a firm, especially if you have limited funds and little room for error.

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